Submitted By: Rob Onderko Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This place is AWESOME!!! I typically get to the park a couple hours early to take in the scene and some BP. The scene at PNC does not disappoint. Lost in all of the losing seasons in the last 19 years, is a phenomenal baseball town with a long, rich baseball tradition. The outside of the ballpark has the statues of the icons of this franchise from Clemente to Wagner. Adding a lot to the gameday feel is when the Roberto Clemente Bridge is shut down for game time. The area around the outside of the park gives you that small town, old time feel. We got stuck in the rain prior to the gates opening, so we jumped in to Atria's restaurant to have a bite to eat, which is accessible from the outside of the stadium only, but is part of the stadium nonetheless. Another bright spot of the exterior of the Park is the limestone brick and the Allegheny River flowing behing the right field fence. Where we entered the ballpark when the gates opened was a tribute with statues of the Negro Leagues, which due the Pittsburgh's rich history with the Pittsburgh Crawfords, was a very nice touch. Throughout PNC there are tributes to the rather illustrious history of the Pirates franchise. The food was very nicely priced, as were our tickets to the game. $30 a ticket got us front row seats on the third base line. I am from right outside the NY Metro area, and my favorite team is the Yankees, so for me to be able to pay that price to see an MLB in such a beautiful place was amazing. The skyline is always talked about as maybe the #1 thing about PNC, and I have to agree. Pittsburgh's beautiful skyline on display like that, with the Clemente Bridge all lit up at night and watching America's game being played, well it doesn;t get much better than that. My wife and I made a couple friends at the Park as well, so I would have to say that I would consider the fans of the Pirates to be very nice and very helpful people.

Cons of the ballpark: There really were none. It rained, but it rains everywhere.

Additional Comments:
This is the nicest ballpark I have been to yet. If only their team could mirror the ballpark, Pittsburgh would be in for a serious run of Championships. Who knows, with McCutchen in Center, Walker at second, and all the kids on their way up, maybe the Pirates can finally make a nice run at the playoffs... Or at least a .500 record

 Submitted By: Jake Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There is so many great things about this ballpark, I love the fact that the river is right behind the ballpark and it is such a great addition. The Clemente Wall is amazing and the former players who played at PNC Park make it that much better. The bush in center field is unlike any other ball park in the major leagues.
Cons of the ballpark: One thing is that everything is so expensive, i mean a drink is $6.00 for crying out loud. Parking can also be an issue but other than that i can't think of any more.
Additional Comments:
This is my favorite ballpark in the majors and every time i go i have that sensational feeling.

 Submitted By: Maureen O. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: What a place! This is a wonderful venue to see a game. From walking over the Roberto Clemente Bridge, which was closed due to the game, to the roads shut down for activities for the little fans, this was a great trip. We drove 5 hours to see this ballpark and we're so glad we did. We had $24 seats which we were charged only $14 on game day, a real bargain compared to other ball parks. After the 6th inning we left our seats to walk around the stadium, and never returned to them. You can easily watch the game from almost anywhere it seemed. We arrived hungry about an hour before the game started and compared food prices at the concession stands to those at a sit down restaurant overlooking the field, and opted to dine overlooking the field at the Hall of Fame Club restaurant. I don't think we paid much more at the Hall of Fame Club than we would have for take out concessions. We did discover the $1 sodas, $1 popcorn and $1.50 ice cream for the kids near the playground which was a great money saver towards the end of the game. Also, for those who have kids, ours ran the bases after a Sunday afternoon game. What a thrill it was to get pictures of my kids on the field.
Cons of the ballpark: Honestly I only have 2 gripes. The first is uncomfortably narrow seats, and the second being and the bathrooms could be much cleaner.
Additional Comments: For those of you who love baseball, this is a park to see. I thought Camden Yards was fantastic, but I think this one edges them out (just a bit).

