Submitted By: Bruce Mac Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This is a beautiful accessible ball park that even accommodates you watching the game while standing in line for goodies. I've sat in nearly every part of the park and the only seats I could care less about were in row 1 between the dugout and back stop. I go to a baseball games to watch the team not evaluate the apples and oranges difference between new and old stadiums. Like everyone else I had a lot of good memories of going to the games at Old Tiger Stadium with My Dad but I can't say sitting behind those poles was anything to get all sappy about. It's time to buck up and build new memories at a new place and in 80 years our grand kids can cry at the thought of tearing down Comerica. Memories shouldn't rely on driving past an old abandon relic, they should be eternally inside us.

Cons of the ballpark: Can't really say there are any that stand out. I will never understand paying $5.00 to $10.00 for a coke, hotdog or beer but whatever. I just have a few at Nemo's before I go to the park and refrain from wasting money on nonsense inside.

Additional Comments: I love to hear comments from people, tearing Comerica Park apart. People who probably never played a game of baseball themselves outside a city park or in the street. This is a nice Ball Park and having been in a lot of them, I put it up against any and consider it one of the best, but most of all it's a much better place to watch a game than Tiger Stadium was

 Submitted By: Farris Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: -1. Best standing room in all of baseball. You can get a $100 view for under $20, because of the very well thought out standing room area in front of the Tiger Den. 2. Very easy to see the game even while getting concessions. Open format allows for that. 3. The carousel is an amazing feature and a fantastic place to take a break. The food court and huge gift shop are right there as well. The Ferris wheel is a great photo op... Where else can you get into a baseball? KIds get to ride either one for free on Sundays. Otherwise it is only $2. TIP: $2 may be worth it v. the huge lines on Sundays.  4. The lower deck seating is spacious and open.. unlike ATT and Fenway where you have to rely on a TV to see what happened with a popup. 5. The staff is extremely friendly. The vendors are entertaining as well. 6. Hidden gem: Tiger Club. Make a reservation, get an A+ buffet overlooking the field for a reasonable $31 (including dessert).
Cons of the ballpark: The upper deck is a bit too far away. Very easy solution... do not get upper deck tickets... or if you do, don't sit up there for too long. Get downstairs and stand in the fantastic lower deck standing room area.
Additional Comments: I have been to Fenway, Wrigley, ATT, PNC, US Cellular and Nationals Park. Comerica is better than all of them.

 Submitted By: Will Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: -Walking or driving through a, admittedly, rather sad and decaying downtown Detroit, the colorful, eye-popping exterior of Comerica Park is both welcome and shocking. 2 gigantic tiger statues await you at the main entrance and the omnipresent tiger theme continues moreso with tiger head exterior lamps and more statues set amongst the typical retro brick architecture. Definitely a memorable entrance!
-If you like modern ballpark amenities, you'll love Comerica. The infamous carousel and ferris wheel are almost afterthoughts; the former is a rather attractive ride in the middle of a food court and the latter is pushed off to the side to be barely noticeable. Apart from those, you have numerous lounges, a barbecue restaurant beyond right field with some nice pictures of Tigers teams of the past, a beer garden, cigar bar, a wide range of concessions, and PlayStations where you can play for free if, apparently, you want to come to a baseball park without actually watching baseball. The free newspapers were a nice touch!
-As the previous reviewer stated, there is an appreciable openness to the ballpark and the backdrop of downtown Detroit is actually quite beautiful and serene, particularly at night. However, that openness also kills the atmosphere of this park, as I'll get to in the negatives.
-The Walk of Fame throughout the concourse is well-designed and fascinating; a small kiosk gives a history of each decade in Tigers history throughout the concourse.
-The upper deck is not nearly as high as most modern parks, though what it lacks in height, it suffers in how far removed it is from the field(see below again).
-The statues in left center field are a treat and I like the "break" in the upper deck down the first base line which allows that section of seating to be angled closer to the field.
Cons of the ballpark: -The amount of amenities and "extras" just goes overboard. While I have no problem with all these extra services designed to separate you even more of your dollars, this is particularly noticeable at Comerica since it seems like a great deal of thought was made for all these restaurants and attractions, yet what really matters, the seating and baseball "experience" were either compromised or plain forgotten. Seriously, who ever designed and approved the design of Comerica Park should never be allowed to touch a sporting venue again. It seems that the park was built on a HUGE tract of land and everything you could shove into a ballpark was shoved in just because they could do it.However, the playing field and dimensions were so expansive that, after a couple years, the left field fence had to be moved in. The gap between the walls was wisely filled in with the bullpens, which previously, had been placed beyond right field at the expense of what should have been(and are) popular seats. Though, I must add, that Comerica's vast dimensions deterred Juan Gonzalez from signing a ridiculous contract which saved the Tigers and their fans many millions of dollars and heartache. -The vastness of the footprint of Comerica extends into its seating as the field level seats seem to extend too far and feel far removed from the action. That then means that the upper deck, while not high, is so far removed from the action that the other end of the ballpark feels like it may as well be in Canada. -Other aspects of the seating are equally odd and poorly planned. The Tiger Den, an area in the lower bowl which more posh seating and other amenities(re: more expensive ticket) takes up far too much of the best seating. The upper deck also seems to suffer because of very wide aisles and poor use of room that manages to push you even further from the action. Despite all the attractions off the field, the park seems rather bland. The only real area of interest during the game is the brickwork beyond center field and, above it, a kind of lame water display. The ballpark is so open and so spread out that, even with a full capacity crown, energy and ambiance is sucked away.
-The scoreboard does look dated, is too big for the park, and oddly angled as if they couldn't find room for it, so placed it in left field. Just another design flaw.
Additional Comments: Comerica is a fun park to visit since it offers so much, but watching a game there just is not fulfilling. It's like going to an amusement park and there are many great games to play(at an extra cost, of course), but the roller coasters are uninspired and boring. Comerica offers up so much if you're willing to cough up the extra dollars, but when it comes to why you're there in the first, for a baseball game, it oddly leaves a lot to be desired. I would give this park somewhere between a C+, maybe a B-

