Submitted By: Micheal Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Coors Field has the Sandlot Brewery (the birthplace of what is now Blue Moon Belgian White) on the Blake Street side. The ballpark features a purple row of seats that mark exactly 1 mile above sea level. If you're sitting on the 1st base side, right field, or the Rockpile, you get one of the best views in all of sports...the Rocky Mountains. The playing field is huge, which allows for a lot of doubles and a few triples. Right field is considerably short for altitude and the wind tends to blow to right-center, which makes a perfect scenario for homeruns. The batter's eye features ivy growing up the wall and just below it is a small landscape with native trees, rock formations, and rapids. Most ad displays are off the playing surface walls, which prevents distractions and eye sores. The ballpark seats over 50,000, and since the Rockies have been making the playoffs regularly, the fans have made it one of the loudest ballparks in the majors. The ballpark rarely gets rained/snowed out, despite Denver being in a unique weather environment. Alan Roach was the PA Announcer for several years. The new guy they have is not as good, but he is still much better than most around the majors, in my opinion. Oh, and Coors Field is across the street from Breckenridge Brewery.
Cons of the ballpark: I wish Coors Field would have incorporated outfield views of downtown Denver. The shadows and sunlight tend to become distractions to first basemen and right fielders in afternoon games. Though some of the cheapest seating in the majors, the Rockpile in center fields is very far from the action and it tends to get windy and cold up there. Alan Roach is no longer the PA Announcer (currently the PA Announcer for the Broncos and the Super Bowl). The upper deck in right-center is also far from the action, and homeruns rarely come close to reaching up there. They serve Rocky Mountain oysters as well.
Additional Comments: I believe Coors Field will remain one of baseball's finest ballparks for several years. It is so unique in many ways, and with the recent success of the Rockies, television audiences and tourists will have more opportunities to check out this amazing ballpark.

 Submitted By: Taylor Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great setting for baseball. Lots of oppurtunities for offense with the expansive outfield. Great sightlines all around the ballpark. The food is great, & there's plenty of service. The scoreboard is huge, & you'll almost always be able to see the game details. It's a great atmosphere for baseball, the fans are amazing, & the franchise is really on the upswing right now.
Cons of the ballpark: The upper deck seats in right field may add fans, & character, but it's very hard to see the game from up there. The replay board is a bit small, but that's not a huge concern. Lastly, the food is fairly expensive, but it is a sporting event after all.
Additional Comments: One of the best views is from the upper deck behind the plate. I encourage you to see a game from there. The tickets are very cheap, & it's an amazing view of the entire ballpark.

 Submitted By: Marc Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The architects got the sightlines absolutely correct.  The concourses are wide and you can never lose sight of the field unless you turn your back to it.  Go out to right field and you can overlook the bullpens.  Since the Rockies stink right now, lots of people are selling tickets outside at way below face value.  I sat 12 rows behind the first base dugout for 10 bucks-fantastic experience!
Cons of the ballpark: Make sure you know where you are going to park.  A lot of private lots offer you a better deal, but you have to be careful because the lots are not monitored.  The prices are a bit high.  Personally, I would have rotated the park 190 degrees so that downtown Denver was visible behind the bleachers, but I know this is impossible because then the Sun sets in the batter's eyes.
Additional Comments: This park reminds me a lot of Comerica Park.  The difference is that the Tigers have a century of history and fans, so all of the little "extras" are not the focus of coming to the game.  In Denver, it seems to be the reverse.  Except for 1995 and the hey-day of the Blake St. Bombers, this team has not had much success, so the fans don't seem to care too much about the game.

 Submitted By: Mark Hedman Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Coors field has a great atmosphere. It's very close to the field because of the lack of foul ground territory. The fans are great base ball fans. I love the ballpark's old age looks mixed in with the new age feel. Even after the game, the lodo nightlife feels relaxed and fun. A great show for groups to go to. Plenty of seats!
Cons of the ballpark: Coors field needs to improve it's food greatly! Come on, $5.50 for nachos, get real! The food is way to expensive for the amount and quality you get.
Additional Comments: Coors field is a great show of its own. It has large aisles and seats. It is very comfortable and very fun to watch a game in. Also, lots of hitting action at coors.

 Submitted By: Scott Walker Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Perfect site lines. Can walk a full 360 degrees around the concourse and not lose site of the field. Saw 3 games there summer of 2002, 2 day games 1 night. Just had an absolutely great time. Field is very close to downtown, no problem getting there. LOTS of bars and rest. surrounding the park. After a night games the streets are alive with fans popping in and out of bars.
Cons of the ballpark: everything is expensive, but the prices are the same at the pepsi center and at invesco at mile high also.
Additional Comments: Going back this summer to see more games, loved Denver and was just blown away by Coors Field.