 Submitted By: Unknown Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The view: right in the center of gorgeous city skyline. The seats: from luxury boxes to upper level to right field to left, every seat has a terrific view of the field. The food: has Pittsburgh traditions like Primanti Brothers and Quaker Steak but also has Outback built in as well as Manny Seguillans behind Center field. The atmosphere: on game days the city gives discount parking across the river and they shut down the Roberto Clemente Bridge and 3 or 4 other blocks. People walk the bridge to the game and enjoy in all the pregame family fun street events. The river: The Allegheny river runs just far enough outside the park where it is extremely difficult to hit one in on a fly but still possible. Anytime a ball is hit over right field people think.
Family friendly: the park has a playground attached for the kids, a river walk for couples and a Bucaroos food store full of $1hotdogs, ice cream, nuggets and other kids food. The statues of Roberto, Willy and Honus are just a few places where you will see Dads take pictures with their kids and make memories for a lifetime.
Cons of the ballpark: The team: this is very sad that the best venue in baseball is host to consistently one of the worst teams in baseball every year. The teams goal for over 10 years has been just to play 500 ball and it falls short every year. If the team could win this park would sell out every game but the ownership seems to consistantly make poor trades and never attempts to pick up a star player in their prime. it has been too many years of below 500 ball that is the real heartbreaker at this park
Additional Comments: I have been to 18 ballparks (including Petco, Citizens and Camden), PNC park by far is superior. On fireworks night you see 6 sets of fireworks at once. they shoot in sets of 2 and they reflect off the water and the buildings. it is simply beautiful.

 Submitted By: always jake to me Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There are many things that I enjoyed about this park. I just got back from it yesterday. I have been to about 1/3 of the ballparks in the majors and I have to say this is my favorite. There is no bad seat in the park, the view outside center field is the best in the majors, and there is plenty of stuff to do around the ballpark. As mentioned earlier, the outside of the park is very beautiful. What I also liked about this park is that they had military discounts, which not all parks have believe it or not. This was actually my second time at the park and I forgot how much I liked it but wow is it magnificent.
Cons of the ballpark: I am going to be really picky here but I do have some complaints. The main complaint is the food prices. My home park (Progressive Field) is much cheaper than PNC, and that is even a ripoff. I bought a nachos and a bottle of water and it cost me 10 dollars.

The other complaint I have, which I don't know if I didn't see it or they just don't have one, is that there wasn't a speed pitch at the park. As stupid as it sounds, it is kind of a tradition with my friends to do the speed pitch at every park we go to, but I could not find one.
Additional Comments: Great park, great atmosphere. Even though the Pirates aren't the best of teams it was a good experience. I did see an awesome game against the cubs. The pirates were down to their last out and Soriano dropped a routine fly ball in left to tie the game up, and the Pirates one in extras.

 Submitted By: Nathan Potts Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The view from just about anywhere in this stadium is awesome. This park puts the effort by the folks in Cincinnati to shame. What a great job of putting this park on the water just over the "Clemente Bridge". I loved that the bridge is shut down before and after the game for fans to walk to the game. What better way could one of the games greatest be remembered by? I liked the fact that the park offers both local and "traditional" ballpark foods. This stadium is best "visually" that I have been to since starting my tour.
Cons of the ballpark: Great view........bad experience. The seats were way too narrow. I sat behind the visitors dugout about 18 rows up. Again, great view....bad experience. The main concourse is only accessible by stairs or escalator. I read someone else's comment about, but thought they were being a bit picky....until you go and actually see that it is truly a little annoying. It just doesn't make sense. The result of just the one main concourse meant spending 15 minutes to get to my seat. Stay away...way away....from the "Pittsburgher". It was the worst sandwich I have ever tasted. A steak sandwich that looked like a coleslaw sandwich with a Wendy's hamburger smashed in there somewhere. Once again, great views.....bad experience
Additional Comments: I have started a tradition that at each ballpark I go to, I have to buy that teams home cap. I found it to be unreal that I could not for the life of me find a Pirates home cap in my size (a very standard 7 1/4). If you can't purchase the hat at the fricking home field....where the hell do you get one!!! All in all it was a very nice looking park with about the worst experience I've had. I wanted so bad to like the park too. I am from Michigan so my Tigers are my team, but I like the Pirates too. I just don't think I'll be back soon to see them live.

