Submitted By: Willis Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The fountains are an awesome sight, especially at night. It was a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
Cons of the ballpark: The upgrades. The old K was nicer. Adding all of that nonsense behind the fence was unnecessary.
Additional Comments:
The Royals have been terrible for a long time, but things are looking up in 2013.

Submitted By: R Nash Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: We have been to many stadiums, not all of them yet but a lot. This stands out as one of the top family ballparks ever. My kids still talk about the outfield concourse and all that there is to do for them there. The fans are fantastic, the park is clean. The "monstrosity of awesomeness" that is the video board in center field is top notch. The fountains make the park unique and can be very picturesque. The food was awesome.

Cons of the ballpark: None
Additional Comments: The Royals have not been close to a contender in some time, but not seeing this park in person would be a huge mistake if you are a baseball fan.

 Submitted By: Ronald Theriot Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The Royals did a great job with the upgrades, most of which revolve around child-oriented activities, which today I suppose you've got to have. When I first visited in 2005, I was quite pleased, and not under the impression that the ballpark needed any improvements. It's hard to believe it's 37 years old (1973)! Great place to catch a game. The ushers did not bother me in any way about walking around taking photos.
Cons of the ballpark: The only negative is that there really is not any place immediate to the ballpark to hang out before/after games.
Additional Comments: If one is willing to walk a bit, there is a bar & grill north of the stadium, across the boulevard. I thought it was a nice place.

 Submitted By: BJM Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It was a very vivid game, and one that won't be forgotten. A very decent at least location near the outskirts of town, with gambling nearby and historic Arrow-Head next door. Holding a beautiful centerfield view meanwhile. The fountains and scoreboard were surprisingly up to date, considering the age of the venue.
Cons of the ballpark: It seemed like they were waiting on renovations as if holding out for a new locale or something, but was not too awfully run-down. Small exit ways were ignored due to exceptional concourse size. The Team shop however was smaller than my hometowns minor league team in all likely hood. Compared to stadium size it was a coat closet.
Additional Comments: The biggest surprise was that Kauffman had one of the nicest views and wasn't near the city really. Not a horrible drive from downtown either. Also the club seats were more than acceptable. I can't wait till the '09-'10 renovations are complete.

 Submitted By: Marc Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: If you did not know that this park was built in the 70's, you would think it was the latest in the retro movement.  What makes it more unique is the fact that it does not have all of the brick and iron like Camden, Coors, etc.  The architecture is quite modern, especially in the upper deck, where the seats "tail off" as they move down the lines.  The water spectacular was better than its reputation and the "Royal Scoreboard"-one of a kind and talk about team spirit!
Cons of the ballpark: The main concourse is cramped, but I don't really think that it is much of a con-it just means get all of your junk BEFORE the game starts and sit down!
Additional Comments: We went to see the Royals play the Blue Jays when the daytime temps were over 100 and it was 95 at the first pitch.  The Royals set out water coolers all over the stadium for people to get water and stay hydrated. Plus there was an EMT at every section just in case someone became overcome by the heat.  Despite all this, there were still 18000 in the stands cheering until the last out.  Bravo Kansas City-do what you can to keep this stadium!