 Submitted By: Rob Gibson Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: I will admit that overall it's a beautiful ballpark. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. The view of the Detroit skyline during a night game is a thing of beauty. The park is easy to get in and out of.
Cons of the ballpark: It's not Tiger Stadium. The designers of Comerica fell far short of capturing the atmosphere of Tiger Stadium. It doesn't feel like a baseball stadium when you're there. I hate the ferris wheel and merry-go-round it makes the park too cartoonish. It's too stiff and cold, it lacks the warmth and character of Tiger Stadium. Parking is ridiculously overpriced. I know they weren't trying to "recreate" Tiger Stadium but they did NOTHING to even make it even come remotely close to having just the baseball atmosphere that Tiger Stadium did.
It feels like there is too much going on around you to truly enjoy the game. I think they're trying to be too quirky and gimmicky.
Additional Comments:I go because I love baseball with all that I am.. I go because I love the Detroit Tigers and will support them until my dying day. I hate the Tom Monaghan and Bo Schembechler for single handedly sentencing Tiger Stadium to it's death. And the only reason I step foot into Comerica is for the love of the game.... Tiger Stadium will forever be home to the Tigers. Comerica is a weak attempt at a replacement and will never live up to the greatness that was at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

 Submitted By: Matt Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Beautiful ballpark and beautiful concourse!! The stadium's beauty puts you in awe when you walk in! Every seat in the stadium has a great view of the action!! The ballpark is of high quality and also celebrates the history of the Detroit Tigers organization, with statues of great Tiger players in left-center, columns of history throughout the park celebrating each decade of Tigers history and amazing entrances with Tiger statues! The park is fan friendly, very clean, has amazing amenities such as a ferris wheel and merry-go-round and has tons of food!! Amazing scoreboard and information boards and beautiful setting!! Parking is easy to find!! Also, Comerica Park is situated in a nice and safe area with tons to do before and after the game!! Overall impressive and very fan friendly!!
Cons of the ballpark: The left screen of the 3 screens on the big scoreboard probably should be upgraded to a digital board.
Additional Comments: I just visited Comerica Park and was impressed!! I have visited several parks around the league and see that this park is in the top 10 in the league!! This park is underrated!! It is truly one of the best ballparks in the MLB!!!!

