Submitted By: James Madero Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark
: This experience starts as soon as the car is parked. Just like a Packer or Badger game everyone comes together as if it were a family reunion. The Parking lot weather it be general or preferred is one big party. The smell puts anyone in the mood for baseball and summer in general. Bag toss and other tailgating games are common. Everyone is decked out in Brewer shwag (gear) so if you have some wear it. Time fly's when your tailgating at MP. It is just about game time. Take a stroll past Miller Parks little brother. A miraculous little league diamond that mimics the park and makes you wish that 12 years old could be again. Steps away are Brewer legends. The hall of fame statues serve as a perfect meeting spot. Watch out for o'l Hank hes got a big bat. The stadium it self towers high overhead and looks really cool from 100 or so yrds out when looking at the grand entry. These days the team and their fans are very enthusiastic. Lets go Brewer ch ants and crowd roars are common but not over kill. Don't pay to much for a ticket because Miller Park has some of the best standing room viewpoints in all of baseball. I prefer the boardwalk in the outfield. You can walk around the entire park and at the same time not miss a pitch. Its pretty awesome. Great Energy, Great Fans, Beautiful Exterior, Super Close Seating, Awesome Wondering Park. Anytime of year is great. Opening day or Cubs game highly recommended!
Cons of the ballpark
: Its a bit standard in a number of places once in the stadium. Not a downtown spot. Can't have world class tailgating and a downtown seen. Kelly's Bleachers and Rounding Third are a couple pretty cool bars in the area. (may run into players on occasion). Fair share of drunks and drunk drivers after the game. If your a Cubs or Yankee fan expect a little less welcome. Most people just have fun with the rivals.
Additional Comments: Really Fun Park

 Submitted By: anonymous Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Miller Park does a great job of keeping the game family fun. The fans are really into every game. When you are walking in, you feel like you are at a Packers game because of all of the people tailgating. The retractable roof is a cool feature in the park. Another great thing about the park is that it has reasonable food and drink prices and it is such a nice park.
Cons of the ballpark
: The parking before and after the game is VERY congested, and it takes awhile to leave after the game, it took us about half an hour. They play too much rap music with swearing in walk-up songs, and every once in awhile a fan can get very drunk.
Additional Comments: Overall, Miller Park offers a great baseball experience at a great price.

 Submitted By: Dan M. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Both Miller Park and Wrigley Field are around 60 minutes from my home. I have to say the #1 Pro of Miller Park is the roof. Early season games are Wrigley are borderline not fun when its cold, which it often is until late May. At Miller Park on a 40 degree day, its about 65 degrees inside. I have no clue what people are talking about when they are saying its "in the middle of nowhere". Its right off the expressway, within the Milwaukee city limits, close to a residential neighborhood. There aren't any restaurants across the street, perhaps that is the complaint. You can however eat at a nearby bar and grill, and take a free shuttle to the game. Anyways, the #2 Pro is the food! As ballpark food goes, Miller Park ranks up there. A very wide selection of brats/sausages/pizza/ chicken/fish/pasta/cheese curds/cheese fries/and on and on. I've been to several sold-out Cubs games here and I never stand in line for long at any concession or restroom. So much different than Wrigley where the lines cause you to miss a half-inning. Miller Park has a very clean, efficient feel to it. Its a must-see for any baseball enthusiast. Plenty of parking. People who are complaining about the distance from the parking to the stadium should probably go out and get a little exercise once in a while, because a quarter-mile is really not that far people! When you park on the streets at Wrigley for a day game you are walking a heck of a lot further than that. Seating is great. Even on the 4th level you feel on top of the action. Seats are very comfortable.
Cons of the ballpark
: I'd rate the scenery in the middle of the pack relative to other stadiums. It looks nice inside, definitely not the atmosphere you're getting at Wrigley or Coors or Pittsburgh or San Fran.
Additional Comments: Its a top 10 ballpark. Top 5 facilities, but mediocre scenery.

