Submitted By: Jesse Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark:
 Submitted By: LeakyPickle Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Chase Field seems to be one of the best domed facilities around.  I visited in the spring of 2004, so I can imagine they need a dome for those hot Arizona summer days.  There's a lot to admire about the sleek design of the building.  Lots of visuals and comfortable seating make for an entertaining experience.  Concessions and gift shops were good, as was the parking.  In fact, I was able to park right across from the main entrance (granted, it was a weekday game, but many parks don't have lots which are that convenient).  There are a few surrounding eateries and bars within walking distance as well.
Cons of the ballpark: Although this park is very nice, it may be too nice looking. When the roof and panels are closed, it feels you are in a giant tin can with air conditioning and giant ads hanging evrywhere. If you are in the upper deck when everything is closed, it's almost like staring at a giant wall with a really big tv screen.
Additional Comments: Overall, this is a very nice stadium. Food is good, field views are nice, and it is very family friendly with lots of activities to do for kids.

 Submitted By: LeakyPickle Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Chase Field seems to be one of the best domed facilities around.  I visited in the spring of 2004, so I can imagine they need a dome for those hot Arizona summer days.  There's a lot to admire about the sleek design of the building.  Lots of visuals and comfortable seating make for an entertaining experience.  Concessions and gift shops were good, as was the parking.  In fact, I was able to park right across from the main entrance (granted, it was a weekday game, but many parks don't have lots which are that convenient).  There are a few surrounding eateries and bars within walking distance as well.
Cons of the ballpark: Since the Diamondbacks were one of the richest franchises in baseball, they certainly spared no expense with their ballpark.  I suppose the biggest thing is simply that the fans were not into the game very much.  Now that Randy Johnson is gone, I can't see that atmosphere improving any time soon.  Unless the owners can generate more excitement, I can't help but think of how wasteful it would be if that place becomes unprofitable.  One other point: As admirable as the design is, Bank One is almost TOO modern-looking.  I sat in one the upper decks, and it seemed like I was a mile away.  There's really no "warmth", like in the newer, more nostalgic parks.  Bank One is also another stupid corporate name for a ballpark.
Additional Comments: Chase Field can seem like an oasis in the desert...that is, if you're thirsty for baseball.  It wasn't the best place, and certainly lacks history, but it was a pleasant experience, and definitely worth a look when making the rounds to parks in the West.

 Submitted By: Lance McNeil Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Chase Field, or Bank One Ballpark as it was called when I visited, is actually a respectable, comfortable if not unspectacular place to watch a baseball game. I visited the BOB in August of 1999 and feel its strengths were:
1. Ballpark Location: Chase Field is nicely tucked away in Phoenix's downtown area, but not obtrusively so. In other words, the ballpark's designers did a nice job with Chase Field's placement: it's easy accessed but still in close proximity to downtown Phoenix's offerings.
2. Comfort Measures - Basically, Chase Field benefits from a retractable roof and high-powered air conditioned units.  Arizona's scorching heat necessitates these, but nonetheless, I was slightly amazed at how comfortable I was inside. I vividly recall the high/low temperatures of the day were 116/88 but once you enter the stadium, you'll almost forget you're in Phoenix.
3. The Little Things. This might be a stretch, but I'm going to highlight these oft forgotten factors anyways.  The ushers were very polite. Restrooms were actually clean and well-stocked.  The concessions, though expensive, were aplenty in selection and of decent quality. And, the ballpark itself was very clean.
Cons of the ballpark: Bank One Ballpark's most glaring deficit is its overall appearance: it looks too modern and unlike many other ballparks (AT&T, Coors, PETCO, Wrigley, PNC, even Citizens Bank and Safeco) it lacks raw character. I can't really specifically cite reasons why, but overall, it feels too clinical.  Upon entering the ballpark for the first time, I remember my brother stating that it looks like a giant toaster and my dad disagreeing slightly by claiming it resembled a gigantic airplane hangar. I understand it is difficult to design a truly distinctive retractable roof stadium but I think Chase Field's designers could have done better. Unfortunately, Bank One's weaknesses are intangible and thus, cannot be easily remedied; it simply lacks the x-factor that separates good ballparks from the great.
Additional Comments: Overall, I was very satisfied with my visit to Bank One Ballpark; expect a comfortable game and take advantage of its' prime location in downtown Phoenix.

