Submitted By: Tyler Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I could go a full page, all day, and list the pros of this ballpark, but I'll stick with the basics. Atmosphere: Great, Food: awesome, Seats: wonderful, Fans: outstanding, Parking: reasonable, and Souvenirs: exceptional pricing. Just a great stadium all-around.
Cons of the ballpark:
No cons what-so-ever! Might be a little congested at times but it's manageable.
Additional Comments:
If you go to Target Field just once, you'll leave wanting to purchase season tickets afterwards. Just an amazing experience.

Submitted By: Jaime Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Never been to Minneapolis before and to be honest never even thought twice about it. I just assumed it was a frozen tundra. I was wrong. It was a very modern city with tons of bars and few shops... My hotel was only a couple city blocks away from Target which was great! Fans all around the bars before game time... it was great! The outside of the stadium was really neat. Kinda art deco-like? I had amazing seats, 1st row, before 3rd base. T.C. (Twins mascot) sat in my row!

Cons of the ballpark: I honestly was shock how rude and uninformed the workers were. My father and I went to find our seats and it took a good 20 minutes and asking 5 different people (ticket workers in the stands!) and when we find our sits (I figured it out myself...it was some weird tunnel entrance) this women told me it wasn't my seat! She said she WASN'T sure but she didn't think it was our seats...she was WRONG! Also, the fans might be huge Twins fans but in no way were they baseball fans! Try talking with the people around you and they look at you like you have 10 heads...rude. Also, the scoreboard dictated the fans reactions.. it was bizarre.

Additional Comments:
It was a nice stadium inside... didn't like the non-smoking system going on. I also felt it was kinda of dark walking around the concourse. But the views of the city were very nice and its location was spot on. Twins fans don't know the game so I think with all the other attractions surrounding Target were key.

Submitted By: Madeline Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Simple, elegant, and not over-done. The ballpark has it all, but has a great dignity about it, especially considering it's brand new. The way the ballpark fits into the downtown community is fabulous and the architecture of Target Plaza connecting the park to the city is just tremendous. The plaza has good energy on gameday and should only improve as it become an integral part of the city fabric. This is a place that will inspire tradition, something that Minneapolis has been sorely lacking.
Cons of the ballpark: Twins fans need to stand up and cheer more, without the assistance of the scoreboard telling them to do so. People in Minnesota seem very reserved to me.
Additional Comments:
Sausages at Kramerzuks are very good, but the buns definitely need some work. The Dugout Dog seemed the best to me of the traditional hot dogs. Wish they would open the gates sooner.

Submitted By: Ronald Theriot Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I liked the beautiful design, the ease of walking around the facility, the numerous bars and restaurants surrounding the place, and the general excitement felt at the ballpark.
Cons of the ballpark: The only negative is the rather ordinary design that at one time (1992) was so new and exciting. Oh, well, that's the trend of the last 18 years.
Additional Comments:
I was able to park for free not very far from the ballpark.

Submitted By: Matthew Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: -Location
-Convenient Accessibility with Lightrail, Metro Transit, and I-94.
-Beautiful Skyline & Warehouse District Views
-Pleasant Stadium Aesthetics (clean, spacious, comfortable)
-Excellent Food (Murray's Steak Sandwich, Dinger Dogs, Kramatuczuk Sausage, & Wild Rice Soup are my recommendations)
-Enshrined in Twins history though statues, murals, and other art.
-Great fans who actually know and highly respect the game of baseball
-Scoreboard, Minnie & Paul sign, & Budweiser Party Deck
-No roof & real grass!!!
-Variety of state of the art suites and clubs; unique private club section on 1st and 3rd baselines with private restrooms and concessions
-BEER! Serves Budweiser products and popular MN Brews like Grainbelt and Summit at select vendors
-Not a bad unrestricted view seat in the house!
Cons of the ballpark: -Fewer tickets and more expensive tickets than the dome
-Left Field Bleachers have limited scoreboard view
Additional Comments:
I have been to the ballpark in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, and Wrigley in Chicago as well. Target Field is my favorite overall, but the view of San Francisco Bay at AT&T Park was better, the nostalgia of Wrigley was better, and the scoreboard in Kansas City was better. All things considered, the best I've been to yet.

Submitted By: Andy Cina Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Unique Minnie & Paul center field logo, beautiful limestone inside and out, accessible seating, many wooden-backed seats, heat lamps, transportation options, convenient parking directly off I-94/Olson Memorial Hwy & easy I-94 entrance after game (Garage C), Target plaza, metal link curtain on parking ramp, panoramic views of downtown Minneapolis, wide range of food options, plenty of legroom and wider seats than the Metrodome
Cons of the ballpark: Some obstructive view right field bleacher seats, gates open too late to see Twins BP.
Additional Comments:
Target Field is an amazing ballpark that sharply contrasts with the Metrodome. It is great to finally have outdoor baseball back in MN. Check it out!

Submitted By:
David W. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Ballpark is truly unique with amazing views of the field and sightlines of the Minneapolis skyline. All the seats are close to the field and well angled towards the mound. Very unique limestone decor. The ballpark has a modern, yet charming feel to it. Concourses are wide open with great food options and the park is filled with Twins history, even though it's brand new. Amazing how many small "touches" and details are in this park. They didn't miss a thing. Sun and shade are both readily available. The field is amazing and the quality of the grounds are first class. Area around the stadium is packed with bars, restaurants and hotels. This is as urban as baseball gets and yet still feels like a neighborhood party.
Cons of the ballpark: For the stadium itself, almost no cons at all. The in-game experience is too similar to all other modern ballparks: loud music and too many races, "kiss cams" and such between innings. I prefer a quieter baseball experience: all I want to hear is crowd noise and "cold beer here!"...but this has become a problem almost everywhere.
Additional Comments:
What a fantastic ballpark. For modern parks, this is truly a shrine. Definitely worth adding to your list of parks to visit. I would rank it right it right up there with AT&T and PNC.

Submitted By: Mahogma Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Truly an urban ball park, within a short walk to the heart of downtown Minneapolis' bars and restaurants. Amazing skyline view beyond right field. Almost every seat puts you right on top of the action. A unique style, not retro, but more "fifties modern, "but in a good way. Everything I'd hoped the place would be (I closely followed the project since groundbreaking) and more. Hard to believe they put so much building on such a small footprint. Oh, and a roof on this place would have been a travesty.
Cons of the ballpark: Public transportation (LRT trains) with a stop less than 100 feet from the left field entrance, was overwhelmed immediately after the game. Hopefully, this will sort out in time, but best grab a bite or a beer to let the rush thin out-maybe they planned it that way.
Additional Comments:
All these years stuck inside a facility I hated from the 1st. time I saw a game there perhaps makes anything seem palatial in comparison, but I think Target Field is as good as my first impression says it is. I'm going to the game again tomorrow, and every other game I can manage.

Submitted By: Ian Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Where to start? Its not even possible to compare this ballpark to the Metrodome. Open concourses allowed a view of the action from all corners of the park. The signature homerun sign in centerfield is a great touch. The food is phenomenal. The fans are great, both respectful and knowledgeable. This ballpark really honors the history of the Twins and baseball in Minnesota.
Cons of the ballpark: Only complaint: the plaza outside the ballpark was pretty congested after the game.
Additional Comments:
My advice: experience Target Field for yourself as soon as you can. You won't regret it.

Submitted By: Mike Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Sightlines are perfect. Not a bad seat. The heated seats are nice, also food is great.
Cons of the ballpark: Haven't found one.
Additional Comments:
Only seen college game not an MLB game yet.


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