 Submitted By: Brian Gaughan Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: Located within walking distance (or a short shuttle ride) to almost all major downtown attractions. Has a very open feel which is great in the spring and early summer to get sun and warm breezes. Views of the city skyline are fantastic. Parking is plentiful in surrounding neighborhoods & many bars/restaurants offer shuttle service. Friday & Saturday night fireworks shows are a great way to cap off an evening. Food options are quite varied, with everything from standard ballpark fare to Mexican dishes & sushi. The upper deck lounge as well as the Jungle Bar are open to the public; a nice touch a good place to wait out a rain delay or warm up/cool down depending on the season. Smoker's pens are now completely outside the stadium.
Cons of the ballpark: The seating areas are placed far from the action; one could park a 747 in CoPar's foul territory with little difficulty. The open-air feeling, while normally a pro, also leads to a lack of cover during rain delays. Sections in left & center field get absolutely blasted by the setting sun. Scoreboard is outdated and rather poor.
Additional Comments: Solidly middle of the pack as far as I'm concerned, and it's my home park. While ferris wheels and sushi are nice, I don't go to a ball game for either one so I long for the days of Tiger Stadium.

 Submitted By: Rob Gibson Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: I will admit that overall it's a beautiful ballpark. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. The view of the Detroit skyline during a night game is a thing of beauty. The park is easy to get in and out of.
Cons of the ballpark: It's not Tiger Stadium. The designers of Comerica fell far short of capturing the atmosphere of Tiger Stadium. It doesn't feel like a baseball stadium when you're there. I hate the ferris wheel and merry-go-round it makes the park too cartoonish. It's too stiff and cold, it lacks the warmth and character of Tiger Stadium. Parking is ridiculously overpriced. I know they weren't trying to "recreate" Tiger Stadium but they did NOTHING to even make it even come remotely close to having just the baseball atmosphere that Tiger Stadium did.
It feels like there is too much going on around you to truly enjoy the game. I think they're trying to be too quirky and gimmicky.
Additional Comments: I go because I love baseball with all that I am.. I go because I love the Detroit Tigers and will support them until my dying day. I hate the Tom Monaghan and Bo Schembechler for single handedly sentencing Tiger Stadium to it's death. And the only reason I step foot into Comerica is for the love of the game.... Tiger Stadium will forever be home to the Tigers. Comerica is a weak attempt at a replacement and will never live up to the greatness that was at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

 Submitted By: Tom Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: Overall, a decent park. I like how the upper deck is lower than most ballparks (although it is still far from the field) and it is nice to have the field in view around the entire concourse. Also, there are many nice team shops spread throughout the park.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking is expensive as are the food prices, but I've yet to go to a park where this isn't a problem. The upper deck doesn't have much of a cover leaving a lot more fans exposed to the elements. The neighborhood isn't the greatest once you venture a block or two away from the park (and 'not the greatest' in Detroit means pretty scary). Traffic is terrible getting to the park, and the bottom left hand corner of the scoreboard is blocked by the upperdeck. Also, the abundance of tiger statues and the merry-go-round and ferris wheel go too over the top, it's a ballpark not a carnival!! And the tiger growl that is played after a run is scored is really corny.
Additional Comments: Not a bad park, and I'm sure it would be more popular if it were in a different city. But being the replacement for Tiger Stadium gave it large to shoes to fill, and I feel that Comerica has not lived up to its expectations.

 Submitted By: Ryan McNeil Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I quite like the fact that the team's identity is stamped all over this stadium . Every tiger, and there are a LOT, is a great touch. I also like the fact that there is a stretch of the outfield where people can look in on the action from the street. The main gate with the giant tiger guarding it is impressive, and a great place to meet up before heading into the park. There is great variety when it comes to food, and at that it is rather reasonably priced and tasty! While the playing field is one of the biggest in the league, you'd never know it from the intimate feel of the stands (Even 30 rows back i felt like I was right on top of the play). The Saturday night fireworks are a hoot, as is the fountain in centerfield that goes off anytime a Tigers run scores. Surprisingly, the neighborhood around the stadium isn't the slum many make it out to be (I was actually comfortable WALKING back to my hotel after a night game), and there's lots of great bars and restaurants right around the corner.
Cons of the ballpark: Detroit has a light-rail transit system- why it stops nowhere near the stadium is beyond me. Another thing that struck me as odd is that the front few buildings that make up the backdrop over the centerfield fence seem to be vacant- the skyline would look nicer if they could somehow get lit up. As far as the game experience goes, some of the souvenir shops are badly laid out and become crowded in a hurry. Finally, the game I went to was the fourth highest crowd in Comerica history...maybe that's the reason why the lineup at every food counter was long and didn't seem to move.
Additional Comments: A very pleasant surprise. While it has some small flaws, this stadium was really well thought out, and is a treat for any fan of the game. The Tigers have started off this season (2006) really well, which may help get a few more people through the turnstiles.

