Submitted By: TribeFan Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I loved this ballpark, a great blend of an iconic team and a classic park. Dodger dogs are great and I had a nice view of everything. Fans obviously love their baseball and their Dodgers. It was also kind of cool to take an elevator down to the right level.
Cons of the ballpark: The price for sure. Tickets and concessions cost a lot more then I expected. Not much you can do about LA traffic, just leave early enough to get there on time. I felt like I had to walk through miles of parking lot before we even got to the gates. I don't understand with such a great team history and certainly its share of great memories and players, why the Dodgers don't have some sort of hall of fame or heritage park.
Additional Comments: I had a great time visiting this park and because its LA you never know who might be in attendance celebrity-wise too.

Submitted By: Baseball Fan Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: The history behind the Dodgers and the stadium.
Cons of the ballpark: The current fan base. Even with new ownership, the 2013 experience isn't much better than in recent years. The fans harass anyone not wearing blue (to the point of violence). The language of the fans is foul and there is no room for children in this cesspool called a stadium.
Additional Comments: I come back one or twice a year hoping to relive my childhood stadium experiences, but we always have to leave early to get the kids away from the things being shouted by those around us.

Submitted By: Mark Diaz Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: The weather conditions are outstanding most of the year. The history of the park is also key. The views are unobstructed and the surrounding hills give the park a beautiful view from most seats.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking access is a complete circus. The location of the ballpark itself makes getting there tough on any weeknight. Food choices are basic, somewhat limited and the lines take a long time. Over the past four years, the overall fan base has shifted somewhat to a more violent crowd with lots of gang attire. It no longer feels like the safe family environment that I experienced growing up.
Additional Comments: Whether it is a sign of the times or of the current ownership, Dodger Stadium has morphed into a stadium that gives luxury to the wealthy and corporate clients while the rest of the stadium ages and does not keep up with other venues. Fans are hard pressed to find one square foot of surface area in the park that is not covered with advertising. I suspect that if it could be possible, the current ownership would place a billboard in the middle of center field.

 Submitted By: Alex Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Has rich history. View is nice of the mountains, but not much else.
Cons of the ballpark: Where do I begin....first, fans are not allowed to move between levels within the stadium. How dumb is that? Absolutley no variety in food. Even though they bring in Carl's Jr., they have like two options on the menu. While the hills make nice scenery, it is an adventure trying to drive up to the stadium. It also means that you have to climb a lot to get to your section. Seats are very overpriced, especially considering the woeful state the franchise is in. The place wasn't a quarter full when I went. Staff is rude and unhelpful. Technology is very outdated- the sound system is a big speaker out in CF, which I think says a lot! Mens restroom has troughs! You'd think the least they could do is put urinals in. LA traffic is terrible, but there isn't really anything that they can change about that.
Additional Comments: Go if you're a Dodger fan. Avoid otherwise, you will be disappointed. This bankrupt team better do something fast, or they will be gone.

 Submitted By: Michael B. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Getting in & out--I expected a traffic nightmare and crowded concourses, but it didn't happen. Granted, this was a Wed. afternoon, "getaway day", interleague game vs. the Angels, but the game was sold out. Still no problems! Some of the best game presentation available--beautiful weather, historic ballpark, people-watching, a full house, and (oh, by the way) a pretty good brand of baseball. The Dodger Dog may be the best ballpark food ever invented. Didn't have kids with me, but Dodger Stadium is clearly a family-friendly park (if you can afford it).
Cons of the ballpark: Sat about 10 rows from top of left field corner, lower deck--had some obstructed views due to pillars. Parking + tickets + 1hot dog & 1beer = a pretty penny, but that seems to be increasingly the norm. Dodger fans were less into the game than Angels fans.
Additional Comments: We went straight from LAX an hour before game time, and were in our seats 10 min. before the first pitch (including a stop for a Dodger Dog). Until we got to the parking lots, I thought I got the date or time of the game wrong--traffic was that light (can't say the same for a trip to Anaheim)! This was the quintessential "lazy afternoon ballgame", and I still really enjoyed it. In spite of the expense, it still gets an "A" because it is a great baseball experience. A must for any fan visiting LA!

