Submitted By: Rob Onderko Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: A beautiful Park in the Charm City. If only the O's could get their team this right. This Park is awesome as soon as you see it from I-95. When getting off the highway, you can see the old B&O Warehouse which is also the outside of the Yards. You can't help but get old time nostalgia at first glance. Walking around the park, you can sense all of the history this Orioles franchise posses, and the history of baseball the city of baseball posses when you see all of the retired numbers out by the gates and the baseballs painted on the ground directing you to the birthplace of the legendary Babe Ruth. Once inside, you will see a lot of Orioles orange, and a lot of snapshots of their history of success. The concourses are nice and wide and very open. There is a very retro feeling to field, especially when looking out at that old B&O Warehouse. You get a bit of the modern feel as well when you look out at a little bit of the Baltimore skyline beyond the center field area. Another great touch is Eutaw Street, which seems to be the equivalent to Boston's Yawkey Way.
Cons of the ballpark: I am a Yankees fan, so I don't mind too much, but when I go to the visiting ballpark, on a day my team is not even in town, I would rather not see Baltimore vendors selling the other teams stuff. Never have I ever seen this in New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, or even D.C.
Additional Comments: Although the team is poor right now, and the fans are sparse, the atmosphere still holds water, and the fans that are there seem to genuinely care about the team, and got pretty loud. The area around the park, and the inner harbor are awesome, but don't venture too much further into the city. My wife and I did, and we were afraid we would be mugged or worse. Very intimidating city outside of the touristy areas. This is a great place to see a game!! Wish I could have been there to see Ripken Jr., although he did throw out the first pitch.

 Submitted By: Travis Wunsch Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Easily THEE most beautiful park in all the game right now, and one of the top 5 in history. Walking into the park feels like walking into a real life history book. Just thinking of the significant events that took place within this stadium will bring chills to any true fan. The B&O Warehouse certainly adds to the enclosed feel of the park and is hard to imagine a Camden Yards without it there (the original design had bring the warehouse being torn down). With the recent upgrades to the stadium such as the brick back stop, the new audio system, and the new HD video, side, and ribbon boards, the ball park feels like a modern park, while still holding onto that historic feeling. Even down to the lighting banks on top of the stadium, 4 long banks with lots of lights on them gives the stadium a unique feature that even college football stadiums have tried to imitate (Minnesota University's new stadium). From one Stadium Opps guy to another, beautiful ballpark and alot to be proud of.
Cons of the ballpark: Ticket prices can be a little on the high end for down the lines or behind the plate, but are a great value for families in the upper deck and in my opinion offer the best view of the field (Where are most pictures of the park taken? The upper decks).
Additional Comments: Bottom line, this ballpark is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your life. It will take your breath away when you walk in and see the Prestine field, the beautiful skyline, and the warehouse. Not a bad seat in the house. And the most loyal fans in baseball. Even this franchise has not had a winning season since 1997, this was the team that in the 70's and even into the 80's was the most feared franchise in the land. This was the team that took it to the Red Sox and Yanks year in and year out. No band wagon fans here. Great fans, and Beautiful Ball Park. Any Die Hard baseball fan needs to put Oriole Park at Camden Yards on their places to go before the end list!!

 Submitted By: Michael B. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Incorporates the ballpark with the surrounding area better than any stadium I have visited. Great food in and out of the park--fill up on snacks from the vendors outside to keep your spending down. Staff is very friendly, as are the fans (was surrounded by locals who get to 10-12 games a year, and who were thrilled we made the game a part of our trip--really wanted us to leave with a good impression). Sight lines seem to be great from all vantages, though the locals said there were some obstructed/limited views in the corners. "Classic" game presentation, from the scoreboard/displays to the P.A. Reasonable parking prices. Babe Ruth Museum is a must!
Cons of the ballpark: An Orioles game is an expensive ticket! For a new park, concourses seemed awfully congested. Sat along right field line, which took out any natural view of B&O Warehouse & downtown--not the park's fault, just poor seat choice on my part. Game was vs. Red Sox, and I was shocked to find O's fans outnumbered. As a Rangers fan I'm used to this at home, but didn't expect it in what I had perceived as a "baseball town".
Additional Comments: We made a "day trip" to Baltimore while in D.C., and it is definitely the way to go. Leave yourself time either before or after to spend time at the Inner Harbor, then work your way up to Eutaw St. an hour or so before the first pitch. My wife isn't much for the game, but she loves "the scene"--this was her favorite ballpark trip because it involved so much more than the game itself.

