Submitted By: Antonia Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Petco park is a fun park comes with delicious food, a mini field for kids who want to mimic their own game, and a park even for the smaller toddlers. No matter what age you are your going to have an awesome experience that will make you feel good even AFTER you leave.
Cons of the ballpark: The ballpark is really big. you might have a hard time getting around.
Additional Comments:
Petco park is a good experience !

Submitted By: Mark Fowler Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Most of the seating provides excellent views of the game.  The really cheap seats are a bit far from home plate, but have an outstanding view of Downtown San Diego and overlook the San Diego Convention Center and out onto San Diego Bay.  I find the food choices excellent, not as pricey as I have seen at other new ballparks.  There is ample, convenient parking at the San Diego Convention Center for $7.00, with about 1/4 mile walk to the park.  With four people, parking at the Convention Center is the way to go, cheaper and quicker than the trolley.  The grassy slope in the Park At The Park allows you to see a game for about $10 or $11, without an assigned seat.  There is a large TV screen that you can watch the game from, and all the ballpark amenities are open to you.
Cons of the ballpark: Close in parking is very expensive, but the amount of this parking is improving as new structures open.  The signage to bathrooms and to the various sections needs work, you might walk a great distance to find your seat.
Additional Comments: The view from the upper areas, where restaurants and eating areas are located, is incredible.  From most of the outer areas, you can watch the sunset, trains going through the downtown area and ships coming and going through the bay.

Submitted By: Lance McNeil Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Perhaps most importantly, PETCO Park is located in San Diego.  This provides the ballpark a significant advantage over its peers: Padre fans generally enjoy the best weather in the continental U.S., regional cuisine is excellent and many outstanding eateries are within a stone's throw from the ballpark, and the city proper is large and dynamic yet relaxed and unintimidating. The exterior structure of the ballpark is aesthetically remarkable because it incorporates many regional influences.  For example, San Diego's Navy heritage is highlighted by the ballpark's large, white beams and the local beaches are represented by the rich, deep tan ("Padres Gold") tiles.  Basically, you feel like you're in San Diego.  The playing field is consistently top-notch, and although one can't see the entire downtown skyline, there are great sightlines visible.  PETCO Park is distinctive: odd outfield angles and the Western Metal Supply Building.
Cons of the ballpark: For being located in San Diego, the ballpark food could stand an improvement.  Prices (even for a sporting venue) are too high, and the food itself is largely disappointing.  Your best bet is to plan to eat before or after the game at a local eatery outside of PETCO: you'll pay about the same as you would inside the park, and if you play your cards right, you'll eat well.  As much as I hate to say it, as a ballpark fanatic I am not overly impressed with the overall layout of PETCO.  Several sections of the seating bowl (upper deck above third base) have obstructed views of the outfield, and you are forced to listen to the cheers (or boos) of the crowd and focus on the video screen in right field.  For a ballpark that cost 450 million dollars, this is simply inexcusable.  Also, parking can be a hassle if it is a sellout or you frown at the idea of walking about ten minutes to the ballpark proper.  Finally, I would have preferred if PETCO had been angled in the direction of downtown - the skyline - ala Pittsburgh, Detroit, and St. Louis' new park.  Beyond PETCO's outfield fences are a grassy park (Park at the Park) and some new residential development.  Pleasant, yes, but excluding downtown or even some of the waterfront prevents PETCO from fully realizing its potential.
Additional Comments: PETCO is great.  I do, though, recommend that you plan to eat outside of PETCO - either before or after the game.