 Submitted By: Dan Hawkins Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: My experience at the BOB was wonderful, but I will admit that this isn't a normal review.  My only visit there was on March 31, 1998--the very first Opening Day.  I arrived early and walked around the park, taking notice of the swimming pool behind the centerfield wall.  My seat was in the upper deck along the first base line.  The roof was closed before the game, but they made a big display of opening it during the fantastic pre-game ceremonies.  I was impressed with how quietly the roof operated.  The game was played under the stars, and my Rockies won 9-2.
Cons of the ballpark: It was difficult for me to find any cons in all the hoopla of Opening Day.  I was sitting at the top very close to a massive air conditioning system.
Additional Comments: I'd like to go back to a regular game sometime, but going to the first Opening Day there was something I'll never forget.

 Submitted By: A. Whyte Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The sheer drama of the building - the huge signs and flags, the gorgeous field, and of course the roof is unbelievable.  I couldn't believe how amazing it looked - been to Minute Maid, and the Astrodome.  I ate at Fridays in the outfield - the view was great.  Many food options.  That pool in the outfield is wild and I always wanted to see that.  Very nice.
Cons of the ballpark: Obviously, you lose a lot when you are inside a giant airplane hanger.  And it gets quiet.
Additional Comments: I was pretty blown away by the engineering and mechanics of the building.  But like all domes, it isn't really fun to watch a game inside.  That being said, the place seemed enormous and obviously a lot was spent on this place.  I would recommend seeing this place.

 Submitted By: Rob Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There are lots of things to do before a game including very nice displays showing the history of baseball.  Watching the roof open and close is fun to watch, and it's fast too.  It's terrific having a grass field even in a dome.  The staff here is very friendly and you're really made to feel welcome here.  There's a lot of nice little touches all throughout like the kinetic "Rube Goldberg-like" sculpture at the entrance and the rotunda art which showcases the state of Arizona.  The food selection is vast and tasty.  There are a lot of beautiful women here too.  The bleacher section offers some great views and there's even a section that offers unbeatable same-day $1.00 seats in the top deck.
Cons of the ballpark: By far my least favorite feature of this stadium is the doors which sit in the outfield wall and are made to open/close with the roof.  The problem is they are almost always closed even with the roof open and they feature gaudy ads that help to make the stadium feel too closed in.  The stadium would benefit enormously from having these doors either open more often or replaced by glass ones but I don't see it happening since this would mean reduced advertising revenue.  The roof needs to be open more, not in the direct heat of a summer day but at least at night when the sun isn't beating down. It was closed once when it was 87 degrees at night.  That's being too cautious. The Arizona sky is just too nice to have it closed all the time.  The crowd here is also a little too quiet.
Additional Comments: If you are looking for a classic ballpark experience, this is not the place for you.  However if you are looking for a good day at a game, this stadium has a lot to offer in a unique experience.  A little known fact about this stadium is that the field doesn't sit with the usual north/south alignment between home and third base.  Instead second base lies directly north of home plate.  I believe this is the only major league park where this is true.

 Submitted By: Anthony Lorenzo Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There is a great atmosphere at the BOB.  I purchased club seats and was able to walk around the club concourse.  There is plenty of things to do before the game.  The BOB has very friendly employees and a diverse choices of concessions. When the roof is closed you forget your in Arizona and it is 105 degrees outside.  The BOB is a wonderful place to watch a ballgame.
Cons of the ballpark: Diamondback fans are reserved.  I went to a game pitched by the great Randy Johnson and there wasn't any noise when he had two strikes on a batter.  Towards the end of the game the crowd got into the game but they should be more appreciative they can watch a Hall of Famer pitch.  The upper deck seats are at a steep incline.
Additional Comments: I happened to attend one of the longest Diamondback games at the BOB.  They won 2 to 1 in 15 innings.  We sang the 7th inning stretch twice.  All in all the BOB is a nice place to watch a ballgame. The area around the stadium is nice..  I would definitely go back again.