 Submitted By: Frankie P. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: PNC Park is simply the most intimate, and beautiful sporting venue I've ever been to. I think it is just ahead of Camden Yards.  I love the left field rotunda.  Not only is it a unique architectural feature, but it is also fun to climb up and see the game from different perspectives.  There are so many places that are so close to the field and the players, that the players are constantly responding to the fans comments. The most amazing part of the park though has to be the downtown view, it must be seen to be believed.
Cons of the ballpark: The only thing I don't care for is that the seats on the lower level are rather narrow and you will probably be touching arms with the person sitting next to you.  This of course is a result of the designers wanting to put as many seats as possible into a small area, preserving the intimate feel, so it is easily forgiven.
Additional Comments: Do yourself a favor when visiting PNC Park and walk around during a game.  There are so many unique and wonderful vantage points, that you may not even want to go back to your seat.  Don't worry, you won't miss a second of the game, because the concourses are all wide open and you can see the field and the amazing skyline view from virtually anywhere in the park. If MLB ever gets it act together and the Pirates can ever afford to put a winning team on the field, this may well become the most beloved park in baseball.

 Submitted By: Andrew Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The park really shows Pittsburgh off as a city on the rise.  Great view of the skyline, location in the neighborhood. It gave us that grew up on Three Rivers a taste of what Wrigley or Fenway was like (except the team's performance).  I like the wide range of food offered to.  You know it's baseball when the smell of great food permeates the air and the old organ is playing on a warm summer night.  All the staff is friendly and easy to talk to. The Pirates do a good job to entertain the casual fan while providing us die-hards with the animated scoreboards to keep track of the other teams.  As a Pittsburgher, despite the political fallout, I am glad we have this place to show to others.  It is a source of pride for our city. I hope all who come will enjoy.
Cons of the ballpark: The food prices are high.  If they want to make it a family park, bring the food price down a notch.  This is a problem in every major league city, not just ours.  A little too much Jumbotron animations would be my other con, focus more on the sport.  Other than, perfect.
Additional Comments: I'm a die hard Pirates fan from Pittsburgh, so forgive any bias.  The stadium is like a second home in the summer.  It's in a neighborhood, has the old fashioned organ, and the architecture pays homage to old Forbes Field.  The shame of it is, the Pirates have not filled their end of the bargain to place a decent team on the field.  I trust that management is finally doing it right by growing our own players.  Give the fans a winner, and that park will be filled!!

 Submitted By: A. Lopez Jr. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Well lets see where I begin. First of all the way the ballpark is set up to see the Pittsburgh skyline,river,and bridges is top notch. its a small park containing 38,000 seats which means all seats are good. Plenty of parking to choose from around the city or ballpark. Helpful people in Pittsburgh.The video board is one of the best..Did I mention the great skyline of Pittsburgh?!
Cons of the ballpark: The only cons of this park is the corporate name of the park which is PNC which is named after a bank. The other con is that home plate is too far from the river,the only chance a home run ball hitting the river on the fly is in batting practice..Not alot of selection in their gift shops either.
Additional Comments: Kind of cloned after Pac Bell Park but is still the best of the new parks in the Midwest. For the full PNC experience I recommend going on the Duquesne incline, walking the Roberto Clemente bridge to the game then walking the river walk and walk around this beauty of a stadium..Also I don't know whats in the water out there but Pittsburgh had some of the finest young ladies I saw, just thought I would throw that in also.

