Submitted By: Will G. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: For a one time multipurpose stadium that is several decades old, I wasn't expecting a great deal. However, Angel Stadium shows that you can make a pretty nice ballpark out of an existing structure without the need to build a multi-hundred million dollar park out of scratch. First and foremost, the stadium is remarkably easy to get into and out of, even with crowds of 40,000+. The stadium is surrounded by a parking lot with easy access to main streets and interstates. The renovations are done to good effect: the main plaza featuring 2 larges Angels helmets overlooking large mosaics of current Angels players is a great meeting place to enter the park. Some have criticized the rock and water structure in left-center, but I think it gives some life and character without looking cartoonish. The field is beautifully manicured and the overall playing field and stands have a lush vitality that suits southern California well. I wasn't expecting much from southern California fans, but they know their baseball as well as anybody and are into the game (until they leave during the 7th inning that is, but it was not a real close game!)
Cons of the ballpark: You can easily sense the age of the park around the concourse: there is very little to do around the park, missing the Hall of Fames, restaurants, and other amenities that are built into newer parks. It feels like walking around a basketball arena. The food is amongst the most ho-hum in baseball; where is the local cuisine and please, no fast food stands! The ushers in the lower bowl would not allow me to go down to field level to take pictures...uh, the game was still nearly 45 minutes away and it's not like I was going to take somebody's seat. I thought I had great seats near the right field foul pole, but it turns out the right field wall justs upward and this higher wall is covered, not even with a see-through chain link fence. Our seats were right next to this wall and were truly obstructed; for $29 a seat, this was a rip-off. This reminded me of how high-priced the seats were.
Additional Comments: Angel Stadium was a pleasant surprise with a nice atmosphere that does not overdo scoreboard theatrics or Rally Monkey shenanigans and a generally beautiful layout to the playing field. However, it harkens back to the day of stadiums being placed in the middle of parking lots while shunning the remarkable scenery of the area. Still, it's a nice place to catch a game (as long as you don't sit next to jutting walls) without excessive frills.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: LA Mike Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I'm biased. I am a huge Angel fan, since I was a little kid. Wally Joyner days. The fans. Great, knowledgeable fans! Proud of their team, but not disrespectful like dodger fans. I remember when I was younger, you would hardly seen anyone wearing any Angel gear. If the Yankees came to town, you would have thought it was Yankee Stadium. Now, its hard to find a visiting team fan around. Parking is great. Right off the freeway, directly in, $8 for parking. Cheap. Getting out is pretty easy to. The seating. You can get a good view of the field from pretty much anywhere in the stadium. Since Mr. Moreno's purchase of the team, he has done a lot to ensure that this is a family friendly stadium. You see lots of kids running around. Not a lot of vulgarity. To feel real energy, go to an Angel vs Dodger game. Loud!!! Security is tight and no joke. They will not play around. You start acting stupid, and you're out. Ask all the Boston fans from last year's playoffs. Ushers are very helpful. Plenty of restrooms, so if the nearest one is busy, walk a few feet more and you can find another one.
Cons of the ballpark: Cant really think of one. Except the new? parking set up. I recently went to a game and found that the attendants were instructing me where to park. Last year, I could park anywhere in the general vicinity of the entrance. Maybe have a port-a-potties in the parking lot?
Additional Comments: Love this place!

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Michael Ryans Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Parking is simple. The hats in front are not completely lame.
Cons of the ballpark: The field is not well kept. I have been numerous times where the grass was patchy. Stupid and Ignornat fans. These fans honestly do not have any idea what they are talking about. They also think Arte Moreno is God for lowering beer from $7.75 to 7 dollars flat. Seriously, i heard two fans praise him. The fountain in the center field is just plain dumb. It does not have anything to do with baseball and needs to be replaced. Food is very bad and overpriced.
Additional Comments: The Fans are completely ignorant and are not completely up to date on any baseball knowledge.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Trevor R. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Many pros here, the new scoreboards in left and right field are a great addition. The "Rockpile" in center field is the old Disney touch to the stadium, but when the Angels go deep, you'll be sure to know with the fireworks going off. Also the Perfect Game Pavilion out under the right field grandstands is a nice addition for the kids. Food is good, best food is coming in from the 1st or 3rd base line gates and hitting those snack bars right there on the ground level. Really no bad seat in the house, believe me I've sat in the very top row a few times, and it's not bad at all.
Cons of the ballpark: Of course the cons, and my #1 is on Thunderstix giveaway days, now it's one thing if it's the playoffs, but getting smacked with those things by some little kid in the row behind ya during the middle of the season isn't fun. Another con is it's a pain to leave the seats, the upper deck tunnels are like the 405 freeway,... stopped dead.
Additional Comments: Very easy to get in and out of, especially with the 57 freeway right next to it. Will get a lot of bandwagoner Angel fans for the games, but you'll find a lot of the die-hards like me at the games, and we are loyal to our Angels. It's cool to drive by at night and see the fireworks going off from an Angel homer, and it's always nice to see that halo on the Big A lit up after a ballgame (Angels won).