 Submitted By: Joe Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The engineering of the park is really impressive.  The retractable roof and moveable windows in the outfield were really a sight to watch operate.  The HVAC system is stunning (I work in facilities management, I notice these things)..  With the roof open the AC system kept the area inside the park cool and comfortable while it was over 100 degrees outside. The seats were comfortable and the concessions were really good.  The ushers were also very friendly and helpful and the folks in the stands were also fun to watch a game with. The BOB is right in the middle of downtown Phoenix, so it's easy to get to, and even driving was no hassle.  We managed to park in a church lot a couple blocks away and paid $5 for our spot.  Not too shabby.
Cons of the ballpark: The public address system is a joke.  We had to strain to hear the stadium announcer throughout the game.  The field also looked to be in pretty tattered shape with grass that looked to be on its way to dying.  I immediately thought "hey guys, you might want to open the roof occasionally when you're not playing to let the sunshine in.  Watering the field wouldn't hurt either.
Additional Comments: Overall the BOB was a nice park, albeit a bit strange.  It really is a box with a baseball field dropped into it.

 Submitted By: Derek and Kim Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Very clean and comfortable. The roof was open that night, so seeing the nighttime sky was a plus.  The A/C kept us nice and cool.  Also, tickets were inexpensive.  Less than $20 to sit in the lower level between 1st base and the foul pole. Fans were nice and seemed to enjoy themselves.
Cons of the ballpark: The outside facade is nothing to speak of.  In fact, looks more like a domed football stadium than a ballpark. Much nicer inside than out.  I'm sure it isn't as cozy when the roof is closed
Additional Comments: We went there with low expectations after having recently been to the Ballpark in Arlington, but were pleasantly surprised and really did enjoy ourselves.

 Submitted By: Randy Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This state of the art ballpark is a ballpark worthy of going to if you like state of the art ones. The restaurants there are good and there are many awesome concessions there such as the Pool Pavilion or the arcades. The seating would have to be nice as well.
Cons of the ballpark: Although the only con of this park would be the city on the other hand. It is so freakin' hot and it was like 120 degrees when I was there although I was in the Pool Pavilion for a quarter of my time there I sure did sweat after I got out there and I couldn't find good seating (I had to sit in the right field.)
Additional Comments: It generally is an awesome ballpark after all. I loved being there and I hope to visit there again.

 Submitted By: Andre Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Very festive atmosphere.  One of my favorite features is Fox Sports Arizona Diamond Town, on the lower concourse of the stadium, which features a baseball themed timeline that gives historical facts and events, as well as TV monitors that display various  baseball moments as well.  Also the baseball display area behind left field is cool.  The west concourse has displays of the teams 2001 WS triumph, including the WS trophy.  And yeah, surprisingly, the 'snakes have a really good organ player, Bobby Freeman, whom I had the pleasure to converse with.  According to Freeman, he is only one of about 12 actual organ players in the Majors and has associated  with Nancy Bea Heffley, the longtime organist of the Dodgers.
Cons of the ballpark: With the roof closed, to me, it seemed at times I was watching a ballgame in an airport hangar.  But hey, I grew up watching the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine, so this is really no knock to the BOB.
Additional Comments: The fans here really know their stuff.  Pretty impressive for the latest of expansion teams.  But there's a slight twist, because one, a lot of retirees reside in Phoenix and two, many teams had established spring training sites in Arizona many years ago, lots of these fans still hold allegiances to their original teams, so on any given night, it would be no shock to see an impartial crowd, especially when the Cubs, Giants, or Dodgers are in town.  Speaking of the Blue, while I was at the BOB taking in a Dodger-Snakes game, I had the pleasure of speaking with a Brooklyn Dodger fan.  Nonetheless, these fans are in no sense rookie league.

 Submitted By: Noah Rothfeder Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Grass in a retractable roof stadium is always a plus. The system of leaving and re-entering seemed like a simple, but nice idea. The D-Backs pitching rotation. A fine steel structure.
Cons of the ballpark: Too much clutter (i.e. pool, arcades, restaurants). Boring fans who actually almost got into a fight with me because I was screaming at the players on the field! Learn how to be a baseball fan in the old cities before you become a D-Backs game.
Additional Comments: It was nice to see this totally Arizona phenomenon. Everything is so made up perfectly including the starting rotation, but Yankee fans can't talk. If you don't want to be noticed then keep quiet, because the place is just not as loud as some ballparks.


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