 Submitted By: Eric Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: Beautiful stadium with magnificent surroundings and scenery. The food is pretty good as well.
Cons of the ballpark: The number one con is the fans. The usual Dodger fan is great but its the maybe 40% of "latino" Los Angeles natives that ruin the whole experience. There were three fights last time I was at Dodger stadium. One happened right in front of me and basically a guy asked another guy, "latino" thug type, to stop shouting obscenities and the big tough "latino" punched the guy in front of his kids... What a great experience! The food is also a bit expensive.
Additional Comments: Make sure to bring plenty of cash for parking and 8 dollar beer and pepper spray to ward off the Los Angelinos...

 Submitted By: NA Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Atmosphere. This being the 50th year of the Dodgers in LA the club has done a great job of advertising the historical elements of LA's team. Dodger games have always carried a bit of nostalgia for the game. Classic ballpark in a beautiful setting.
Cons of the ballpark: The most recent game I went to (my first one of the 08 season) has caused me to fear that Dodger Stadium is taking a turn for the worse. For years they didn't sell alcohol in the pavilions, but that apparently is no longer the case. With alcohol and the cheap seats (which just recently went up $5 by the way) that the pavilions provide, expect rude people. you cant even call them fans because they're not there for the game. Throughout the game I honestly felt threatened and scared for my safety. There is a very huge "gang" element at this stadium, especially in the pavilions. You will be harassed constantly if you were opposing team hats or jerseys. There was a lack of stadium personnel visible. In fact, I only saw one usher for our entire left field pavilion! And I didn't even see any security guard until the 6th inning...after an hour rain delay. The price of parking is too expensive considering you still have to walk an extreme distance if you don't have preferred parking. Ticket prices have also just recently increased. And don't even bother with the $5 Dodger Dog.
Additional Comments: The only reason I didn't give this stadium an F is because it holds huge sentimental value to me personally. If I were not a local though, I would never return to this place after my most recent visit. Remember for YOUR OWN SAFETY: Don't wear opposing team uniforms or hats if you're going to brave the pavilions...the people that "bleed" Dodger blue do so more for the sake of promoting their gangs then they do to show loyalty to the team on the field. You've been warned.

 Submitted By: 20 Year LA Resident Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Great seating layout for a stadium of its age.
Cons of the ballpark: Fan base has a large and growing Latino Gang / Raider element to it.
Additional Comments: They're no longer the Dodgers, they're Los Dodgers. It may sound racist, but I'm tired of going to a ball game and having to listen to some Latino guy swearing loudly about the opposing team. Over the last 15 years the vibe afforded fans of visiting teams has gotten increasingly worse, to the point where it's now a little hostile. There is a definite Raider overlap with a growing portion of the fan base and it makes for an uneasy fan experience. Taking young kids to a game is not a good idea unless you've got the bucks to spring for The Dodger Club or you don't mind them picking up some new four letter words for their vocabulary.

 Submitted By: Scott Austin Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: I am a life long Dodger fan, so i might be a little biased. I love this park and would have given it an "A", but i know there is room for improvement. The setting is unbelievable, especially at dusk. Most fans are knowledgeable and expect a winner. The upgrades to seating this year were long past due and the addition of the Dugout Club and seating blended with the park and preserved its image as a jewel. Los Angeles is not long on history and culture, but Dodger Stadium is a big part of what we do have. I think the McCourt's are doing a good job on the aesthetics of the park and are heading in the right direction. There are still enough memories of old and the "newness" of renovations have not taken away from its history. You would never think that this stadium is the second oldest park in the national league!
Cons of the ballpark: The concession stands and their lines are a joke! It's easier to leave my field box seat and go up to lodge and come back down with my food and drinks.
The "gang" element has lessened greatly this year with the addition of uniformed police. Thank God the dodgers uniforms aren't silver and black! However, for the first time in years, I can see a change for the better.
Additional Comments: Dodger Stadium, I believe, will be an "A" rated stadium in the very near future with what I see happening. As long as the McCourt's continue cultivating a dodger "culture" and "experience."
When the dodgers win and "I love LA" comes blasting through the park, you get chills and realize it's "just another perfect day!"

