Submitted By: George Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark:
Fenway is one of a handful of ballparks that every baseball fan should put on their bucket list. The ballpark oozes history and tradition. To call it a shrine is an understatement. And the displays n the concourses under the stands basically amount to a Red Sox hall of fame. There are very few bad seats. Some don't have the best sightlines and some are behind posts but none are far from the field. For the price, I recommend sitting in the bleachers as there are more hardcore fans there. And Red Sox fans are some of the best and most knowledgeable in baseball. It's also worth noting I went when the Phillies were in town, was wearing a Phillies t-shirt and didn't have any problems. But I still wouldn't recommend wearing any Yankee gear.
Cons of the ballpark:
The only real negative was the narrowness and discomfort of the wooden grandstand seats. During the ballpark tour our guide pointed out they were grandfathered in to 1934 building and fire codes (the last major renovation prior to John Henry's group buying the Red Sox). I understand the argument that replacing them with modern seats would reduce seating capacity by 3,000 and the tradition factor of being able to say you sat in the same seats as your father, grandfather and great grandfather. However if you're larger than 5'10", 180 pounds, I don't recommend them. Tickets are pricey because of demand-you'll pay $100+ on the secondary market for the better seats. Also I don't recommend driving under any circumstances as what little parking there is is very expensive (I walked past a lot on Boylston a couple of blocks away where they were charging $45). Take the T. It's $6 to park and fare is $2.50 each way
Additional Comments: For the first-timer, I recommend making a day of it. Get up early, take the T to Kenmore (I parked at Oak Grove on the Orange line and transferred to the green line at North Station). NOTE: Do NOT take Green line E as it does not stop at Kenmore. Arrive at the ballpark before 9:00 a.m. and take a ballpark tour. After the tour, have lunch in the neighborhood and then enter the ballpark at least an hour before gametime so you can walk around the ballpark and take everything in. After the game, have a beer or two in one of the sports bars nearby, or eat dinner in the neighborhood so you can allow enough time for the crowds on the T to thin out. Of course that's not an option for a night game as the trains stop running around midnight. Still, the lines move quickly and there are enough trains to handle the crowd.

Submitted By: Ryan McNeil Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: What's NOT a pro about this place? It's the baseball equivalent of walking into a cathedral. Some of the most passionate fans in baseball make the experience that much more amazing, and the gameday vibe in the surrounding streets (many of which are closed to vehicle traffic) makes for great anticipation as you approach the park. Snacks are relatively cheap, and the vendors going up and down the rows even sell Boston Clam Chowder. The Sox have done an awesome job of keeping the shine on the old girl. Walkways, bathrooms, and concourses have been given a great spit & polish, which helps it avoid turning into a dank dirty relic.
Cons of the ballpark: If you aren't a fan of cramped seats, give this park a skip - they pack 'em in tight! Oh, and lord help you if your seat is behind one of the posts supporting the upper deck. Driving there can be a pain...hell driving just about anywhere in Boston can be a pain, but Fenway especially. Getting away by public transit can be a pain too, as the local stations don't seem to be staffed for a flood of commuters that late.
Additional Comments: As a Red Sox fan, this is as close to heaven as I'll ever get. After getting a taste of them on the ballpark tour, I would LOVE to go back and sit in the seats above The Green Monster. Believe the hype - Fenway is a must-see for any baseball lover.

 Submitted By: Elias Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: 1. Great Hot Dogs! 2. Great atmosphere. Fans know their team in and out, and are excited about them no matter what. It's a sellout every night. 3. Full of history because its so old, and very intimate. 4. Manual scoreboard
Cons of the ballpark: 1. Very expensive to park at the games-- up to $50-100.
2. Some seats have views obstructed by large poles that hold the upper deck up.
3. While we're talking seats...grandstand seats are very old, very narrow, and made of wood. They are not close to comfortable. Upper bleachers are VERY far away from home plate. Many of the seats are not angled towards home plate (esp. down RF and LF lines), so you will get a stiff neck...
Additional Comments: Good ballpark if you can get tickets! Brokers are your best bet, or StubHub, or eBay. Expect to pay a lot, even for the worst seats. You will have a great time no matter where you sit, though. Fans can be obnoxious if you don't root for the Red Sox, so be careful!