 Submitted By: Richard and Mona Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Fantastic seating and sight lines; don't think there is a single obstructed seat. A simultaneous feeling of being in a very large ball park, but very close to the field and action. Easy access to everything with the wide passageways all over. No problem finding restrooms. VERY comfortable seats, each with drink holding provisions. Super friendly crowd who obviously support their Brewers even in losing seasons. Marvelous architecture, with the red brick exterior, and comfortable, but modern interior. We took a convenient shuttle from a downtown hotel for a couple of bucks, and were right at the stadium in a matter of minutes. I've seen some comments that "it's in the middle of nowhere", but that is misleading. It is a bit outside of downtown among several freeways, but there are nearby neighborhoods, and you are only a few minutes from downtown with all of the bars and restaurants and nightlife you want.
Cons of the ballpark
: A bit of confusion for post-game pickups with the shuttle, but not bad.
Additional Comments: The only two good things about the former County Stadium which Miller Park replaced was (a) it brought in the original Boston Braves; and (b) Hank Aaron -- the true king of home runs.

 Submitted By: Will G. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Miller Park is a tough ballpark to figure: it seems to garner high praise or serious scorn with very little middle ground. Personally, I've made several trips up to Milwaukee from Chicago over the years to this park and I've always had a nice experience of courteous ushers, very easy access to and fro the park, reasonable prices, a sausage lover's dream of various tasty links, and a clean, impressive facility that offers very comfortable seats (the right field bleachers are very underrated) and an overall laid-back atmosphere without many gimmicks (the sausage race being the coolest of any and all gimmicks!) The roof is definitely interesting, but while it's Miller Park's signature feature, it's also it's biggest drawback (see cons); personally, the roof is fascinating to look at, but limits the open air space of the park and makes for a completely different experience of open vs. closed. I always marvel at how classy and almost aristocratic Miller Park feels, particularly when walking around what feels like a highly polished concourse instead of just plain old concrete sidewalk. The brick and mortar exterior is gorgeous and the adjacent field for youths is a nice touch.
Cons of the ballpark
: The fan-shaped roof is easy to spot from a distance and borders on unseemly. It also gives a rather cold, sterile feel to the park, especially when it's closed and particularly in the upper deck area. What's with shoving Bernie the Brewer to the upper reaches of the park? The person inside the costume must have some guts whirling about in a slide about a hundred feet over the playing field. Still, some people complain of too much green used here and a rather sedated feel that feels more amphitheatre than baseball field, but I think it gives Miller Park a more distinct feel than many of the retro parks that have taken to copying each other. Miller Park is truly out in the middle of nowhere, though it helps make traffic almost non-existent; still, it feels more suited for a metropolitan New York than beer 'n brat Milwaukee. As with most new ball parks, ushers are too noticeable, though generally pleasant.
Additional Comments: There's not much to do around the park, so either eat elsewhere before/after the game, or prepare yourself for an angioplasty after you inevitably wolf down the sausage grand slam: Italian, Polish, bratwurst, and hot dog. Even with the Brewers newfound success, good tix are still easy to get, even if a bit more expensive than what you expect from Milwaukee.

 Submitted By: John Russel Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Lots of them. We attended a game last fall with a handicapped friend, and the ballpark staff was wonderful to work with. They wheeled him right to our section and then helped him to his seat. A couple of other places I have been could learn a thing or two from Milwaukee in this regard. I also liked the feel of the park. A couple of us did the "stadium walk" where we take a lap around the entire facility and saw a lot of nice things. Obviously some locations are better than others, but that's the case with every stadium. Food in Milwaukee is second to none in my book - their bratwursts are great and they have a better selection of beers to choose from (Miller products obviously) than some places I have been. Finally, you have to love Milwaukee and its fans - a classic Midwest city with some of the best fans in baseball.
Cons of the ballpark
: Not many. The ticket prices are a little high and, as others have mentioned, the sound system left a little bit to be desired; otherwise ....
Additional Comments: Of the seven Major League parks (and numerous Minor League and spring training parks) I have attended this was my favorite. We attended on a day last fall when heavy rain fell, and the roof was the only reason we saw a game. It looks like this is a park where the more expensive seats are worth it. If you only go to a couple of games a year like we do, spend the extra $15 and sit in a great place. We already have our trip planned for this year.