 Submitted By: Scott Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Very nice park.  Sandstone on the front of the park makes it much different from the new retro parks.  Tickets are cheap compared to a lot of other parks (dont know what the one lady was talking about, and food at most all sporting venues is gonna be expensive).  The view of Downtown Pittsburgh, and the bridges leading into it is great.  Not a bad view in the park at all.
Cons of the ballpark: Unless you can deal with it, you can tell the people in the bleachers (where I sat at for one of the games I went to) are definite beer drinkers.  I have also parked downtown instead of around the park, so if you dont like taking walks, park beside the stadium.  Other than that, there are no real bad cons on the park.
Additional Comments: Great stadium overall.  If the owner of the Pirates was more concerned on at least stocking the minor leagues with great talent, and taking a path like the Twins or A's usually do, and less concerned on what the Yankees are spending their money on, im sure they can draw more than 10,000 on weekdays, and 20,000-25,000 on weekends.

 Submitted By: T.S. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I was able to see the final two home games at PNC this weekend (Sept. 20-21).  The view is absolutely beautiful with the Pittsburgh skyline.  It is really just a very aesthetic sporting venue.  I had seats behind homeplate in section 117, and the view from there was very good.  I really liked the megatron screen in left field.  Although I love the Cubs, the Pirates opening movie with the pirate ships was very entertaining.  You know, where the opposing team's ship gets sunk by Pitt's pirate ship.  Great animation.
Cons of the ballpark: I can't think of too many cons for this sporting venue.  It was a really enjoyable experience.  I am a diehard Cubs fan, so I guess the con would be the Cubs and Bucs splitting the series...especially at this point in the season where the Cubs need to win.
Additional Comments: If you get a chance to visit this park, do so.  The view is really great and the parking prices around the park were not really too bad.  I think it was about $7.00 where I was, and not too far from the park either.

 Submitted By: Wesley Kring Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Retro was spectacular. Intimacy of seating. Walk around the park, and able to follow the game all the while. BEST- skyline and Roberto Clemente Bridge. Nestled in with river and surroundings. Nestled into surrounding neighborhood: felt like going to a ball park. Concession food was terrific. Parking was close, and efficient. Ticket prices reasonable. Beautiful scoreboard, and fun animations (without becoming obnoxiously frequent). Vince L organ music! Coming in from street, up the main steps, opens into a view of the field from behind home plate. Right field scoreboard was fun to watch current games' scores. Limited number of entrances, all of which feel open and present field of play right before you as you enter. Post-game fireworks over the river with skyline in background!
Cons of the ballpark: None- the Pirates even won half the six games I've attended! Oh, there is one- traffic getting into the park and parking lots is snarled and difficult.
Additional Comments: I was wishing Great American Ballpark would be as fantastic. I was so disappointed when I went to my first game there, though. What should have been a similar experience (Ohio River setting, e.g.) came up short in nearly every detail compared to PNC Park.

 Submitted By: Dan Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Light-years ahead of old, retired Three Rivers Stadium. Nice sandstone facade sets it apart from the other new ballparks with brick facades. The sandstone plus the dark blue steel makes for a nice color scheme. The food selection is excellent, with everything from your basic soft drinks, hot dogs and nachos to local Pittsburgh icons such as Primanti's and Quaker Steak & Lube, andan Outback Steakhouse overlooking left field. You can reach the park by car, by foot from downtown Pittsburgh, or by riverboat (there will also be a light-rail link built nearby within the next few years). The farthest seat is only 88 feet from the field. You can watch the game and hang out over on the left field rotunda. The statues of Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell commemorate our past, and let fans of other teams know that the Pirates actually have a history in spite of their performance in the past ten years.
Cons of the ballpark: Um...the team that plays in it is atrocious (62-100 in 2001), and the ballpark was largely taxpayer-subsidized. (Pardon me for stepping on the soap box, but I view stadium subsidies as a form of corporate welfare, and the problem is not just in Pittsburgh, but in several other cities that have professional sports teams. The teams themselves should be able to pay for these stadiums.) Additional Comments: Before ANY of you decide what you think the best ballpark in Major League Baseball is, visit PNC Park!