 Submitted By: Neil Kaplan Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: Baseball was being played there.
Cons of the ballpark: Beach Balls. The Wave. Rude and ignorant fans. Beach Balls. Two inning waits to get food and/or beverages. No outside food or drinks allowed inside. Expensive parking which takes a mind numbing amount of time to drive in or out of. No tailgating, which includes; no drinking a beer near your car, no playing catch, no throwing a football, etc. Beach Balls. If you're a visiting fan the staff is just flat out rude. Don't plan on anyone caring a whit about your complaints. Slow (if ever seen) security. This park lives of a reputation built in the 60's & 7o's when Hall of Famers played there. That was LONG ago. The vast majority of fans know little about their own team, let alone any other team in the league. They care more about "here comes the wave!" and waiting for the beach ball! Heaven forbid you should pop one, or put it under your seat... the section around you will treat you as if you just spit on the Pope. Actually... I doubt the Pope would have people reacting so defensively.
Additional Comments: I go once a year, to remind myself what a PIT this place has become. If you're a baseball fan, steer clear. If you're a Dodger fan... try to remember that when opposing fans come to your park and spend their money, it all goes toward future free agent signings, so... encourage their enjoyment! After all, it only goes toward making your home team better!

 Submitted By: Ronald Theriot Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: It's got a neato early 1960s design.  It's really retro, not pretending to be.  They've done a great job with the renovation.  The $6.00 starting price for tickets is good, but I had to pay $17.00, because the cheap seats go quickly, especially for a Sunday afternoon event.  The fans are geared up for this team.  Basically, children are screaming "Let's go Dodgers!" the entire game.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking is hell at Dodger Stadium.  The view is obscured by smog and haze, giving it a dreary look.  I went to a June day game.  Wow! It's hot! Sunset Blvd. south of the stadium looks like a good place to get shot, stabbed, or to score a dime sack.  Do not walk around this place.
Additional Comments: The location, the parking dilemma, and the general gangsta-graffiti scariness of LA all detract from what would otherwise be an A-rated stadium.

 Submitted By: J.J. Fausto Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I enjoyed the new field-level seats. I caught 3 foul balls in one game. I also liked the new ribbon board that lines the second deck. I also like the fact that for games that are not sold out, it only takes me up to 5 minutes (and as few as 1 minute, only because I live close to the stadium) to get to the park. The prices are not that bad either. $23 gets you a pretty decent seat, but you have to enjoy the pavillions at $6. What a bargain!
Cons of the ballpark: One major con is the parking. That is one dilemma that really cannot be solved. The idea of having terraced parking is ok, but sucks because only season ticket holders are allowed to park there. You would think that they would use the $10 you pay for parking to try and fix the problem. One other problem is arriving and leaving the stadium from wherever you are coming from. There are reversible lanes when you exit, but eventually they merge down to 1 or 2 lanes. If LA Metro had an easier way to allow fans to use the rail system or satellite parking (like the Hollywood Bowl) I think more fans would park near their homes and let someone else drive. I'm also not digging' those Dodger Dogs lately. I used to think they were the best. I prefer the Camachos Nachos (but I hate the price). I've also been unhappy about all the corporate advertising all over the park. I hate to think of cable t.v. options whenever a player hits one out of the park.
Additional Comments: I've been a Dodger fan for most of my life. I bleed Dodger Blue. I've been to Angels Stadium a few times, but it is not compare to Dodger Stadium. I don't mind staying put in Chavez Ravine for 20 more years, as long as the owners address these problems and at least make the effort to fix them in the coming years.

 Submitted By: J. Rodriguez Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: I must admit that most of the fans there know they're baseball and they really do get into the game.  That and the fact that it's one of the older parks around does give it a sense of nostalgia. Also, surprisingly most people don't know, it's very easy to meet players from the visiting team right outside the right field, lower level gates.  This is a great park to get autographs from some great players AFTER the game!
Cons of the ballpark: Where do I start????
-Traffic, yes, even though you may be 1 mile (yes, 1 mile) from the stadium with 1 hour to go till gametime, you may end up getting there by the 4th inning.  Yes, this includes games against Milwaukee as well. 
-The fans, yes most fans are well informed die hard Dodger fans but it has changed quite a bit as of late.  There are various gang members who attend games and forget about cheering for the visiting team, the fans will get on you and you will receive no sympathy or assistance from the ushers. It has turned out to be a not so "family friendly" park.  I know many families who will not attend games out of fear of fights and profanity laden tirades from terrible fans.  The violence has escalated in the last few years, from fans being shot to death, to vendors outside the stadium stabbing security, to a dozen fights throughout the game.  Keep your family away from this place! -Beach balls, expect over a dozen + beach ball induced game pauses.  They're always the same 99 cent store ones too!
Additional Comments: For summer games bring sunscreen and maybe even a portable fan/spray bottle!!!  You WILL bake!!  And there have been instances that the park has run out of water!!!