 Submitted By: John Edwards Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: Up until 2006, there were always good seats available. The overall crappiness of the Tigers during most of  their Comerica tenure forced management to give away tickets, or at least sell them at half-price, in a desperate effort to get people inside. None of these seats are obstructed and  the haunting vista of downtown Detroit's decaying, decrepit skyline quite compelling (stand in the right spot and look south to "The Corner" and you can see the melancholy carcass of Tiger Stadium sadly, slowly wasting away.) Concession stands everywhere and reasonably accessible from most anywhere in the park. Reasonably generous size of outfield eliminates cheap homers, and prodigious centerfield distances offers endless opportunities for triples, inside-the-park homers and outstanding defensive plays.
Cons of the ballpark: Design is kind of tacky exactly how much tiger statutory, sculpture and plaque-work does one park need? Not this much. All seats are too far from the action (compared to old Tiger Stadium, where the players were virtually in your lap); sit in the wrong seat and it's like your in a different town. Also, compared to Tiger Stadium, the park is simply too expansive; the distance from the left and right field upper decks give new meaning to the phrase "The Great Divide." Silly "Ode to Kauffman Park" fountains in centerfield. Pervasive stench of corporate elitism and sponsorship.
Additional Comments: It's silly to knock this park for not having the character and ambiance of Tiger Stadium: Tiger Stadium wasn't born with it, it had to earn it. So will Comerica (still, it'd difficult to gaze southward without experiencing mournful pangs.) It could be worse: it could be Miller or Minute Maid Parks with their detestable retractable roofs. It is taking some getting used to, but it's not a bad place to see a game. Of course, the Tigers' continued improvement on field will probably help speed up the process.

 Submitted By: Chris A. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There are many good things about Comerica Park;
#1.- The Liquid fireworks after every Tiger home run hit.
#2. Parking is very easy to find and varies from $5 - $20 <-- in front of park.
#3. many souvenir stands and very good service.
#4. Prices on tickets are very good, great view from almost any seat, personally I like the $25.00 outfield box seats.
#5. Easy to get autograph's from both teams playing.
#6. Amazing view of downtown Detroit.
#7. Great promotions for the whole family.
#8. Great atmosphere.
I could keep going on and on this place is amazing.
Cons of the ballpark: There was really not a thing wrong with the park, great work Detroit!.
Additional Comments: I hate how people say how the buildings around it look run down personally I think it adds to the greatness of this park., I just went 2 weeks or so ago to see the Tigers Vs. White Sox the 13 inning game it was awesome. I'm going back in August on a Tuesday to see them play the Red sox. (GREAT PARK).

 Submitted By: Jacob Israel
Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: Nice of view of a decayed city skyline. The statues in left field not center as another critic had mentioned.
Cons of the ballpark: In the infield lower deck box seats you cannot see over the person in front of you,  especially 6' 4' Elvis impersonators. Fly balls disappear into the upper deck so the only way the play can be followed is to watch the movement of a fielder to see which direction the ball was hit. Do not sit down the third base line or the left field stands with a welding mask to protect from the glare of the sun.  If you have Fan Stands (aluminum bleacher) seats for a day game bring a cushion or purchase a second hotdog (the wrappers are to be used to sit on for protection from 1st degree burns. Arrive early if you have upper deck seats, it takes a long time to get there.
Additional Comments: The face of steps had to be painted dark green because the infielders were loosing ground balls in the background. Pack a lunch if you want to eat without having to leave your seat. There is only one hotdog vendor (he sings out in an operatic style) so you are willing to buy two at the inflated prices just to ram them down his throat, that is if he gets to your section before the game ends. Suggestion to Mr. Illitch: make a deal with the City of Detroit, trade Joe Louis Arena for Tiger Stadium and some renovations to be named later. Put a roof over Comerica Park and move the Red Wings there and play baseball where it is meant to be played.