Submitted By: Bryan Dragus Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Brand new looks and smells nice and clean.  beautiful hotel next door and plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.  Not to mention the beautiful breeze of the ocean.
Cons of the ballpark: One problem, the park looks like :Coors field, Jacobs Field, Great American BallPark, Citizen's Bank Park, and PNC Park....There is no originality to it.  Concourses are very small on the field level and there are virtually no drinking fountains and no bathrooms.  I don't know who the hell designed this monstrosity.  the Scoreboard in left field appears to be 100 stories high if you're sitting down low and the ugly building they constructed the park around in left field makes you feel as if you're sitting in a run down neighborhood watching kids play stickball.  Fans are worse, typical San Diegoans who know nothing about baseball.  I miss the rowdy crowd of Jack Murphy Stadium who were always excited, even if the Padres were playing the Brewers.
Additional Comments: do me a favor, stay away from this park.  It's ugly and has the worst dimensions for baseball. bye.

Submitted By: Nick Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: 1. There isn't a bad seat in the house.  Like what the Padres brass said"...better, lower, closer...", they weren't lying.  On the upper infield seats, you are that much closer, at times a foul ball "could" come your way behind the plate up there.
2. It does and doesn't have that classic ballpark feel.  The old timer feel is the Western Metals building, with the Wrigley-type bleachers on top of it, the foul pole on the corner.  The asymmetrical dimensions, that jury box in right field! Other than that it's very modernized, wider concourses, more bathroom stalls for the guys rooms.  It doesn't take you forever to get to your seat from the gate, bandbox.
3. Tickets.  They're reasonable prices.
4. The Park at the Park.  Good for the families to just picnic at the game.  It's San Diego for you.
Cons of the ballpark: 1. The Parking.  OK, it may take a while to get used to, but that's SoCal for you. People are willing to drive at whatever cost. Regardless where you park, it'll cost you an arm and leg, then some walking time.  The fact that you have to get through the Gaslamp District make up for the long walk, lots to do.
2. Tailgating.  There are only two designated areas called Tailgate Park.  It'll cost you. That's the only part of Qualcomm Stadium I'll miss.
3. Concessions.  The lines are long in some areas.  I'd rather buy beer in the Gaslamp for the REAL price.
4. Sunday games only!  I miss the Thursday day "businessman's special" games.  They say it'll create more congestion.  C'mon this isn't L.A.
Additional Comments: Besides the parking and the tailgating, overall it's a great experience. New house, new location, better team (hopefully, knock on wood).  At least you can see a full house there unlike the empty seats (main library) at the "Q".

Submitted By: Rob Vaughn Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: WOW!! What a Park! It's brand new but it has that old ballpark feeling. The integration of the 100 year old Western Metal Supply building is very impressive. You are never far from a restroom or concession stand. The view of the downtown area beyond center field is great and the views of the ocean, Coronado, and Coronado bridge from the concourses are superb. This ballpark will bring downtown San Diego to life. Already, there are more than 10 monstrous construction projects underway all around the park.
Cons of the ballpark: Pricey parking-$20. Qualcomm Stadium's parking lot tailgating will be missed but now you have sports bars to go to. I have nothing else to complain about.
Additional Comments: Watch out San Francisco, Baltimore, and Cleveland, this place is nice, very nice!! Good for San Diego!

Submitted By: Bryan Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great sight lines all around the park, unique design features, color scheme, the fact that it's not Qualcomm!
Cons of the ballpark: High concession prices, no hitting.
Additional Comments: People need to stop whining about parking!  Go an hour early, park at 7th and Broadway (WaMu building) for $10, its 6 blocks to the park and a relatively safe spot.  Otherwise, a great ballpark, much better experience than the Q!  It's just nice to have some excitement for Padre baseball in San Diego again!

Submitted By: Douglas Seamans Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: Grass playing field, "beach" beyond RF fence, ease of access by public transit, "Park at the Park." Seats are angled toward home plate. Sundays are pet adoption days, courtesy of sponsor Petco.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking $20 near ballpark. Bland, sand color exterior and interior. Never enough paper towels in restrooms. Park is supposed to resemble California Missions, but club got cheap and it looks more like a giant Erector Set. Concessions are nothing special. Western Metal building faces RF corner and not the playing field. Club had a chance to build something special, but blew it.
Additional Comments: More disappointed in stadium design than Padres, who won't spend money to help club win.