 Submitted By: Jeff Nix Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This is my home ballpark and from what is already not mentioned I love to buy $3 seat and then go stand on the concourse behind homeplate and watch the entire game from there.  Its the only park you can do this at, I see the same view as those paying $30 only I have to stand and not sit (I guess only a good idea if you are a dedicated fan).  Really not a bad seat in the house, and if you don't like your seat go stand anywhere on the main concourse and watch the game from close up.
Cons of the ballpark: High priced food, personally I think the stadium tries to hard to get fans into the game with the use of the scoreboard telling fans to get louder.
Additional Comments: Modeled after Camden Yards, I feel is the #1 modern ballpark.  Was number 1 on my list till I finally got to go to a classic Wrigley Field.  Can't wait to go to Boston and NY.

 Submitted By: Jim Morrison Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Coors field has to be one of the most beautiful parks in the Major leagues.  The seats are perfectly configured around the diamond.  It's just all out immaculate, nothing too extravagant and nothing too boring.  The monster right field overhang is a huge characteristic of the park and has seen it's fair share of homeruns.  The food is pretty good, many concession stands and bathrooms.  Though the fans are used to horrible season from their Rockies, they seem to get up for any game, even if the Rockies are playing the Brewers. A great experience for a true baseball fan.
Cons of the ballpark: A few minor things wrong with the ball park.  First, the setting.  No offense to anyone who lives in Colorado or Denver but Coors field would fit much better out of the mountains.  The cold coupled with Thunderstorms can make for a dank day at the ballpark.  When I saw the Rockies play the Red Sox it rained the whole time with no sun in sight.  The ballpark itself needs a bigger scoreboard.  If you sit in the grand stand in Center Field, you may as well bring your telescope to even have a chance to see the game.
Additional Comments: Transportation is easy, parking maybe a little of a hassle but everything is within a couple city blocks of the stadium.  One positive is all the bars and Restaurants surrounding the Stadium!

 Submitted By: Tony Schmitz Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: "Build it and they will come".  That's no joke, Coors Field led the Majors in Attendance its first 5 seasons. I've been to This place more than any other stadium.  I love this place.  I've been there several times 3 times in 2004 (drove from Nebraska to see my Rox) and still not tired of it.  It is the only retro classic ballpark I've been to so I cant really compare it to others.  Coors has a very nice and helpful staff.  The food is awesome!!! You have to go get a Denver Dog when your there (only available at Top Dog concessions). The seats are comfortable even the rockpile bleachers are nice a bit far from the action but an awesome view of the rocky mtns. and Downtown Denver.  was last there during a double header vs Arizona and there was nobody there which was expected, got 2 games for 4 bucks.  Plus received a free hat pin and coupon for a free April '05 ticket! :) A friend of mine and i walked around the entire stadium.  The ushers didn't seem to care much about us roaming around all the seating sections in the upper deck anyway.  During batting practice you can go down to field level and they wont do a thing.  Got some awesome pictures from field level.  And scouted for seats to future games.  Really not a bad seat in the house.  my brother even got a ball in the LF bleachers during BP.
Cons of the ballpark: I really can't think of any cons at this ballpark.  Well back in June when I was there they were playing SF and every time the Rockies walked Bonds the fans booed them!  Why do you want him to hit a home run against us! Than I realized that most of the people there didn't come to see the Rox they wanted to see bonds and didn't give a care if the Rockies won or not.  Thats one downfall the Rox have.  They don't seem to have a lot of diehards yet since there such a young team and the older fans already have a favorite and would have to convert to be a fan.  give them ten years and then we'll hopefully see more dedicated fans.
Additional Comments: Coors Field is a perfect fit for the Rockies.  If they would have never got this place built and were still stuck in Mile High they would have been contracted.  I know people that come to the game just to go to coors field. I kind of have a problem with these people but hey it sells tickets i guess.  There are people there that are baseball smart I've talked to many people there that know the Rox inside and out just like me.  You can tell these people right away there the ones that are actually watching the game and predicting what move the Rockies will do next not wondering around hitting the bars, cafe's and gift shops and booing the Home team when the are being smart (by walking bonds at coors Field).  Once they get this young staff developed we'll start seeing more baseball fans.


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