 Submitted By: Arthur Riley Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Still one of the best ballparks in the majors.  I love the fact it is on a hill so when looking towards center field, I see beautiful trees and hills instead of city skyscrapers.  The ticket prices are still reasonable and you cannot beat those Dodger Dogs, especially the grilled ones.  I also love the landscaping of the parking lot and the palm trees in the background, especially during a night game.  I am really impressed with how well they kept it up all these years.
Cons of the ballpark: The traffic getting out after a game.  If the Dodgers are getting beat badly, I leave early to beat the traffic.
Additional Comments: One thing I really look forward to when I attend a game at Dodger Stadium is the organ music played by Nancy Bea Hefley.  I have nothing against rock and roll or recorded music, but the organ music has been a long time tradition at Dodger Stadium.  I have listened to organists off and on for over 30 years and Hefley is one of the best I ever heard.

 Submitted By: Lance McNeil Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: It's Dodger Stadium.  In it's own way, it's the West Coast's answer to Yankee Stadium.  That being said, it's chock full of historical moments.  Basically, it's timeless.  And, in many ways, it's as Southern California-like as you can get.  Finally, I guess I ought to mention that it is large, so Dodger fans can pack the stands from the third to the seventh innings.
Cons of the ballpark: There are many: it smells, it is stuffy, and cramped.  The same can be said for the facilities themselves; the bathrooms are usually overflowing with people (even during innings) and the concessions themselves are forgettable.  I don't care what anyone says, but Dodger Dogs are nothing but over hyped nonsense.  Additionally, unlike many of the newer ballparks that have been erected, you can't really walk anywhere from Dodger Stadium.  You'll either need a car or pay through the nose for a taxi to haul you around LA.  I'm a big believer in park placement; while LA's park is near downtown, it isn't close enough.
Additional Comments: In light of L.A.'s ungodly traffic, plan to either arrive in the third inning or leave several hours before first pitch.

 Submitted By: Rob Vaughn Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Beautiful, clean stadium.  Great view of downtown Los Angeles from the concourses and fantastic view of the San Gabriel Mountains past the outfield scoreboard.
Cons of the ballpark: I contemplated giving Dodger Stadium a C because of the treacherous parking conditions. I'm 100% convinced that a blind man designed the parking concept.  Living 55 miles south in Orange County, it takes me about 2 hours to get to the "Stadium Way" off-ramp on I-5, then another twenty-five minutes to drive the one mile into the parking lot, then another twenty minutes to find a parking place.  Fans leave in the seventh inning not because they're bad fans, they leave in the seventh inning to leave the parking lot in under an hour. Thanks to Rupert Murdoch's ownership, tailgating was banned. Too many tough guy, wantabee gangsters who care nothing for baseball litter the seats.
Additional Comments: Aside from the monstrosity of a parking lot it's a terrific park. I miss the tailgating! Seriously though, this park is a gem. Fix the parking lot.

 Submitted By: KB Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The family friendly atmosphere and the fans' love for the game. The food though pricey is always good and all the seats give you a great view of the game no matter if your in the front row or the last row on the top deck. I also love the field itself how it doesn't have any random sharp corners in the outfield and how the bullpens are not in foul territory. Also the best garlic fries I've hade in a while and nobody can beat those dodger dogs, the grilled ones.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking and bathrooms, hopefully the McCourt's will get to the bathroom situation soon, and though the parking is bad the main reasons behind it is because it is located on a mountain close to a freeway and there are only a few main exits out of there.
Additional Comments: For the people who said the workers are rude, its not that they are rude, its their job to prevent people from going to other levels and staying there, you are allowed to go to the lower levels at designated times BEFORE the game where you can get autographs.