 Submitted By: Frankie P. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I just saw a game at Camden Yards, and I must say that it is awesome.  I think I would rate it just a little ahead of my beloved, hometown PNC Park.  It is hard to put my finger on just exactly why, but I think that there is something about the classy design and the way that it blends with it's location that makes it feel historic even though it's only a little over a decade old.  The most striking feature though of this ballpark is definitely the B & O warehouse.  I find it insane to think that they were originally going to tear it down when they first designed the park.
Cons of the ballpark: There was really only one thing that concerned me, and that was that I saw a lot of cranes and construction just outside the park in the outfield view. I have a bad feeling that they are going to build some high rise buildings there, that could potentially ruin the view.
Additional Comments: Camden Yards is a must on any ballpark pilgrimage list.  It was the first of it's kind and yet is still the best, although I think a legitimate argument could be made for PNC Park and AT&T Park (or whatever the Giants park is called this week).  Although I have been to only a few different parks in person, and have had to rely on tv, to make an opinion on the rest.  I think that the three parks I've mentioned make the best possible use of their locations.

 Submitted By: Greg Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There is a great deal of parking...The stadium lots aren't the most expensive that I've been to, but unless you have a permit, you will end up parking on lots over at Ravens Stadium and walk a long way.  There are plenty of garages within a couple of blocks for $8-10.  There are lots of great bars across from the ballpark and the ballpark is also a short walk from the Inner Harbor with great places to eat and hang out, it's a pretty safe, well-lit walk.  The atmosphere around the park is great.  Very friendly vendors selling "cheaper on the outside" food.  The field is pristine, and seats are very close to the field.  The new brick wall behind the plate adds some flair.
Cons of the ballpark: Camden Yards needs to make a few improvements to keep up with the newer parks.  The current video board is a great size, but the quality is lacking.  More LED/high def boards would be welcomed, particularly the out-of-town board in right field.
As a season ticket holder, they play the same music every game and "entertain" the fans with the same thing on the big screen.  Add some variety!
Additional Comments: Camden Yards is a great place...I love it.  When NY, BOS, or PHI are in town, O's fans are out numbered.

 Submitted By: Drew Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Even in its 14th season, Camden Yards still reigns as one of the best ballparks in the country. When you take into account all the things that should make a ballpark experience great, Camden Yards does them all: I'm talking location here. I don't care how nice a stadium is, if the surrounding location is bad or just dull, it really hurts the experience. And fortunately, Camden Yards is the stadium to beat in terms of location. From the Warehouse, to the perfect view of downtown, to the bars 60 steps behind the LF foul pole, to the inner harbor and the short walking distance to the best of Baltimore's night life, Camden Yards simply can't be beat. There's nothing quite like grabbing a brew at Pickles Pub with other fans before the game, grabbing a hot dog from one of the many friendly (and cheap) vendors outside the stadium, and then hitting the town after the final out. Summer time can't get much better than that.
Cons of the ballpark: Camden Yards is starting to show its age in certain areas. This can mainly be blamed on the horrible ownership, who I'm sure is to blame for the lack of upgrades. The one thing done right is the brick wall behind homeplate, as small of a change as that is, it really made the park look better (especially on TV) and it stands out. The scoreboards need to be upgraded, the hi-def/LCD boards seen in newer parks are nowhere to be found here, and the main video board is horrible in quality, especially during day games where the glare of the sun makes it very difficult to see. Also, the ushers are known to shut fans up. I have been to many games, most notably games vs. the Yanks, where O's fans are outnumbered. These days, O's fans don't have much to cheer for, so at one game in particular a fan was on his feet in the bottom of the ninth with the go-ahead run at the plate and 2 outs. What's sadder: that he was told by an usher to sit down and be quiet, or that no one else was cheering so he stood out? That incident was sad on so many levels.
Additional Comments: Great place to see a game. Ownership could fix all the flaws mentioned: upgrades, by shelling out a few duckets, and attendance/atmosphere by actually trying to put a winner on the field. Too bad a great place like Camden Yards is so dead these days because of one selfish man.