 Submitted By: Steve V. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Extremely loyal and friendly fans. Very helpful and friendly staff. Great views from almost anywhere. Food is good and can't beat the party in the parking lot.
Cons of the ballpark: Roof is closed way too often. Should be open unless it's raining or very cold.
Additional Comments: Overall, you will not be dissapointed with a visit to Miller Park. Alot of people have mentioned there is nothing to do in the area around the park and that it's in the middle of "nowhere." While this is not New York or L.A., the field is hardly in the middle of nowhere. After the game, walk to one of the many bars around the field...they are not right across the street like at Wrigley, but there are many in the area (this is Milwaukee after all). If drinking is not your thing, Miller Park is 5 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. There you can find just about any type of restaraunt, bar, club, museum, art galleries or whatever you want to do. If at first glance, you feel like your in the middle of "nowhere," ask a local, they are glad to help...like I said, this isn't New York.

 Submitted By: M. McGirk Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The tailgating at Miller Park is second to none ! Very fun atmosphere in the lots.  Inside, there really isn't a bad view anywhere except Bernie's Terrace. There is a ton of activities for kids to do before the game. Good food at Fridays Front Row grill. Most concession food is average, the Polish Sausage and Cactus League Nachos are dynamite exceptions !  The beer was fresh and cold and there were many choices of both food and drink. Not just dogs and brats like someone else said. Bathrooms are clean and there's plenty of them, except in the parking lot. Bernie was hard to see on his perch but fun to watch slide none the less.
Cons of the ballpark: The Park itself has bit of  a "closed in" feel even when the roof is open.  When it is closed it feels like a big airplane hangar or sardine can.  But if the roof's open and the skies are blue and you sit somewhere behind home plate facing the outfield wall, it seems alot more spacious. There is way too much olive green but I understand they are trying to remedy that by adding some other colors. The food was luke warm except at Fridays. The ticket prices are a little high I thought. The sound system is horrible. Some of the parking lots are too far from the park ! Not much of an outfield view. Too many ads and their window panels partially block the view of outside , which ain't much of a view anyway.
Additional Comments: Even though the Brewers kinda stink, the fans were all pretty mellow and respectful. Don't get me wrong, there are some drunks in every crowd. But really if you go to a day game it's mostly nice families. The staff was top notch and very helpful. I would go again just for the tailgating.

 Submitted By: Jason T. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The Brats were amazing. When the roof is open it creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. There is a lot of parking with easy access back on the highway. This park is a tailgaters dream with a wide allotment of space. Also, non-alcoholic sections for families. It has a great scoreboard and the ushers don't hassle you too much.
Cons of the ballpark: Whether it is because the team is only mediocre or not, the fans do not come to watch a baseball game. Being a White Sox fan I thought I had seen the rudest fans yet, but some of the drunks in Milwaukee take the cake. What many interpret as "friendly" I interpret as bothersome. We literally had to move from two different sets of seats because of the rowdiness around us. There are some blind spots throughout the park, and Bernie's Terrace completely cuts off all of right field. The PA system was a bit of a let down.
Additional Comments: A nice park to go to with the right crowd. A great tailgating park has its pros and cons, and unless your a big drinker, the family sections might be best for your kids. I also wish they would leave the roof open at all times barring rain or a significant cold temperature. It really is a different park with the roof open.

 Submitted By: Jason H. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Tailgating was unbelievably great.  Huge parking areas conducive to grilling and tossing around a football/Frisbee etc.  The fans were friendly and knew how to have a good time. (probably due in part to the beer)  Wide concourses, beautiful field.  Even though the roof was closed due to the 45 degree weather, I found that it didn't feel indoors.  This could be in part that my home park is the Metrodome. (aka big inflatable toilet as we call it)  It was a sellout game and was almost as noisy as the dome which surprised me.  The ball seemed to jump out of the park with the roof closed. (I saw 12 home runs in 2 games).
Cons of the ballpark: When on the top row of the first and second levels, the overhang block the view of some fly balls.  Bernie's perch is ridiculously high and out of vision of the action.  I didn't even realize he was up there until the 6th inning.  Food is average. (brats, dogs, and not much else).
Additional Comments: Had a great time!  I will definitely go again.  I can only hope the twins new park is this great.