 Submitted By: Brett Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: great view from the upper deck behind home plate, you can see the Detroit Skyline and the tickets were only $10
-easy to get to from Windsor, they have buses that take you through the tunnel underneath the Detroit River -there were lots of food concessions and souvenir stores, even in the upper part of the diamond -cool tiger statues around the outside of the park and inside -watching a night game was great, with the sun setting behind the skyscrapers, it was awesome -we got to see a 16 inning game, which was great cause i love baseball and i got to see A-rod, and Palmerio.
Cons of the ballpark: -the part of town it is in was questionable
-the buildings and shops around the park looked run-down
-the concessions and souvenir stores don't know what the exchange rate is for Canadian money, so if you are visiting from Windsor or elsewhere, bring American money.
Additional Comments: All those people who criticize new ballparks because they don't have enough thing to do, like games on the scoreboard or batting cages for fans seem to forget one thing, you are going to a baseball game to watch baseball, not to play carnival games. If you wanted that you would go to the circus.  As long as you can see the action it is a good park.

 Submitted By: Eric Jacobs Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: There is a nice view of the Detroit skyline. The Tiger Statues on the scoreboard are nice and they light up once a home run is hit. Tickets were cheaper than other of 24 ballparks I have been to. Fireworks are another pro they never had them at Tiger Stadium. Comerica Park has one of the best exterior views in the majors. The ushers are helpful and are friendly. The seats are good but not by the parts where you can't see the game because the person in front of you would block you. The ferris wheel is cool you can see the skyline from there too. The park also has nice food including Coney Dogs and Pizza.
Cons of the ballpark: In some seats, there are people blocking you from watching the game. Some parts of Detroit are rundown and a little unsafe especially uptown. There isn't so much fan support because the Tigers always lose (They are improving now).
Additional Comments: None.

 Submitted By: Josh McMahon Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I recently visited Comerica Park and was totally impressed.  The Lower deck is one of the best in baseball with the seats close to the field.  At the back of the lower deck the wooden chairs are awesome.  The view of central Detroit is not bad.
Cons of the ballpark: The placement of the ballpark across the street "two losers way" from Ford Field has got to be one of the worst urban renewal concepts in America.  The neighborhood is boring and desolate and until something is done to bring the suburbanites into Detroit for something other than casinos, American sports, and the dead wings Detroit will still be terrible.  In metro Detroit about 75% of the people live in the suburbs and have about 95% of the expendable income.  The worst thing about Comerica is the total lack of public transportation.
Additional Comments: People of Michigan should thank the Big Three for leaving the state with the country's worst economy, lowest rate of education, and dead downtowns.  No one with any money lives or works within 10 miles of Comerica, of course the neighborhood looks worse than Baghdad.

 Submitted By: Marc Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It may lack the soul of Tiger Stadium (located a heartbreaking mile away), but it is truly a baseball park.  I went when Roger Clemens was going to win his 300th game before the Yank's 'pen blew a 7-1 lead.  Even standing in dead center field with a standing room only ticket, the view was tremendous!
Cons of the ballpark: It may cost twenty bucks and you may have to get to the park 2 hours early, but trust me, parking in the privately owned lots seems dodgy at best.  Also, if you sit in the left field upper deck (or stand) a third of the scoreboard is blocked.
Additional Comments: First, if you go, walk to Tiger Stadium and give it a hug - who knows how long it will stand.  Second, in fifty years this will join the ranks of classic ballparks.  The sculpted tigers on the outside, the statues of the Tiger HOF's (Cobb - Kaline) on the left field concourse - great job Detroit!

 Submitted By: Roger Righetti Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The exterior is beautiful.  It doesn't look too new, and when the city builds around it, it will never look outdated.  The concourse with its kiosks is a nice touch as they encompass every era of Detroit and its baseball heritage.  The playing surface is challenging, even though the fence distances to left are being shortened it will still be the same, but slightly more fair.
Cons of the ballpark: Overkill.  Though trying not to be bland like a lot of new stadiums recently built  (Jacobs Field, Skydome, Miller Park) to name a few. Everything is nice, there is just way too much of it.  Nice tigers, too many.  Nice pottery tiles, too many.  Nice concessions, too many.  Nice losses, too many.
Additional Comments: The brick walls beyond the outfield fences were the first things I noticed at the inaugural game. They are very attractive.  Same goes for the skyline.  One can get a feel for what Detroit was, is, and will be.  The fountain could have been more attractive.  And part of the scoreboard rests behind the left field upper deck.  A flaw which I think gives the ballpark a little unplanned character.