 Submitted By: Ronald Theriot Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It was beautiful (I've been there twice; 2003 and 2005).  The ballpark tour is excellent.  It's clean.  It's fun to walk around in.  If you know what you're doing (and I do), you can park for free next to the parking lot on the SE side.  I did this both times.  The area of the city (which improved in just two years) is an interesting place to kill some hours. The sightlines, seating, concessions, etc. are all top-notch.
Cons of the ballpark: If this park has faults, I'm not aware of any.  The tickets could be cheaper.
Additional Comments: All in all this place is a MUST see!  All baseball fans need to go there.

 Submitted By: Anthony Lorenzo Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Camden Yards is the nicest ballpark.  Since it was the first "new" ballpark it gets the credit for all the copycats.  There are no bad seats at Camden Yards.  You can see the city of Baltimore from the food stands.  Wonderful atmosphere and loyal fans. The most aesthetically pleasing ballpark in the country.
Cons of the ballpark: The neighborhood of the Inner Harbor is not great, so be careful.
Additional Comments: If you check out Camden Yards, be sure to visit the Babe Ruth Museum, it is a baseball historians dream.  The Museum has a Cal Ripken Jr. and Baltimore Colts room.  Very nostalgic place to visit. I touched Babe Ruth's bat that he used at St. Mary's.

 Submitted By: Eric Geiple Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark:
1. Easily one of the most beautiful ballparks out there. Walking down to it from Eutaw Street you can see the back of the scoreboard, stands, warehouse and it really pumps you up! Even if you're walking in the midst of 30,000 Yankee fans.
2.Most of the seats I've sat in have been great (most.. see cons)
3.I've caught several balls in BP!! Always a plus.
4.The warehouse and the view of downtown Baltimore is stunning no matter how many times you go to a game.
5.The scoreboard is entertaining.. I especially like the "Old Bay Crab Shuffle" - it definitely beats the dump trucks out at Coors.
6. Lots of bathrooms and places to get food.
7. I noticed someone mention crabcakes.. at $10 a pop its expensive but sooo worth it. But an upper reserve seat and save your money for the crab!
8. The Oriole Bird!!
Cons of the ballpark: As much as I love Oriole Park I have noticed the cons start to rise over the past few years.
1. I'd try to avoid any seat on the lower deck down the 1st or 3rd baseline. They aren't angled too much so you're constantly looking over and people get in the way.
2. Quite understandably the fans are DOWN AND OUT for the COUNT. It's only gonna get worse with Toronto becoming a powerhouse this off season. There were games this year that the stands looked emptier than I have ever seen.
3. Ticket prices : RIDICULOUS. I live down the street from PNC Park now so maybe I'm spoiled.. but the seats are just way too much for a team that sells more tickets to Red Sox/Yankee fans. They blame the Nationals for taking away fans, but at $30 a pop for seats on the lines.. no wonder the park looks empty on TV. Everyone is in the UPPER DECK/Bleachers.
4. Parking. Coming from the North you have to take i-83 into downtown. This means you drive through a majority of the city which is usually gridlocked... and that's just taking Lombard to Eutaw! I-83 can get backed up for miles before that light.
Additional Comments: If you check out Camden Yards, be sure to visit the Babe Ruth Museum, it is a baseball historians dream.  The Museum has a Cal Ripken Jr. and Baltimore Colts room.  Very nostalgic place to visit. I touched Babe Ruth's bat that he used at St. Mary's.

 Submitted By: Walker Carlson Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark : Where to start?  I think Eutaw street is awesome with all the restaurants along the side of the B&O Warehouse.  And no, I haven't forgotten the bronze baseballs in the street.  Second of all, If you go inside the warehouse, there's all sorts of stuff in there.  It's a beautiful, classy ballpark that ended the age of the cookie cutters.  The parking prices are good, nice ushers (though many), good food (especially the crab cakes), good fans, good views of the city, and good seats. I think that explains it all
Cons of the ballpark: Their evil owner.  Yeah, Yeah, the Nats are taking your money by taking your fans, right? WRONG!!!!!  The  O's only took in 19,000 on a weekend when the Nats were OUT of town.  Here's the real problem Petey, the fans are SICK of you!!!!
Additional Comments: I've got none.