 Submitted By: Sat Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The atmosphere was amazing. It was my first time at Fenway and it was great. After hanging out at the pub right behind the "green monster," tossing back what else but the local libation favorite libation Samuel Adams you just have a twenty feet walk right through the sea of Red Sox nation till you get to the entrance. Once you get in its almost like any other great baseball sporting event. If you are one of the lucky ones and are able to attend highly sought after three game series with the Yankees, then the intensity of Fenway Park is even greater! The game that I caught was against a 2002 game against the Mariners. Once you make your way to your seat, you're just amazed with how intense Red Sox fans are about their team. There were many fights and drunk people getting crazy everywhere and people just going nuts about anything. Not matter where you're sitting, Fenway is definitely a must visit ballpark.
Cons of the ballpark: At the time I went, security was really tight. And maybe it can get annoying when there are constant fighting going on during a game. During the game that I went to there were five fights. Security was just nuts that night.
Additional Comments: If you're planning on seeing a game at Fenway there are couple of things that you have to do prior to and after the game. First make sure you get to Fenway atleast three hours before game time. Before the game, head over to the pub that sits directly behind the Green Monster. You can't miss it. That bar is just filled with nothing but Red Sox memorabilia so if you hate the Red Sox this is definitely not the pub for you. After the game is over, make sure you don't make any plans because all you need for a awesome night is all right there. There are tons of clubs right down Fenway as well as some kick ass bars. There is one mini brewery that is adjacent to Fenway and is definitely the worst place you could even think about going. There local concoction consists of water down beer laden with raisins. Trust me, this is just absolutely freakin' terrible. Other than that, the place is a pretty nice place to hangout at. But just remember that there are just a ton of things to do around that area. Plus if you're hungry there are fastfood restaurants just right around the corner.

 Submitted By: Mike Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The park is beautiful.  I went on a tour the morning of the game (Mets vs Sox- 6/27/06-I'm a Mets fan) and the history and views of the field are stunning.  The area around the park is great also, with a huge, air-conditioned team store that spans about the whole block.  Before the game, at 5:00 when the gates opened, it seemed everyone was already there.  Because the seats are so close to the field, you are practically touching the players.  Finally, the history of the park is dreamlike and a thrill to view.
Cons of the ballpark: I respect Red Sox fans, but it was a little too crazy.  Because the seats are so close, you're practically on top of  the person in front of you.  One person kept spilling her beer on me, while a gigantic man kept falling asleep, and leaning back into me during the game.  Also, because the prices are so high, there were very few families and kids there.  Although the seats around the infield are great, the many bleacher seats and the area around it are over expensive, and its impossible to see home plate.
Additional Comments: Basically, Fenway is a beautiful park, around a great area.  I took the subway, and I easily got to the park.  I would recommend going no later than 5:00 to a night game, because every game is sold out.  I would definitely recommend a tour, its great and you get to go everywhere around the stadium.  The Monster Seats are a rip-off, the view is the same as regular bleacher seats, but they're $150 each.  Also, unlike Shea, their really aren't fun things to view/watch/interact with in between innings.

 Submitted By: Dex Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Nostalgia, the intimacy of the park, not too many bad seats, MONSTER SEATS (the seats on top of the right field wall added two years ago) but the feeling of going to the same park you grandfather went to as a kid is the best. Make sure you get a sausage with onions outside the gate.
Cons of the ballpark: The ticket prices ($100-120 face for Monster seats, $80 face for box), long lines for beer ($6 a plastic cup), the I beams that block the view of some seats (don't complain b/c you're warned; your ticket will read "OBSTRUCTED VIEW" in bold letters).
Additional Comments: Fenway Park isn't just a place to go for a ballgame, it's a place you go for an experience. As a Sox fan I'm a little biased, but it's definitely the best time I could ask for. I make it a point not to get ketchup on my Fenway franks, as it's a crime; Fenway only started giving out ketchup four years ago. People who complain about parking obviously haven't spent too much time in Boston as there's no where to park anywhere. Take the T (subway/trolley) Green Line to Kenmore and walk a quarter mile across the Mass Pike to Lansdowne Street. There's also some late night clubs if you're into that type of thing. Some people swear by the Cask N Flagon, some hate it-- hit or miss. I like the bar just built into the park. The Henry Ownership has done alot for the park and the team...just expect to burn AT LEAST $70 for two people on a game at Fenway.

 Submitted By: BGuy Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Classic Ballpark, not much has changed since when it was built. The concourses are basically identical to Wrigley. The food is good and while there are poles in the lowers, I really didnt care
Cons of the ballpark: Red Sox fans. There's not a lot of real ones. Most of the people there started being fans a few years ago. The park is full of tourists. Ill admit, I was one in June of '04 but as a baseball fan I had to see this piece of history. Parking wasn't a problem for us as we were staying 2 blocks away from the park. Scalpers are everywhere around this are and for good reason. Dumb tourists will pay $60-100 per ticket for pretty crappy seats.
Additional Comments: All in all though, I had a good time. The Red Sox lost, but I was more there for the experience.

 Submitted By: Joe M. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It's a great atmosphere in general-the fans are focused on the BASEBALL GAME, and they all know what's happening. the field is OUTDOORS, and its got REAL GRASS, which is the way baseball was meant to be played. its a beautiful place, and everyone should visit it.
Cons of the ballpark: Our tickets were in farthest possible point from the field (top row, right center), and there wasn't allot of leg room, but that doesn't matter so much, because you are standing and cheering so much.
Additional Comments: Anyone who thinks Fenway isn't a great park, (i.e. "MODERN AMENITIES) you're not a true baseball fan. you're an idiot. Fenway might be in need of renovations, but its a great park. you and your jumbo TVs can go shove it-you're the reason baseball is having all these problems-you're attention span is so short you need to be constantly entertained with stupid little games and stuff on the widescreen. baseball is the true American Sport, and shouldn't even stoop to the level of the drunk apathetic football fans.