 Submitted By: Josh Thomas Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: This park has one of the best scoreboards in the majors. The retractable roofs does not take a long time to close it is VERY unique to Miller Park. Tailgating is fun to do here and you can't really do it at other ballparks. The fans are friendly to people who like different teams (Even the Yankees my team!)
Cons of the ballpark: I have never been to County Stadium before but I heard that County Stadium was a more underrated ballpark. It rained while we were there and roof leaked a little. The roof is also painted an ugly green color. There aren't too many bathrooms there so be patient if you really have to go.
Additional Comments: I have been to 27 ballparks and this is my 16th favorite.

 Submitted By: Mark Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: When the Brewers built Miller Park, we were told it was going to be a ballpark along the lines of Oriole Park or Jacobs field-- a new "old" ballpark, but with a retractable roof. We got the roof, but to me they did not capture the new "old" feel of all those other beautiful new parks.  It is bland, green and somehow just looks fake in many ways.  Now, the good stuff: arguably the best tailgating anywhere, intimate seating (most seats are very close to the action and have good sightlines, ultra-wide concourses (I have never been to a stadium where it was so easy to get from my seat to the concession stand, restrooms or even the exit from the park), roof to prevent rain-outs.
Cons of the ballpark: First, the biggest problem for me is that the roof is closed too much. Wisconsinites have always been proud of their hardiness and ability to stand a little bit of chilly weather. The Brewers seem to have the roof closed any time the temp drops below 72 or a cloud appears on the horizon. Baseball is made to be played outside.  I don't like getting to the park and having to sit inside when it is not raining. Second, the way the roof is built it seems like you are inside even with the roof open. When designs were published prior to the building of Miller Park the fans liked the fan-shaped design best and it is what was ultimately chosen and built. It looks pretty, but perhaps some other design would have allowed the roof to move completely out of the way when it was opened. Third, the PA system is crummy. There are many places in the park where it simply can't be heard clearly. That seems to me unacceptable in a brand new park. Lastly, County Stadium was a very underrated ballpark. Although it didn't have the character of a place like Fenway, it always seemed to me as if everything there looked the way a ballpark should look. They should have kept it.  Perhaps they could have decreased the capacity a little and put in luxury boxes instead. The bleachers were great.
Additional Comments: Nice place to see a ballgame, but to me it is overrated.

 Submitted By: Jim Crook Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Excellent food, and the atmosphere of the game is great.  Tailgating=Phenomenal  The roof was nice, although i still felt like i was indoor.  The fans are friendly and ready for the Crew to have a winning season.
Cons of the ballpark: It is really in the middle of no where just an exit off the interstate, with not to much to do around.
Additional Comments: The ball park and fans are great we just need the team to win some games. Go BREWERS!!!!

 Submitted By: Brad Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Tailgating in Wisconsin is second to none.  The vast parking lots surrounding Miller Park gives fans ample space to do this.  The large concourses make it easy to both buy concessions and watch the game at the same time.  The roof is much needed for the rough Wisconsin weather.  Sightlines are good, and the people are nice.  On a random Tuesday or Wednesday when attendance is low, you can EASILY move around to any section you want without being harassed.  Great sausage, pretty cheap tickets/concessions.
Cons of the ballpark: The park still has sort of an indoor feel even when the roof is open.  Too much baseball green....that needs to be toned down a bit.
Additional Comments: Miller Park is a great visit for anyone looking for a fun road trip.  Bring the cooler, grill and plenty of beer as the pregame tailgating only adds to this great baseball atmosphere.

 Submitted By: Marc Viquez Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: The pros of Miller Park were the giant scoreboard, retractable roof, close sightlines, unique roof design, and the ability to walk around the entire concourse. Having the roof closed was perfect for a chilling October night!
Cons of the ballpark: The cons were that County Stadium was probably the most underrated sporting facilities of all time. I attended a game there for the first time in 2000 and it probably the best baseball experience surpassing Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Wrigley Field. Miller Park should be called Olympic Park South with its flea-market like atmosphere, luxury seating blocking the view of play from the concourse behind home plate, and its empty feeling. A very modern ballpark that lacks a lot of the charm that County Stadium had to offer. Another thing that I disliked about Miller Park was the overuse of the green. Green seats from top to bottom, green painting on the ceiling of the roof, green outfield wall, and of course a green field. A touch of blue, more yellow, and something else would do wonders for the interior. I assume that a packed house would make a better feel, but with 15,000 at hand for the last home stand it was boring!
Additional Comments: More usage of color inside will do wonders, also they still know how to tailgate outside in the parking lot!