 Submitted By: BW Sacks Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: The fans are the greatest fans in baseball.  The food is good, but extremely expensive, and the stadium is very clean, and well kept.  It is better now than it was in the 70's and 80's because they are trying to be more modern with the choice of PA announcer, music, and not so much organ anymore. It's very entertaining to watch a game there, and the best seats are the cheapest! $6.00 for top deck are the best seats at Dodger Stadium.
Cons of the ballpark: The most ridiculous thing at Dodger Stadium is the price of concessions.  It's $8.00 for a beer, and $4.50 for a hot dog. What is retarded is the stadium sells water for $5.00 to their customers!  They actually have the audacity to ask us to pay that much for water.  That's pretty nervy.  The stadium also needs to pipe down on not allowing people to bring stuff into the park.  They are not going to go broke if they allow people to bring a carrying case in even if fans bring their own food.  That's why they trade their players every year, so they can make money.  Also, there is no transportation to or from Dodger Stadium.  Not even a bus goes there.  You have to hike up a massive mountain to get to the parking lot, then you have to navigate through the parking lot and up several smaller hills to get to the stadium.  And if you are in the good seats which are the top deck, there is no elevators or even escalators for your convenience.  You have to heart-attack it up several flights of cement stairs before they will let you in.  Of course if you buy the more expensive seats, which are the lower level seats, you are allowed to by-pass the inconvenience of the stairs, and are allowed to enter the stadium and ride an elevator down to your level.  I remember seeing escalators on the outside of the stadium in the 70's and 80's though.  Not anymore.  The current owner must have had them ripped out and replaced with cement stairs so that would encourage people to buy the more expensive seats. As cheap as he is, I'm surprised that there are stairs at all.
Additional Comments: I like Dodger Stadium best of all the other stadiums I've been to just because it's pleasant to look at and a comfortable place to see a game.  And because it's a very historical site.  There has been a lot of good ball games there.  I wish Tommy Lasorda was still manager.  Baseball and Dodger Stadium was more exciting then.  The stadium brings back a lot of good memories.

 Submitted By: Randy Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Simply put, Dodger Stadium is the best. I've been to Dodger Stadium several times and I love it more and more each time. The parking is expansive, there are beautiful views of downtown, and the backdrop of the mountains beyond the bleachers is great. There is still some traditional baseball atmosphere felt at the park, with the organ, Dodger Dogs, and peanuts. I love the outfield pavilion bleachers, with the bullpens at either side of them, and the old scoreboard and diamondvision behind the left field seats. The organ brings that retro feeling to the park, unfortunately, its not played as often anymore.
Cons of the ballpark: I think about one of the only cons of the ballpark are all of the advertising that has been put up over the last few years. I used to love when the only advertising there was were the union 76 signs on top of the scoreboard and diamondvision. I also miss Mike Brito with his radar gun behind home plate, but now that they have those $500 seats behind the plate, there's no place for him, or whoever would do it now. I also miss how Nancy Bea Hefly would be at the organ playing all of the time, now she just plays a couple of times. I hate the music cues for each player, and I hate all of the advertising all over the walls, leave for the other parks, not Dodger Stadium. It's in a league of its own.
Additional Comments: None.

 Submitted By: Pete Lopez Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There is no better baseball stadium. It has got to be the cleanest stadium in the majors. The atmosphere is great, especially when you go to a game and they are playing the Giants. Its easy to find. The ushers are very friendly. Alot of security. Probably the best ticket prices in the majors. concessions are great, nothing beats the Dodger dogs. It would be a travesty if the Dodgers move out into a new stadium. It would be a very very very sad day  for Los Angeles.
Cons of the ballpark: Driving in the parking lot sucks. It's not hard if you know what you are doing but if it's your first time, say your prayers and hope for the best. The key is knowing where your seats are. This is really the only con to Dodger Stadium. Parking is the problem, its just driving in the lot. Getting out is even worse but its fun.
Additional Comments: If you want the perfect gameday experience there is no better than going to a game at Chavez Ravine.