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Bernie T. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I live in LA, a 10 minute walk to Dodger stadium, and I prefer to drive (40 minutes there, 25 back) down to the "Big A".  It is easy to get in and out of the ballpark.  My family and I have attended about 8-10 games this season 05' and it is very family friendly. The food is pretty good, "B" grade.  I recommend the polish sausage (peppers, onion, chili, and mustard) from the sausage haus.  I haven't been a die hard until, 2004-05.  I used to attend about 2-3 games a year since the early 90's and the stadium experienced has improved so much (once the rams left).
Cons of the ballpark: The only cons are the food prices, but I guess that's the case everywhere. The worst seats are the ones in right field sections 131 and 231, you can see the action in center, left-center-right field.
Additional Comments: I love going Wednesdays, family four pack, and they always have good give-aways.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: D. Twombly Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: It is a wonderfully open park since the redesign. The fountains and fireworks are a nice touch. The new main scoreboard has so much going on, you could just watch it instead of the game and be entertained.
Cons of the ballpark: The seat Nazis, guardians, or whatever you call a overzealous group of ushers. They insist on turning you away from the infield seats, even if you are on a trip and just want a 2 second picture. They take back foul balls that players give to fans during BP. They also don't let you move toward the outfield from your seat toward the foul poles, even when no one has tickets for the outer seats. The food is very bad however, bring your own.
Additional Comments: Go if you like, but don't expect service with a smile. At best they will treat you like dirt. If you can get by the annoyance of the ushers though the Ed is a nice field.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Shoeless Joe Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I've been to this park three times to see my beloved White Sox play - once before the revitalization, twice since. Some very nice improvements. The seating in this park feels like a much older ballpark with plenty of seating close to the field. It has great sightlines and audio / visual almost on the level of U.S. Cellular. Also, important: Angel fans are a big plus. They're an enthusiastic, fun-loving crowd. I don't get the impression they're exactly die-hards but they always make visiting Angel stadium a fun experience whether the White Sox win or lose (unfortunately, my boys are 1-2 when I'm there).
Cons of the ballpark: This park suffers a bit of the same thing as U.S. Cell - it's an island unto itself. It's like Disney: a big attraction surrounded by an ocean of sterile parking lot. Also: I can't figure out for the life of me why they would take an otherwise very attractive park and ruin the sightline with that disastrous mountain-thing in centerfield. What is that thing!?
Additional Comments: A I've enjoyed visiting this park. A good stop in my favorite state to visit. I've lucked-out to see my White Sox out there three times, but they'll have to improve on that 1-2 record.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Rob Vaughn Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Easiest access to a stadium without public transit. Fair ticket prices and there's always a good time in the parking lot. Not nearly as nice a park as Dodger Stadium, however, it's much cheaper, much friendlier, and much, much easier to get in and out of than Dodger Stadium.
Cons of the ballpark: Disney left their mark with the fountain in the outfield. I have nothing against fountains but come on, this is baseball. The P.A. announcer has always been annoying, he's too loud and sounds more like an amusement park ride operator than he does an announcer (Thanks Disney).
Additional Comments: I love Dodger Stadium but living here in Orange County, Angel Stadium is much more practical. I go to about 20 Angel games a year. I'll only go to L.A. if the Cubs are in town!

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Jacquet Rosser Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: All the seats are very close to the field. So close I got a foul ball during BP, just being in the ballpark for a couple seconds. The seats are very spaced out. Easy to get to from I-5, CA-57, and CA-22. The big "A" is a good addition and at night the ring around it lights up.
Cons of the ballpark: The scoreboard? The last time I went was 2002 when it was in eight pieces. No mass transet, or OCTA busses in the area . Also you should see a tall office building, The Pound, and CA-57 out in centerfield. CA-57 is so close you could see the colors of the cars, even at night.
Additional Comments: $8.00 For parking, good deal. Free cheerstix noisemakers, good deal. Low priced food and beer, good deal. One of the loudest stadiums in baseball too. Very clean, and organized. The numbered sections are easy to understand. Living in San Diego I like PETCO Park, but I like Angel Stadium and I would like to visit it again soon.

Ballpark Visited: Angel Stadium Submitted By: Antonio Angeloff Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I've lived 20 minutes away from Angel Stadium ever since the Rams were playing here.  Thus I've been to probably over 100 baseball games and numerous recent ones since the 2004 renovations.  Let's start with pre-game entertainment: if you're going to do tailgating this is the place! Pay your $8 for parking and head back towards the Big A (you can't miss it, it's right next to the freeway).  Tons of room to throw the pill or a baseball.  Once you've received a light buzz from tailgating you'll want to enter the stadium.  When you're inside you'll find the walk from the parking lot to the stadium was the shortest you've ever took, every seat is a good seat in the stadium, and access to any seat barley requires you to walk more than 10 feet.  3 levels all with access by escalators, ramps, and elevators.  Too many food places, never a long line and two, yes two, diamond vision scoreboards located in left and right field.  Both capable of showing video replays (helps if you're in right field so you don't have to turn your neck!)  Do me a favor, go to an Angel game!
Cons of the ballpark: Like any ballpark, here are some cons: If you're like me, no matter where you purchase a ticket, it's always nice to pay for a nose bleed seat and sit in as close as possible.  But if you're going to do that here, you better do it at least a half hour before the game or you're going to get the meanest ushers in the nation scanning every part of your ticket, even the damn barcode.  The ball park was never torn down and rebuilt, just renovated. Therefore you have a lot of residue from the 60's.  The upper deck overhangs are very plain and the ballpark lacks any resemblance of a Coors Field or a Camden Yards which is good or bad depending on the type of stadium you like.  I think of it as a brother to U.S. Cellular field (prior to U.S. Cellular Field's ridiculous renovations after the 2003 season).
Additional Comments: Fans are a bit weird, 90% are bandwagoners but if you're a tourist or a fan like I've been since 1992, you'll be warmly accepted. By the way, when you walk in, you might see nothing but red since the uniform changes in 2002.


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