 Submitted By: Eric Geiple Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Steve said it best.. Clean, Friendly, and HAPPY. I'm 23 years old and going to this park gave me the feeling that I got to when I went to Memorial Stadium with my dad for the first time. It blew me away. Sure its not much to look at from the outside but WOW.. amazing on the inside. I was impressed with how the concourse is open air into the playing field area. I love that design and to be done back then was WAYYY ahead of its time. The Organ music is great! You dont get that too much anymore these days. With the other cookie cutter ballparks out there nowadays, everything here seemed to be innovative. It's kind of odd saying that about an older ballpark, but it's true. It's far from cookie cutter. The View.. The huge scoreboard, the fountains, the symmetrical outfield.. wow. It's amazing. Even the lights are cool. The ticket prices are fair, and I like how you park right next to the park, but the parking lot is concealed from view while you're watching the game.
Easily the most family friendly, best overall "good feel" ball park I've been to. (out of 9 parks)
Cons of the ballpark: Too much concrete.. but once you get inside that all disappears. The concourse was a little cramped, but that's not a complete bad thing. There's just so much character in this park that you don't find in many other parks. Peeing in "troughs" ..yeah.. In the bathroom you pee with other people in a large urinal. Its kind of weird.
Driving EAST from COLORADO in KANSAS!! Worst.. drive... ever..
Additional Comments: All I can say is WOW.. Upgrade the bathrooms.. but NEVER GET A NEW BALLPARK!! Character, Friendliness, and an overall "I'm happy to be here" and "this is what baseball should be like" feeling in the park. I also saw a great game where the Orioles came back and won after being down like 8-0.. but hey.. I still rank this park NUMBER 2.. Above Oriole Park and just below PNC Park. If you're reading this and not sure about going to see a game in an older ballpark.. GO! Especially if you're stuck with the cookie cutter blues.

 Submitted By: Shawn Munro Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Before going to see a Royals game on a trip, I had only heard so-so responses about the park.  However, on arriving I discovered a small market jewel of baseball.  The outfield is simply the best in all of baseball behind Pac Bell Park.  The fountains at night are amazing and the grass around them provides a clean, well-groomed look.  The giant Royals scoreboard that sits high in the sky reminds you of past glories of George Brett and the mid-eighties.  The fans had an ownership mentality of the team, showing loyal, family style routing and support.  You will encounter the purity of minor league baseball mixed with big league beauty at this park.
Cons of the ballpark: Traffic was a little intense entering the park, and large crowd nights will mean longer than average waits at vendors.
Additional Comments: Having Arrowhead Stadium in the same parking lot is also enjoyable for sight seeing football fans that attend Royals' games.

 Submitted By: L. Tanon Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Can you say absolutely beautiful! I could not believe my eyes as we walked in to see how close you really are to the field and then to be there for Friday night fireworks. I think I would have to say the pros are definitely the fountains, actual beauty of the field esp. when the sun sets on a clear night and then the atmosphere. The people really are quite nice esp. to two NY'ers traveling to their stadium. Who would have known?
Cons of the ballpark: Personally I didnt have any cons. Great people, great stadium..very "friendly" atmosphere.
Additional Comments: Definitely a park we have decided to visit again whether one of our teams is playing the Royals or not. I would recommend it to anyone.

 Submitted By: KC Sinclair Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: I'm from Houston, but made a second trip back to KC just to see this park a second time. In some ways it's hard to believe that it is an older park because it has so many modern features. If you go, night games are the best. The waterfalls are colored by background lighting and there are fireworks when the Royals win. Most of the people who go there are families, so you don't hear a lot of cursing in the stands. Another thing to try is their ice cream, when I went it was served in a miniature Royals batting helmet. Also take a look at the museum they have to the KC Monarchs. Excellent place to see a game.
Cons of the ballpark: The only negative I could think of was getting there. If you are not a veteran to the KC area, be sure to get a map or ask the locals. I got lost the first time, then traffic is a hassle when you are going to a big game so get to the park early.
Additional Comments:
I've been to a few of the other parks in MLB, but so far Kauffman is my favorite.

 Submitted By: Steve McCrary Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The first words that came to mind were beautiful, clean, and "happy". The fountains in right field are wonderful, and the water display after the night game was breathtaking, with a lot of oohing and aahing coming from kids of all ages. We walked around in later innings, and believe there is not a bad seat in the house. Each seat faces second base--really. The organist was the best I've ever heard.
Cons of the ballpark: The escalator only goes to the Club Level--if you are in the upper deck, you have to walk up one of the circular ramps--not too bad though.
Additional Comments:
I've been to 17 MLB parks, and must say this is the best overall--parking, prices, seats, entertainment, food, beauty, and hospitality.