 Submitted By: John Bassett Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Skyline view, Primanti Brothers Sandwiches and a crystal clear scoreboard ..vast vast vast improvement over it's predecessor.
Cons of the ballpark: Bad team (good start, i'm sure, will soon be a faded memory) sucks the life out of the fans and thusly the atmosphere could be better. The green that they used for the outfield fences is putrid but this is an otherwise very nice park.
Additional Comments: PNC Park has drawn raves since it's opening. Many place it on even or higher ground than Camden Yards and Pac Bell Park so I came here with great expectations. What I found was that, aside from the putrid green that they painted the outfield fences with and the horrid team that calls it home, PNC Park is a very nice park but I don't think it quite makes that Baltimore/San Francisco echelon. The most stand out aspect of this stadium is the skyline, river and bridge view that it affords you beyond the outfield fence ... in my opinion, this is the best backdrop in all of baseball. Simply stunning, particularly when viewed from the third base side. But you have to realize that this skyline does not belong to PNC Park. It belongs to the city of Pittsburgh. And when you imagine this park without that skyline you are left with a rather average venue highlighted mostly by a shockingly crystal clear scoreboard and the delicious Primanti Brothers sandwiches. While the actual structure of the place may be similar to the other new retro ballparks in baseball, just on a bit smaller scale, it's obvious that steps were taken to distinguish PNC Park from it's peers. While the facade of most retro parks is red brick, here it's sandy limestone. While the seats elsewhere are green, here they are blue. This is a good thing. I'm sure all these new parks will never be looked upon with the disdain of the infamous cookie cutters of the early 60s and late 70s, one of which PNC thankfully replaced, but it's nice to see one of the new places take these kind of steps to distinguish itself, on a color-scheme basis at least. All in all, you cannot discount the view PNC Park affords you, so it has to rank up there pretty high, but since it relies so heavily upon a feature that is not actually rooted on it's real estate, it falls a bit short of elite status. .