 Submitted By: Kevin Haynes Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It is possible to see the game from almost every spot in the stadium. The outfield dimensions encourage real baseball, not home run derbies. Parking is excellent if you know a few secrets, and also cheap. Also, the view of the Detroit skyline can be breathtaking. They definitely picked the most aesthetically appealing part of this city to show off. The best aspect of the park, however, is that the ushers never check tickets. I buy the cheapest seats possible and sit in the first 10 rows behind the plate at every game.
Cons of the ballpark: Having to see the Tigers lose almost every game. I went to 21 games last year and the Boys of Summer only won 3 of them. The fans could also be a bit more attentive when it comes to the finer points of baseball.
Additional Comments: This field is not for everybody. Those who are only casual fans of the game may not see its appeal. However, hard core baseball fans will love Comerica Park.

 Submitted By: Roger Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It's a beautiful park. It's big, and lots of pitching duels can happen. Every seat is low to the field without having to sacrifice slope, as in Pittsburgh. I love the brick and plants in center field. It's a nice skyline view to look at. The outfield was done very well. The ballpark is filled with great amusements like the Ferris wheel and merry go round. The tigers outside are also very nice. Structurally beautiful.
Cons of the ballpark: The scoreboard, while big, is not that good, and is tough to see from the third base side. The upper part of the first deck seems to have too much picnic area, that never gets used. The park is in not the greatest area. The out of town scoreboard is somewhat small.
Additional Comments: Comerica is a great park, very underrated. Because it is big and doesn't get as many home runs, many offense-lovers criticize it. True baseball fans should like this park, even if it isn't old, decaying, loveable Tiger Stadium.

 Submitted By: Tom Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This place is awesome!!  The Tigers' did a great job with there new stadium.  Tiger Stadium was historic and had a lot of memories; but, let's face it, it was a bad place to watch a game.  Comerica Park has plenty of restrooms, tons of different food choices, and parking is really simple and not expensive- the Grand Circus Garage right outside of gate B is only $5!!!  The best seats in the house, although none are bad, have to be the Tiger Den.  These seats are located in the last rows of the lower bowl and are covered.  You get an actually moveable chair with padding and a drink table.  There is a waiter that comes around to take food orders throughout the game and you have access to two private clubs- the Tiger Den Lounge and Tiger Club.  The best value seats in the park are the fan stands.  For only $8 you get a reserved field level bleacher seat and a free hot dog or pizza slice and small pop!  That has to be the best deal in all of Baseball!  The park does have the first carousel and ferris wheel- but they are well hidden for those hardcore baseball only fans.  The statues in left field are a must see and a great place to stand in take in the view.  Comerica Park does have 102 suites, which if you are ever lucky enough to see are awesome!  You have your own bathroom, covered seating, private lounge, and a waiter throughout the whole game.  The members' only Tiger Club has a cigar bar, baby grand piano, views of the field, and an all you can eat buffet for only $24.95 plus tax, tip, and drinks.  It is expensive, but well worth it.  On the upper level behind home plate is the Upper Deck Lounge, not really advertised, but it is heat and air conditioned and open to the public.  They have a bar, seating, coffee, and restrooms- great place to go when the weather isn't great.  The last thing, Gate A with the big Tigers is a must see.  The Tigers are so cool and you must have your picture taken with them.  They are awesome, as is the whole park.
Cons of the ballpark: None!  The park is wonderful although many people don't give it the credit it deserves.  Downtown Detroit is a great place to visit, the Foxtown neighborhood is in a rebuilding phase and has lots of things to do and see.  I suggest eating at the Hockeytown Cafe or Johnny Rockets.  In Greektown there are tons of great places to eat and visit.  There are museums not to far down Woodward that are really worth a visit to.  All in all the park is great, the city is great, the Tigers, well let's hope the Tram can make them great to.
Additional Comments: If you have never been, go!!  Don't pass up a chance to see Comerica Park.  Also, when you go, don't compare it to Tiger Stadium.  It is really night and day.  Tiger Stadium was a great place; but, it is old and outdated.  If you can afford to sit in the Tiger Den, $60 to watch the Tigers is a lot of money; but, you won't be disappointed with the services and extra perks that come with these seats.  If your on a budget, I would highly recommend the fan stands.  Get them early though because they do sell out.  I would recommend to get there early and just walk around.  The Big Cat Court behind section 119 has everything from ice cream to elephant ears to catfish sandwiches.  I would take a trip up to the Upper Deck and take in the view of the skyline and the largest scoreboard in MLB.  One tip- don't tip the ushers, they can't accept them and they could get fired for taking a tip.


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