 Submitted By: Jim Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Dodger Stadium is far and away the most beautiful ballpark ever built.  The ballpark's overall design is absolutely magnificent.  Its architectural lines are balanced and clean, in stark contrast to the overly busy and cluttered designs of the new crop of ballparks.  The sight lines are terrific, and the five seating levels are a riot of color.  Kudos to the late Dodger owner Walter O'Malley on the landscaping around the ballpark; it's simply gorgeous.  And the mountain backdrop to the north and east of the ballpark is absolutely priceless.  The Dodger event staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and very friendly.  And the ballpark is very, very clean.  It's been very well maintained.  Looking at Dodger Stadium, if you didn't know what year it opened, you'd never guess it was forty-three years old.
Cons of the ballpark: As beautiful as Dodger Stadium is, it was a lot more so when the O'Malley Family still owned the Dodgers and the only advertising you saw at Dodger Stadium was the round Union 76 (and later Coca Cola) signs atop the scoreboards.  The ads splashed all over the outfield fences and at the back of the bullpens do absolutely nothing to enhance Dodger Stadium's look; in fact, they detract from it.  It's also very unfortunate that Eric Smith, the Dodger PA announcer, has joined the ranks of stadium announcers who think they have to sound like Michael Buffer.  I don't know if this was Smith's idea or if Frank McCourt, the Dodgers' new owner, told him to do it this way, but a more professional (read: restrained) delivery would be much more in keeping with the classy and refined image the Dodgers have worked so hard to cultivate over the years.  And so would better choices of music over the PA system.  The Dodgers should play softer, lighter, happier fare and none of this loud, angry hip-hop, rap or head-banging stuff.  Here's a solution: The Dodgers have one of the most talented organists in baseball in Nancy Bea Hefley.  Give her more playing time!
Additional Comments: Most of the negative comments about Dodger Stadium center on the parking situation.  In response to one of the other contributors here, if your seat is on the Field Level and you parked in the Top Deck parking lot, you did something wrong.  In fact, Dodger game tickets actually used to tell you which lot you should park in.  For example, field box tickets used to read, "Park in any odd-numbered YELLOW lot."  The rationale behind the design of the Dodger Stadium parking lot was to allow fans to park on the same level as their seats, so that there would be minimal vertical climbing and no need for elevators, escalators or ramps.  This was an excellent idea.  But in light of the problems visitors to Dodger Stadium seem to have with the parking, the design could probably have been executed a little bit better.  Walter O'Malley himself conceded this point about fifteen years after Dodger Stadium was built.  And that was before the Dodgers started drawing three million fans every season.  I understand Frank McCourt has plans for additional improvements to Dodger Stadium.  Maybe he'll try to address the parking situation.  I've heard that he's planning to build some kind of grand plaza beyond the outfield pavilions and that he also wants to build walkways between the pavilions and the grandstands.  Those are good ideas.  But I don't agree with McCourt's stated plan to make all the ballpark's seats the same color.  I think Dodger Stadium looks better with varicolored seating, like it has now.

 Submitted By: Oliver Williams Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: You can see the game from concourse as you walk into the park so you don't get to miss the game. The organ music in the 7th inning stretch is awesome. Everyone always sings along to Take Me Out To The Ballgame. The seats are getting old but are still comfy. The Dodger Dogs are the best quality concession in this park and I had about 4 of them. The scoreboard is old but still is easy to see. I saw Eric Gagne strike out Barry Bonds in the bottom in the 8th. It is one of the best ballparks to catch a night game.
Cons of the ballpark: There isn't really a lot to do before and after the game. Driving here from San Francisco involved a lot of traffic which took about an hour to sit in. During the game when Barry Bonds hit a homer in the fourth, two Giants fans behind me started yelling 27! 27! 27! and when Gagne struck him out in the 8th they started throwing beer at each other and about some beer spilled all over my jacket.
Additional Comments: This park would be my 8th favorite out of the 30 I've been to in 2002. The city is the part that I didn't like about this visit. The smog was hard to get through, the traffic was hard to get through, but you should realize L.A isn't so bad after all once you visit Dodger Stadium.