 Submitted By: Ben Widerman Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great views from all locations I have had seats.  Fantastic view of Baltimore skyline and the big red brick warehouse.  Good food, beverage selection, great concourse.  Pretty good parking as well.
Cons of the ballpark: Fans are pretty quiet, the park is often empty against bad teams, the product on the field is pretty bad.
Additional Comments: At a end of year game when the birds were already pretty far out of contention, I was handed free tickets from someone at the gate who was unable to sell them!

 Submitted By: A. Lopez Jr. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark : This place is baseball heaven I dont know where to begin. 1.It looks great inside and out. 2.There is plenty of freeways nearby so you can get to one of them easily. 3.The fans still come out and make noise even though their team has fallen on hard times. 4.Their sound effects are plentiful and keep fans in the game. 5.Camden Yards also has a screen that shows you previous pitch speed and what pitch was thrown and I haven't seen that in any other park. 6.Parking prices were very good, I parked next to the park in Lot A and paid 6 bucks. 7.I love the Warehouse, It gives Oriole Park its own identity and it has a sports bar, cafeteria, and a gift shop inside of it. 8.They have Bronze baseballs imprinted in the cement of the Eutaw Street walkway to commemorate home runs hit in the ballpark. 9.I liked the Oriole weathervanes atop the scoreboard. 10.I sat in the club seats(sec.208) and the food is ordered on a waiters touchpad and brought out to you!
Cons of the ballpark: The only drawback is I wanted to try some Maryland Crab Cake but it cost too much..Theres alot of ushers/security around but they don't harass you like some other parks.
Additional Comments
: Day or night this is the best ballpark yet..I rank it number 1 over PNC Park cause this place looks better at night. I could write down more Pros but I figure 10 of them is enough. If you go,hang out on Eutaw street inside the park and soak up the atmosphere.

 Submitted By: John Munion Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Closeness to playing field, Not as steep as other ballparks even new ones, Atmosphere the Warehouse and the walkway between the park and warehouse, all bleacher seats have backs, major freeways along side of park.
Cons of the ballpark: Upper deck along foul poles bad angle, same in some seats along lower deck near pole. Additional Comments : To me it beats Jacobs field hands down, Jacobs field to steep in upper deck and bleacher seats. A twenty dollar bleacher with no back? Forget nostalgia.

 Submitted By: Josh L. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great Seats (I was above home plate, 10 rows from the top), EXCELLENT looking at night.  The warehouse just adds so much to that ballpark, no other place like it.  The nearby Inner Harbor/ESPN Zone was a nice thing to have as well, that occupied me for a few hours!  Great food, Eutaw Street was fun (especially the bronze baseballs), nothing bad to say.
Cons of the ballpark: Honestly, I didn't find any. Additional Comments : Best ballpark in baseball, in my opinion.  If you haven't been here already, make sure you come to Baltimore and watch the O's play!

 Submitted By: JUTrojan Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Beautiful Park!!!! The best baseball atmosphere I have been in. The Warehouse is an awesome sight and the atmosphere outside the park on gameday's great. You can walk around the stadium and enjoy festivities put on by the Orioles or grab some brews at one of the bars across the street. A very fan-friendly park. The outfield seats next to the bullpen are awesome and give you an opportunity to look into both pens at the same time, and even allow you to interact with the pitchers during the game.
Cons of the ballpark: None. I loved it!!
Additional Comments: We drove from South Alabama to watch a series at Camden Yards and had absolutely no problems or regrets. The fans were great, even for a sub-par Baltimore team. The atmosphere was great and the park is Beautiful!

 Submitted By: Ben Stephenson Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It's such a classic looking ballpark (even though it's not classic). The exposed beams and structure makes it look really classy. The B&O Warehouse in right makes it seem like your attending a game from the past as if you were in Forbs Field or Baker Bowl. Everything is very clean. And the best part of all is that it's so open and so spread out. It makes it seem like the blue sky is touching the top light fixtures. A great view in almost any seat. The ushers are very friendly old men that will wipe your seat for you on request. A great view of the downtown skyline past the centerfield score board. A great selection of food. In the American League this truly is the FRIENDLY CONFINES.
Cons of the ballpark: Not enough bathrooms. The hallways get too congested. Some seats are in the corners of the ballpark and it makes it seem like your sitting outside of the park. They always have these annoying bands play before and after the games outside of the park.
Additional Comments: Overall this is defiantly on my TOP 5 most favorite ballparks. It has a great downtown neighborhood next to it. and all I can say is that it's all very pleasurable!


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