 Submitted By: Richard Anderson Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The parking is the cheapest you will find. The seats are the cheapest in the Majors. I mean its Major League Baseball, who can beat that. Its really easy to get autographs. Its very easy to change seats in the stadium. Plus it so fun.
Cons of the ballpark: When the stadium is packed its a bit hard to get around. The food is so expensive. Other than that its the best stadium around.
Additional Comments: All of the players are really nice, plus you should visit the little K (on the 1st base side of the outfield plaza).

 Submitted By: Tony Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The most beautiful backdrop in baseball. The fountains and the chance to see someone put it the fountains. Very creative vendors. One lemonade vendor yells "Lem-on-ade! Lem-on-ade!" really fast. Then he yells "Whooooo0!" The crowd then picks it up and yells it with him. It is pretty amazing. The "K" which people call it is kind of a 70s park but with not quite the "cookie cutter" like most of it's bros and sisters built at that time. The big scoreboard with a crown on top is quite breathtaking. There are dugout suites next to the dugouts that you can rent out and sit like the pros after you fill yourself up with an all you can eat and drink course inside the suites. You can't get any closer to the action than these seats in the dugout suites. Also The "K" has a Royal Pavillion in the left center concourse which gives an outfield view. The tickets all in all are pretty affordable compared to some bigger markets. Same MLB action.
Cons of the ballpark: As nice as the upkeep is on this park. It eventually will need some renovations. possible more attractions in the outfield. Possibly a walkway full of activites,shops,and maybe a sports bar to circle around the stadium.
Additional Comments: None.

 Submitted By: Dan Paynter Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This park had a lot to offer. I was happily surprised by Kaufman field. There is a fully air conditioned restaurant down the leftfield lines, there's a play area for little kids, the food was pretty good, but the variety of foods wasn't quite as good as some other parks. The Royals keep you entertained though. They have two full motion video screens that can show replays, stats, scores, etc. They also have the waterfalls and shrubs in the outfield. The Huge trademark Royal's scoreboard rises high above the park. The park is dug out of the ground, so as you enter, you are at the top of the outfield bleachers. They have a ton of parking and easy access from the main highway, so there were no problems or delays getting to the game. The Lion mascot was also very entertaining. Watching a woman climb up on his back, pulling hot dogs from out of his crown and tossing them off the upper deck to the people on the lower deck was one of the most entertaining extras I've seen at a ballgame.
Cons of the ballpark: They could have a little more variety for foods to eat and of course the team needs some work, but other than that, I wouldn't change much.
Additional Comments: You Got to Love These Guys!

 Submitted By: Tony Schmitz Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: This ballpark has a very friendly atmosphere.  The fans are loyal.  That was probably what I enjoyed the most out of this place.   Even though the royals are the worst in MLB the 18000 that showed up were pretty much all die hards.  There really isn't a bad seat in the house and the park has an intimate feel.  The Water display is gorgeous and the sky high scoreboard looms over the field reminding everyone of past glories.  The pare is not hard to get too and I saw tailgating!!! You don't seem to see that much for baseball much anymore.  Even though the game had some poor pitching and the game was almost 4 hrs long it was still an enjoyable experience.
Cons of the ballpark: The main concourse is quite small.  18000 people made it feel cramped.  The infield grass looked a little sad but that was probably due to the fact that it had been raining a ton so the field was covered and the grass was trying to recover.  The stadium isn't much to look at from the outside but it makes due.  Exterior design must not have been a priority in 1972.  There wasn't much selection of food and it was price pretty high.  A snowcone for 4.25  well this is the big leagues.
Additional Comments: The royals have done alot to spruce this place up.  The natural grass is a huge improvement.  The new dark blue seats are much better then the red and orange seats that were originally here plus their unique.  Also they did a nice job with adding the royals hall of fame the world series trophy and the statues outside are a nice touch.  All in all a nice place to see a game and a very pleasant experience.  This is a park that doest get enough recognition.  its not as nice as the new retro parks but its still definitely deserves an honorable mention.


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