 Submitted By: Kurt A. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Where to start?
1st: Intimacy. The two deck design (first since Milwaukee's County Stadium) is the most intimate setup in baseball. I've sat in the "upper deck" as well as the boxes behind homeplate and have also viewed the action from other points around the park. The sight lines are excellent everywhere. You can even see the action when walking the concourse, unless you are facing away from the field when at the concession stands. All seats are angled toward home plate and the even the second deck seats are close to the field. The highest seat in only 88 feet from the playing surface, less than the distance between the bases.
2nd: The view of surroundings. The Pittsburgh skyline is gorgeous, with diverse building designs and excellent lighting at night. The Roberto Clemente )6th street bridge sits beyond centerfield and leads right up to the outfield ticket window and entrance.. In the upper seating levels, you can also see the river with Pittsburgh's trademark riverboats steaming by. Gateway clipper ships often blow their horns when passing the stadium, rousing the fans to a loud cheer.
3rd: Rich sense of history. From the right field concourse, one can look out over the former sites of two of the three previous Pirate homes; Exposition Park (the first home of the Alleghenies/Pirates) and Three Rivers Stadium. Unfortunately, those sites are parking lots now. By the way, you can also see Heinz Field, the new Steelers stadium. There is a Pirate Hall of Fame, statues of Honus Wagner; Roberto "The Great One" Clemente, and Willie "Pops" Stargell; the aforementioned Clemente bridge, and the  21 foot right field wall, also a tribute to Roberto.
4th: Excellent food and beverage selection. You can get the traditional ballpark food, but also local favorites like Premanti Brothers sandwiches, prerogies, and Rolling Rock and Iron City beer. There are also a couple of Beers of the World stands where you can get all kinds of imported beer for an around the world experience.
5th: Unique from other neo-retro ballparks opened in the last ten years. The facade is limestone, not brick and the blue seats and steel provide a Pittsburgh heritage feel.
Cons of the ballpark: The primary con is the financing for this park and the Steelers' home, Heinz Field. The original plan was to implement an increase in the Allegheny County sales tax, but this was defeated by the voters in a referendum. Yet, these stadiums were funded anyway by state grants. Where does that money come from? The taxpayers of Pennsylvania, of course. Some of which voted against higher taxes to finance these venues in the first place. So the people said no, but the government did it anyway; not exactly democratic. This next one is a con anywhere these days, and that is the prices. Tickets aren't cheap, and concession are terribly expensive. However, when compared to other ballparks, the prices are decent. For example, I recently attended a game at Jacobs field in Cleveland, one of the first in this ballpark renaissance. My seat was in the low part of the upper deck and cost 32 dollars. The same money will get you a seat about 4 rows off the field up the baseline at PNC. Also, I bought a foot long hotdog at "The Jake" for four dollars, and it was very thin and drowned in a large bun. Another major con is that the Pirates are lousy and have been for some years. When they finally get back on track, I hope the fans will come back to this gorgeous facility for the baseball as well as the venue itself. Finally, the Pirates have done a good job of turning people off with more than just the team's poor performance. There was a big snafu in its first season when fans were not allowed to bring in containers larger than the microscopic size set by the team's rules. At Three Rivers, fans could bring large containers of drink and food into the stadium; not anymore. This is just one example of poor PR.
Additional Comments: Ok, I'll admit I'm a little biased. I am a lifelong Pirates fan and am from the Pittsburgh area. That is why I waited to write a review on my home park until I had experienced another park in this latest generation of new baseball stadiums. As I mentioned before, I recently went to Jacob's Field in Cleveland, one of the first in this movement of new parks. The Jake is a very nice park, but too massive, more expensive, and not quite a pretty. Also it is on the very edge of downtown Cleveland, whose skyline is very dull with only a couple of high-rises of notable design. Perhaps that's why they have that mammoth scoreboard in left. The Jake is still very clean, but lacks the intimacy of PNC. The seats are also cramped. Also, I am backed in my opinion of PNC by many baseball writers and broadcasters, as well as other insiders, players, and even out of town fans (some of which have already written their reviews of PNC Park on this site). I freely admit to my bias, and concede that there are 29 other ballparks in the major leagues, with more new ones being built. But as far as I can tell from going to the Jake and seeing other ballparks on TV, PNC Park is at least on par, if not better than, any other park in Major League Baseball. I could be wrong, since I haven't been to them all. But that's my opinion and I feel blessed to have a beautiful park to cheer on my home team at, even if it was built against taxpayers' wishes and despite the team's performance. Hopefully, the latter will change soon and PNC will be sold out night in and night out, the way it should be.

 Submitted By: Unknown Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: My children not being allowed to bring in their little canvas lunch boxes. They are smaller than most purses.
Cons of the ballpark: Costly concessions, monochrome facade, small dimensions, two deck design causing it to look minor league.
Additional Comments: We are finding this in most "family" places in Pittsburgh. We live about 45 minutes away from that area. My husband and I have 3 children. I am a stay-at-home mom, by choice. It feels like one income families are being punished when they attend games/entertainment places in Pittsburgh. Fortunately we were able to go with a group and get a group discount to attend. If we hadn't, I doubt that we could have gone. I packed snacks for my kids, because I assumed that the prices would be very high to get them anything there. I am not only talking about PNC Park, since we recently had free circus tickets for the Mellon Arena....and their prices were unbelievable also. Since they couldn't take their little bags in...we had to hand carry their snacks. Then they saw others eating nachos, fries and such, so they asked for that. We scrounged up some extra money to get that for them. I just don't understand that if these events are for families, why is everything so expensive that average families can't afford the extras? It is almost as if you chose to be a stay-at-home parent to be with your children as they are growing up, you are punished since you can't afford snacks , let alone any souvenirs there! We would love to be able to show our children fun places to go, however, the cost is so incredible. I know there is nothing that anyone can do about this, I just wanted to voice my opinion.