Submitted By: Marcus B. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: 1. Great seats and great views of the field. The seats all have cup holders and they're all angled towards the pitcher's mound, and you don't have to turn your head to watch the game. There's hardly a bad seat in the house (except for the bleachers on top of the Western Metal Supply Building, because there are a few minor obstructions).
2. Beautiful Park. The Spanish architecture is perfect for San Diego, and there's a great variety of plants, flowers, and trees. The Western Metal Supply Building incorporated into the park is totally cool and creative. The scoreboard is nice and so is the PA system.
3. Excellent views of the Downtown high-rises, Park at the Park, San Diego Bay, Coronado and the Bridge, and the Convention Center.
4. Plenty of things to do after the game, many restaurants just blocks away, and a nice growing neighborhood. Close to everything.
5. Good crowd (except too many Giants fans).
6. Nice bathrooms, except for the occasional long lines.
Cons of the ballpark: 1. Pricey parking and its hard to find. There's only 1 place to tailgate and it costs $17! Getting out of the garages can be a nightmare!
2. Pricey food, and the quality if VERY average for what you pay for. $5.50 for a small cheeseburger and $4.50 for cracker jacks! The only good thing is it sort of stays true to Southern California with the tortilla chips for nachos, the sushi, and grilled hot dogs and burgers.
3. Even though the seats are good, they're REALLY packed close to each other so get to know the stranger you're next to.
Additional Comments: Ticket prices are a pro and a con. Field level seats are expensive, but since the view of the field is great no matter where you are, you can buy 5-20 dollar tickets and still get a great view-DEFINITELY A PRO. You can get standing room tics or Park-at-the-Park tics for just 5 bucks! Petco Park is one of the best ballparks in the league and there's no comparison to dingy-old Qualcomm!

Submitted By: Henry Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The sight lines across the park's seating are very good. Even the bleachers, despite the video screen for the fans in the Park in the Park blocking some of the field, offer great views for a cheap price. I sat in $20 right-field upper deck seats and we were able to see most of the park. Only the out-of-town scoreboard couldn't be seen. The ushers are very nice and are all dressed in a beach shirt and Mexican farmer hat. It was cool. Food was really good, too. There's a large selection of gear in the Padres store, from license plates to framed pictures of the field. The PA system is very clear, plays a wide variety of music from current hits to mariachi music for the largely Latin population of San Diego and the scoreboard is very good. The park is quite family-friendly, as there was a large contingent of kids at the game I went to. Bathrooms are pretty clean and there wasn't a line to be seen, amazing given that there was 40,000+ at the game. The park is just gigantic, which I love. It isn't easy on the feet, but it's a marvel to look at. And you just can't go wrong with the Western Metal Supply building incorporated into the park in left field. I love the level where you can go down to the field level outside the Padres store and just watch the game. And the terrace level seating, where you can have a sit-down meal and watch the game. Plus, you can't go wrong with the majestic downtown skyline setting and the Bay surrounding the park. Very beautiful. The park empties out very easily at the end of the game.
Cons of the ballpark: Well, parking is not a good idea at PETCO. It's expensive. Park at Qualcomm Stadium, pay $4.50 a person for round trip on the trolley, and just relax. The Trolley is effective because it drops you off a block from the park. The Trolley gets crowded at the end of the game, however. In right field, there is a series of ramps that lead to the concourse area and the upper deck seats. That's a little strange, not to mention it involves a lot of walking/running. The concourse area also obstructs views of the game, but makes up for it with television broadcasts of the game on tvs that line the concourse. Food lines can be long. Beer is pricey. The seats can be uncomfortable and the aisles are small, at least in the upper deck.
Additional Comments: The crowd, unless it's a very close game, can be very relaxed and complacent, almost as if they thought it was a day at the beach in the sun. But we were at a Giants game and there was a healthy mix of home and visiting fans, along with a mixed chorus of boos and cheers for Bonds, which was interesting. But fans are loyal and cheer for the home team. A lot of families were there, which was a surprise. Great experience.


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