 Submitted By: Joe Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Chavez Ravine is one of the few picturesque places in all of Los Angeles.  You really couldn't pick a better setting for a baseball stadium.
Obviously this ballpark has plenty of history in it and charm for miles.  The color-coded seats in each section are very cool.  And you've got a nice view over the outfield of Chavez Ravine. Did I mention that Chavez Ravine is a nice place. Anyway, the seats are comfortable, the sound system is boomin' (but not too overly loud) and Dodger fans are true to their storied teams history.  This is the first MLB park I've been in on the west coast where I saw lots and lots of people keeping score.  You know you're in the right place when folks are keeping score. The field is gorgeous and just looks, well, right.  The out of town scoreboard is easy to spot (which was really important to me and my wife, since our home team was in the middle of a pennant chase).  I really can't say enough good things about the big video screen.  Whoever made that thing should be darned proud of themselves.  It's the brightest, clearest video board I've ever seen at a stadium. I met the nicest usher on the planet at Dodger Stadium.  More on that below.
Cons of the ballpark: Getting there was not a lot of fun.  Driving in LA is for the birds.  The non-fun driving experience extends all the way up to the parking lot at the stadium where there are too many ways to go and none of them are right, with too few signs to let you know if you're even close. The concessions at Dodger Stadium were disappointing (but at least they grill their Dodger dogs).  The gift shop at the park is ridiculously located at the top of the park.  Neat concept, lousy execution.  If it hadn't been for the nicest stadium usher I've ever met in my 36 years of life I'd never have gotten my Eric Gagne "GAME OVER" t-shirt, or at least not one that fit me. 
Easily my biggest bummer with Dodger Stadium though was that your ticket only gets you into the section of the stadium in which your seat is located.  Boo and hiss on this practice.  I wanted to see the ballpark, but I was limited to what I could see on my level of the stadium.  Not cool at all.
Additional Comments: Overall, I'd go back.  I'd prefer I didn't have to drive in LA to do it though.

 Submitted By: Joe Sorrentino Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: I've been to almost all the baseball venues and Dodger Stadium is in a class all its own. It's baseball Heaven. Just driving into the parking lot is exciting. Set in a natural bowl surrounded by rolling hills and a panoramic view a downtown LA, the stadium is landscaped to the point of being an attraction in and of it itself is further accented by the huge mosaics of current players on the exterior.  Amazingly, five tiers of stands never looked so unimposing. Just a great baseball setting both in looks and atmosphere. The hot dogs are baseball's best.
Cons of the ballpark: Unfortunately, a recent policy change now prevents bleacher ticket holders from access to the rest of the stadium. Also, it's rare to find good seats on game day.
Additional Comments: Ask me my favorite ballpark and I don't have to thing twice.....DODGER STADIUM

 Submitted By: Dennis Sosa Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: If, for some greedy fever, Frank McCourt decides to ever tear down Dodger Stadium, he should be lynched not by just Dodger fans but by all of us Baseball fans.  I have been to many ball parks, and the new breed that are popping up seem more like a carnival mixed in with a ballgame.  Dodger Stadium, to my humble opinion, is by far the games best.  When you drive up the hill, you expect a monstrosity before you; but you don't see that, you barely see a stadium but when you enter it,..it is massive. It was generously designed, tucked in a mound like a Roman amphitheater with terraces flowing down on each outer side. Its symmetrical, no weird lines, the multicolor seats give the stadium a charm, pleasing to the eye with no bad seats.  Oh, I have never seen such manicured landscaping in any park. It's crazy, every tree, bush, flower bed is perfectly trimmed and groomed and the park is covered by them.  By far the cleanest park in MLB, in and out. Dodger Stadium  sits on a hill overlooking downtown Los Angeles; after a night game it is the best view in L.A. rivaling Mullholland Drive.  No extra towering nick knacks, artificial fountains or flashing boards, just a scoreboard and a giant screen; Dodger Stadium is Baseball at it's most romantic.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking. The same terraces that make this The Cathedral of Baseball, make parking a challenge.  But, the stadiums green setting makes it worthwhile. Concession prices. The prices are very high.  Beer is up there, as is everything else; though the quality makes up for it. But Dodger Dogs are the best dogs, period.
Additional Comments: I enjoy the new parks and their many distractions.  But for a true Baseball fan, there's no place like Dodger Stadium. We didn't know what to expect me and my group; some of them harsh critics.  But we all felt it.  As soon as we drove into our parking spot and started walking towards the park; we could feel the history of this place, and we could almost hear among the breeze from the hills Vince Scully's poetic voice calling the plays.