 Submitted By: John Bassett Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Far to little.
Cons of the ballpark: Far to much.
Additional Comments: Comiskey Park seems to garner the most responses when "What's the worst ballpark built since 1990" is the question ... but Miller Park gets my vote. While the parking lots may be full of that famed Milwaukee tailgating activity, this does not change the fact that those parking lots are very far removed from the stadium. As far away as those parking lots may be, the rest of civilization is even further.. While not an urban ballpark, I'm not even sure it even qualifies as suburban ballpark. I didn't see any houses in the area, just tress and highways, truly in the middle of nowhere ... and what's inside does nothing to energize this pretty lifeless situation. The place is dark, the team is horrible and the only thing that could possibly entertain the crowd, Bernie the Brewer and his slide, is set so high up in the stratosphere that you truly can't follow his antics without a binocular. Bernie is so high up there that the bottom tier of seats, which provide excellent views of the game, must look microscopic to him ... and that is not entirely due to the illusion of distance. That bottom tier of seats is very small, the smallest in baseball without a doubt. Above that bottom tier, three more, all filled with seats that are an identical, light green that seems more monotonous to the eye here than anywhere else, rise way way up forming a nest for fan-like "retractable" roof which covers the entire seating area even when "open." If you happen to purchase a ticket for one of these monotonous light green seats and you find yourself even moderately down one of the foul lines in any of the three upper tiers, you will find yourself with a view of less than the whole field. I'm not talking about a little blind spot. I'm talking about a major chunk due to the way the tiers curve around the foul poles, a curve which starts just a bit beyond first/third base - the worst design mistake, with the possible exception of the back rows in the Ballpark in Arlington's first tier, in any modern stadium. Add on top of all this that the ball sails out of here like Coors Field and Astros Field. The designers really can't be faulted for this though, unlike Houston where the left field wall was just obviously built too short or Denver where the high altitude was just not properly accounted for. Here it just seems that the ball gets up in certain wind tunnels and doesn't come down. So the food is pretty good. So the grass is green and real. So you won't get any rainouts. When those are the only three positive things you can say about a stadium, you have yourself a bad stadium.

 Submitted By: Scott Powers Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: I LOVE THIS PARK! The retractable roof is extraordinary and it doesn't even seem like the game is indoors because of the large windows and airy atmosphere. It has a great look to it, its not trying to force-feed RETRO down your throat. It has some nice touches of retro in it, though. The bleacher seats are great, they are right on the field. It felt like I was playing right field! The food is outstanding, and very reasonably priced. The sausage race is absolutely the coolest thing about this park. The fans are truly great and they love their Brewers (even though they are uh... bad).
Cons of the ballpark: I have never experienced it, but they're is a "myth" that the roof leaks when it rains outside. I sat in the area where this happens, and I was dry as a bone. Some people can say that there isn't enough for the kids to do during the game, so I have a suggestion for them... WATCH THE BASEBALL GAME!
Additional Comments: This park is just awesome. I can't really explain it. The scenery just kind of gives you goose bumps when you walk throughout the stadium. I feel that this park is the best park in the major leagues.

 Submitted By: J Conger Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: My first experience here a couple of years ago was great.  Watched the Brewers and Astros and enjoyed the hotdog race.  I was impressed that almost all the seats were decent, and great layout of stadium and available parking.
Cons of the ballpark: EXTREMELY unruly fans.  Likely alcohol related. Yankee fans are not welcome here.  Tailgating in the parking areas are unsupervised and serious challenges were made before we could get to our parked vehicle.
Additional Comments: Liked the ballpark.  Didn't like their fans.