 Submitted By: Fred T. Grade: F
Pros of the ballpark: Nostalgia can only do so much for a place.
Cons of the ballpark: Everything! The place is disgusting, run-down, putrid in nearly every way. Parking is a disaster within miles of the park, you feel like you're going to self-combust because everything is so small, and the colors of the interior are hideous. Any talk of renovating this park would compare to the idea of placing a Corvette engine in a Model T.
Additional Comments: People have this fantastic disillusion that this is one of the greatest ballparks ever constructed. When will they learn? If you sit on the first base side, you have a fantastic view of an ugly green wall and an underachieving team for three and a half hours. The dimensions are so quirky, you'd think the place was designed by the stooges. Are you willing to tell me that in the entire city of Boston there wasn't one other lot to build this dump on? Don't even get me started on the smell of the concourse or the lovely steel I-beams that block so many views. I've been to some of the greatest and most amazing facilities in the world and I had high expectations coming here. I left sorely disappointed and wishing for something greater. I know one day the Red Sox will finally come to their senses and tear down this dump. Until then we are all forced to watch one of baseball's most overrated teams play in a rat trap that suits them nicely.

 Submitted By: Joe Larrea Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark : Fenway Park is hands down the best ballpark I've visited so far. It stands like any other building in the city of Boston. There's no parking and from the outside looks like a factory. Red Sox Fans walk down Ipswich past the old buildings the we see throughout Boston, they turn on Yawkey Way and see a huge crowd of Red Sox fans celebrating there team outside of Fenway. You show your ticket at the front of the block, so no one joins the party without a ticket. All concessions are sold outside as well. A young man stands on stilts wearing a Red Sox uniform entertains the fans outside the park. He calls himself Big League Brian. This celebration and tradition reminds me that of the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. And at the time i visited these fans were unaware that in only four months they'll have a world champion. I took my seat and listened to the old fashion organ music. I noticed a program in the seat next to me in the seat next to me. It said that  Nomar Garciaparra would soon be leaving I thought it was B.S. Suddenly the organ music gave way to Bubba O'Riley one of my favorite songs. Right before the game started they showed a montage of of the greatest players in Red Sox history. The Red Sox beat the Athletics that night   11-0. It was the best game I've been to.
Cons of the Ballpark: It's a small ballpark so it's hard to get tickets in time. The Support beams are a problem but if you wait a couple of innings you can probably find another spot. After it rains the upper deck leaks onto the seats bellow. Also theres no cup holders no you have to be careful with your drink.
Additional Comments: Dont come to Fenway if your rooting for the opposing team, especially if its the Yankees!!!

 Submitted By: Bill Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Step back in time at Fenway, all the greats played on this very field. It seems nothing has changed since then. Enter at Gate A and get a beer, it is dumpy all around the concessions, but when you go to your seats and see that green field it is incredible! I went to about 25 games to see Clemans pitch and couldn't hook up for one reason or another, bought 4 tix for my friends and I got the one behind the pole. Saw Pedro stike out 15 twice right behind the plate, you have got to go. Get one of those sausages outside the entrance
Cons of the ballpark: The Cask and Flagon next door, they have great pictures on the wall, but the door people are dick heads and the staff treat you like crap...Do Not go there and buyt anything. Boston beer Co.'s beer sucks and is warm, and full of yuppies in suits. The downstairs bar directly across from gate A is fun

 Submitted By: Parker T. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Almost Everything, The History there is incredible, I am a young Red Sox fan and Have been there 6 times by my count. Fenway is like a giant neighborhood, Thankfully, All full of Red Sox Fans ( I am so sick New Englanders calling themselves Yankee fans simply because they win more).
Cons of the ballpark: The concession stand area feels like a parking garage, very crowded parking garage. The bathrooms need to be updated.
Additional Comments: If You are a Stadium Critic, Don't come here. If you are a Baseball History Critic, your more then welcome.

 Submitted By: Anthony Lorenzo
Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The History of Fenway and the Red Sox can be appreciated by any baseball fan.  The fans are knowledgeable and the Park is something out of the 1920's.  A Great  place to visit and spent the day.  The seats are right on top of the field.
Cons of the ballpark: Be careful where you sit, some seats are blocked by pillars and decks.  Also, individuals were alot smaller in 1918, when the ballpark was built, the seats can be uncomfortable.
Additional Comments: Arrive at Fenway as early as you can.  I suggest parking at the Prudential Financial Center and enjoying the 10 minute walk to Fenway.  There are numerous memorabilia shops and some wonderful food vendors.  You really get a feel for the history and tradition of Red Sox Baseball after spending a day at Fenway.

Submitted By: Bob Patrick Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: "Old School" atmosphere, meaning you feel like you're at a very special place in baseball history. Good food and great fans! Great sightlines, too!
Cons of the ballpark: The fence, with guards, preventing anyone from getting to the "good seats" without a ticket. I wasn't even allowed to browse the area for a few minutes. With Old stadiums come plenty of cracks, rust and funky smells.
Additional Comments: If you love baseball, GET TO FENWAY PARK! I give it an "A" simply for it's importance in baseball history.


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