 Submitted By: D.P. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It's a perfect baseball park.  No extra games and stuff for kids, no separate little picnic areas and playgrounds, just a good old-fashioned baseball stadium.  What you see is what you get. It's built on a perfect spot on a hill over-looking LA. There are no obstructed views, and the stadium is extremely clean.  It is a beautiful park.  The multi-colored sections give it a nice touch.  The scoreboard in right field, which had become dated, has become a pro because they upgraded it, and the left field big screen is unbelievable.  The added mlb scoreboard in left and right field are an improvement.  It is also ridiculously clean.  The fans have gotten louder over the years, and once again it is an exciting place to go to.
Cons of the ballpark: The parking is brutal, but what can you expect i guess, since it was built in '62.  Plus you can't change that.  What you CAN change though, is the troughs in the bathroom.  It can't cost too much for the owners to put a few urinals in there.  Also, it may be time to replace a few of the seats, as some of them have become worn and cracked.
Additional Comments: Overall, it may be the best stadium in the majors, as it is just as beautiful as the new parks around, yet it is old and nostalgic at the same time.  Perfect combination.  And it is still basically in perfect shape.

 Submitted By: Ben Stephenson Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Drive up the hill that the historic Dodger Stadium sits on. See the beautiful background of the hills of Chavez Ravine beyond the bleachers... The crowd is one of the best and loudest crowds in the Majors. There isn't a bad seat in the house and the next best from premium seats, are really good seats that are cheap! Plenty of good food selection (although expensive). The sound system is high quality as well as the TV in left. The dimensions are nice and simple( it's the only stadium in the whole majors that the wall does NOT reach 400 ft.). Souvenirs galore, but try to get to the main shop located at the Top Deck. Driving there is quick and easy. Very friendly ushers. Good leg room.
Cons of the ballpark: The worst thing is that you cannot enter a level that you do not have a ticket for. Yes it is a crime, don't ask me why. In the men's rooms, instead of urinals, you get troughs. That's right TROUGHS!  It is really annoying. Driving out of the parking lots will take 20 minutes-- half an hour, (that's why many fans leave in the 7th).
Additional Comments: I had a great time at Dodger Stadium. It is unique in the way that the stadium is  built into the hill so the exterior differs in height as you go up and down the hill. For example, the exterior of the park behind home plate is the entrance to the top deck and might reach a height of 12 feet! If you enter from the left or right field corners of the stadium, it is normal 50 ft high exterior. You can feel the history and the energy in this park. It is the 5th oldest park in the majors. It's a must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Submitted By: Remy Lebeau Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: There are not any pros to this dingy, outdated stadium.
Cons of the ballpark: The Cons of Dodger Stadium are as follows.
1. Stadium parking is far away from gate entrances to park.
2. Restricted movement. The park is sunk in and entrance to the field is limited. If you park up top but have seats down on the bottom enjoy the hike all the way around the field to your gate.
3. Rude ushers. I attended a game with my best friend and his son and we were not permitted to go down 1 level to the field level to get autographs. Every usher treated us like we were going to steal more expensive seats.
Additional Comments: If you like traditional baseball stadiums avoid this outdated and antiquicated field. parking is a hassle both incoming and outgoing, and walking around to enter at your exact gate can be a hassle when you don't know better. Seating is cramped and not as spacious as some of these new ballparks. sight lines are ok and field is well maintained. movement around stadium is inhibited by ushers and lack of access (one big stairway/escalator runs behind home plate though the inner "bowels" of the stadium).

Submitted By: Rick Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Historic. Many great Dodger players and games were played there The Dodger dogs are the best in baseball. It's also a well maintained stadium even though it still looks like it did in the 60's with that funky overhang in the bleachers in the outfield. I constantly see celebrities at games since it is in the entertainment capital of the world.
Cons of the ballpark: PARKING!!! Talk about a stressful situation. Sometimes it takes a half an hour to get in and find parking and it is a trek to get to the entrance of the stadium. Also it takes a hour to get out, and too many wannabe bald headed cholo's (gang members) who probably don't know any thing about baseball start too many fights with fans cheering for other teams. They need to bring the Raiders back so they can go to those games at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Beer is overpriced $8.00 but when you have a lot of idiots (in L.A. they are all over) I guess you have to do something from people getting drunk inside. Lastly neighborhood surrounding it is rundown but Los Angeles is that way anyway.
Additional Comments: No matter what still like going there, only one freeway from my home. As time is changing and everyone is getting new stadiums, the Dodgers need to decide about playing in a 42 year old stadium that it is time to build a new stadium downtown near Staples Center and trust me there are a tons of old rundown buildings that should be knocked down and be used for a new stadium and parking because that area is not improving. They did it in San Diego they can do it here.


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