 Submitted By: Tom Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The view is awesome. The park was really nice, but some things I had to give it a B for- see cons. The good stuff- when we went I purchased $55 seats in the PBC- Club level. The seats were nice, extra wide and padded. The concourse was nice- air conditioned, great food, and lots of places to just chill. They even had pool tables if you wanted to play a game. The main concourse was really big and had a variety of food choices. The parking situation wasn't to bad and I remember an easy time back onto the freeway. The outside of the park is made of limestone and it is kind of nice not to see a stadium made of red brick. The staff was fairly helpful and friendly and the food service was quick.
Cons of the ballpark: The cons, a few but must be mentioned. The first con which is a big one in my opinion, the main concourse is not at street level. When you walk in the main gate, you go up an escalator to get to the main concourse, that kind of annoyed me. The next con, the food prices were sky high! A 20 ounce coke cost $3.25, the highest I think I have seen in a long time. A baked potato cost $6.50 and nachos were around $5.50 or so. The other thing that really annoyed me was the service, or lack there of, that we got with the $55 club seats. The seats were padded and the concourse nice but that is about it. No in-seat wait service, no private entrance, no concierge service. We had to walk up long ramps to get to the seats. We had our hands stamped so we could not pass tickets to other guests our something, I thought it was kind of annoying.
Additional Comments: The Pirates did a really good job with this place. The only thing they need to do is improve is the amenities in the $55 club seats- no wonder they give season ticket holders a free game, they can't sell them. If you go, and you should, don't buy the club seats, two people I talked to had $16 grandstand seats and went I walked up there, the view was well worth it.

 Submitted By: Chris Nichter Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The positioning/location of the park offers a perfect view of the Roberto Clemente Bridge and downtown Pittsburgh.  The architecture is reminiscent of older ballpark construction, yet modern and sleek; it blends in with the contemporary look of Pittsburgh really well.  Game atmosphere is lively and fun -- fans are fun to be around.  Parking is easily accessed: the best lot is where Three Rivers Stadium used to be -- it is walking distance, cheap, and plentiful.  Lots of convenient concessions and clean bathrooms.
Cons of the ballpark: Depending where you sit, you will have little to no view of the scoreboard... the best seats for the average visitor are located along the first and third base lines in the upper deck; they are truly a bargain in price and offer unobstructed views of everything.  Typical city traffic makes getting out of downtown difficult after games let out (however construction is underway to help alleviate this).
Additional Comments: PNC Park is a really fun place to watch baseball.  It's beautiful, enjoyable, and clean.  Ticket prices are very reasonable.  The Pirates are lucky to have such a great place to play!

 Submitted By: Ryan McNeil Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: What a place! The exterior is rather cool, with the sandstone making it a rather original structure. Once inside, the vista of the city skyline over the wall is second to none, with the bright yellow of Clemente Bridge providing one of the coolest backdrops in the league. I was impressed by the sense of history that the building has been given...you cannot escape the fact that you are watching one of the game's oldest teams. From the championship flags that line the river, to the statues of Wagner, Clemente, and Stargell that greet you, the Bucs show great pride in the past of this great franchise. The spiral in left field is an interesting structure- it makes climbing two stories an easy trek, and fills up with on-lookers watching the action when the game starts. PNC is one of the smallest parks in the league so just about every seat seems to be right in the action. The in-game experience is fun, with lots of clips on the scoreboard to entertain the crowd. And best of all, the team seems to be working harder to lure fans in, with a lot of promotions for cheap/free tickets (and a lot of give-a-ways too).
Cons of the ballpark: Food prices are a bit high ($11 for a lukewarm Cheesesteak and large Pepsi), but that seems to be in every park these days. Other than that I really can't complain about my evening at the game.
Additional Comments: I'm most intrigued by the fact that it only holds 38,000 fans. In a day and age where money is the name of the game, building a new stadium that holds the fourth-lowest crowd in the league seems like a gamble...but one that pays off with intimacy. The Pirates management HAVE to do something soon about the team that plays in this amazing facility. This is easily one of absolute best parks in the league, and to waste it on a last place group of rag-tags is a sin.


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