 Submitted By: A. Lopez Jr. Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: The best tailgating in baseball, Brewers fans tailgate like its football, its amazing. The retractable roof is a plus cause, it prevents rainouts and the roof works now unlike 2002.The wideness of the concourses is enormous, you will not bump into other fans trying to get your food or souvenirs. I also liked how easy it was to get to and from the park cause of the closeness of the highway. Plenty of parking also. Its so much better with the roof open and the outfield panels open so you can see the Milwaukee skyline. The fans were very nice also on my 2nd trip, one guy gave me his extra pass to the 300 club and another showed me the site of old County Stadium which now has a little league park there and a monument showing the first game in Milwaukee Braves history. I also couldn't believe how easy it is to move from one area to another cause ushers don't bother you here with ticket checks.
Cons of the ballpark: The worst thing has to be that ugly olive green they use on everything. From the outside you see the roof is painted that green then you get inside and the railings and walls are that color too. The fans seemed laid back when I went also, I could hear the air conditioners blowing many times on my first trip to this park. I also didnt see quite as many vendors going up the aisles with food and drinks like other parks. The park doesnt look to great when its closed up.
Additional Comments: Where was the Brewers pride? I saw more fans wearing Packers stuff than Brewers gear. Maybe the dome needs to be open way more
often cause it looks like the grass is dying besides it just feels and looks better when its open so I'm glad they worked their problems out with the roof. I'm glad I saw this park opened up unlike my last visit and I now give it a solid B grade.

 Submitted By: Anthony Lorenzo Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Miller Park is amazing.  The Milwaukee crowd is very friendly and their is a family atmosphere throughout the ballpark.  There are no bad seats in the Park.  I went up to the Upper Level to take and picture and was taken back by the view.  Miller Park's roof is amazing, watching it close after the game helps you appreciate modern engineering even more. During the game the Brewers allow the radio feed, by Hall of Famer Bob Uecker, to be fed over the PA system.
Cons of the ballpark: There are only a few bathrooms in Miller Park, although they are huge there maybe only 2 per level.
Additional Comments: The Brewers Organization, led by Ulice Payne Jr., has created a great atmosphere for a baseball game.  I purchased a t-shirt from the Brewers Fan Zone and had to return it from New York, when I called the Fan Zone with my situation they were more than happy to exchange it.  The Brewers are a very classy organization.  I wish them the best in there rebuilding.

Submitted By: Tom Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: Well let me say that the Brewers have created a ballpark that has given them a lot of problems. I must mention that the game I attended was the only game in Miller Park's short history to not be played, an electrical problem cut out the lights on the concourse and the playing field. The park's roof, the greatest amenity, causes a lot of problems. It leaks, makes noises, and is not used very much. Anyway the pros. We sprung for $35 club level seats and .300 club passes. The seats and the view was awesome. We were on the 3rd level of the stadium but it felt like we could reach out and touch the field, I mean it these seats were really close. The club concourse was nice with a private lounge and bars, but the windows had no covering so the sun was really blinding. The private .300 club was very nice and the food was excellent. The in-seat wait service was great and the menu had a variety of items and it was not too pricey. We took public transportation and that was really helpful and cheap, I think 50 cents round trip or something like that,
Cons of the ballpark: No the bad stuff. The first deduction was the fact that the game was not played. Not entirely the Brewers fault, but come on. We are from MI and our travel schedule did not allow for us to catch the re-scheduled game the next day. Although I have to say the Brewers were very accommodating. The ticket lines were like a mile long and when we went to Fan Relations and told our story, out of town have to leave tomorrow morning, they got a ticket supervisor to talk to us and he gave us his card and we mailed them the tickets and they mailed us a refund check. Anyways, with club tickets, don't every put them away. They check your ticket there religiously. I think we had our ticket check about 8 times before we could get to our seats. When you thought you could put the ticket in your pocket, there was another Brewers' employee asking to see it again, I have to admit the staff was very friendly, not like Cleveland. I also did not like the 20 field level founders' suites. They took away from the views of the field from the main concourse. You only saw a nice brick wall all down the 1st and 3rd baseline. The final deduction was the fact that this place just seemed, blah. I don't know but no special charms our only Milwaukee. I thought it was just okay and kind of boring. The concourse was gray with not a lot of special touches.
Additional Comments: It is okay to go to. The place is nice but not one of the great new ballparks. The club seats are nice, avoid the Terrace level, a little too high. The loge level is the best bet as far as view and affordable. Concessions were not too high if I remember.


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