Submitted By: Hal Borkowski Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: 1.  The fans.  Core of loyal and knowledgeable people who have interesting opinions.  You can learn a lot about the team and baseball talking with the people around you during a pitching change.
2.  The field.  It is probably the best playing surface in the AL and certainly no worse than one of the top three.  You can count on true bounces and good footing for a well played game.  The grass is mowed in a pattern.  Seeing it as you come into the seats is always a thrill.  There is a huge foul ground which makes it a good pitcher's park and puts a premium on fielding.  Teams really play good ball here.
There are three or four fireworks games a year that they let you out onto the outfield for.  It is like a putting green.
3. The Guest relations staff.  These people are always friendly and welcoming.
4.  The weather, but the sun can be hot.  Bring your sunblock.
5.  The staging of the games.  There are some nice facilities for kids, but there is not the kind of entertainment that makes you wonder if you came to a ballpark or an amusement park.
Cons of the ballpark: 1. Mount Davis.  A huge concrete block across the outfield built to expand seating capacity for the raiders, it destroyed a pretty view of tHe Oakland Hills.
2.  Sound system.  Blurry, loud in a bad sense.
3. Scoreboards.  Last generation.
4. Food service.  Stand in one line for a hotdog, another line for fries, any line for beer.  There are some really good things, but you have to search them out.  When ticket sales are down for a game, many of the more interesting stands stay closed.  Good barbecue in the left field corner, field level.  Good take out bar at the homeplate end of the West Side club.  Femme food: vegetables, chicken; but a well-fed woman is a happy woman and you enjoy the game more.  Deli Sandwiches and lattes behind home plate, field level.
5.Sun seats are hot.  You will fry if you aren't careful.  Night games can be cool for two reasons:  Bay area weather makes July and August evenings cool and damp, (September/October is absolutely great.) But the stadium really is a big concrete pile, and it can be dank.
6. Sharing with the Raiders.  Football stands are not on wheels.  They take a long time to set up and so they are left up when the A's are on the road.  It kills the outfield grass.
Additional Comments: I can compare the Coliseum to old Cleveland Muni, Shea, Wrigley before the lights, Old Comiskey, Candlestick and whatever the Giants' house is called today.  I'd rather be at the Coliseum to watch a ballgame.

 Submitted By: Tony Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: The pro's is that the atmosphere is definitely family-friendly (well depends where you sit). The ballpark haves fans involved with games like dot-racing and etc. I'm an die hard A's fan so I gave this a better grade than it should really have but I still love going to this place. The food is great and the space for parking is another pro. BART is a great transportation to the games.
Cons of the ballpark: Well the security is the worst in the league. I had a few problems with them simply because they really think they can control you and they also act like you cant root for your team. Other than that, just look at it. The Raiders destroyed it by moving back to Oakland. The parking is ridiculous ($14) for what!!! Oh and the field looks horrible and see affect the players after a Raider game. Alot of fights and things happen in the bleachers nowadays so expect ALOT of security to be in the bleachers.
Additional Comments: I still call it the O.co Coliseum, and so does everybody else in Oakland. Like I said I'm a A's fan so I gave it a D, but I really hope the A's finally get that park somewhere in the bay area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Submitted By: Joe Larrea Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: This Ballpark has wonderful Weather, its usually sunny and doesn't have much wind. Seats are easy to come by since it's such a large park. It's easy to enter and exit the ballpark since the parking lot leads directly to the freeway. The food is great, and there's always a bender some were around. The area were the O.co Coliseum is located contains all three major sports. The Raiders and Athletics play at the Coliseum, and the Warriors play at the other end of the parking lot.
Cons of the ballpark: The one Big problem with the O.co Coliseum is the sun. On day games the sun shines directly over head and could really be an inconvenience. If you wear a baseball cap your face will be alright but the back of your neck will get fried. So it will be best to Wear a bucket Cap. Also they serve food in massive quantities, which is only a problem to only certain people.
Additional Comments: The O.co Coliseum is a awesome ballpark and it's a shame that it will soon be replaced.

 Submitted By: Ketchup Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The stadium is so big so tickets aren't hard to come by and a lot of seats are empty. Me and my dad always just come and get same-day bleacher tickets. then we just sit in a few empty 1st or second deck seats (until we get kicked out by the real owners of the seats. Food is great and well priced. I am a long time A's fan and i know all the chants, all the sayings and so does every other fan in the park. the fans are great. they are so loud at times I cant hear my friends yell to me 2 seats away. This is a great park
Cons of the ballpark: MOUNT DAVIS!!!!! it ruined the stadium!! it makes it so ugly. the design is boring. the seats are hard. but as a diehard fan like me, you get over those things. the buildings around it are not too good either. like others have said in day games the sun beats down on you hard. the best seats for those days is where the second deck overhangs the first one.
Additional Comments: The only thing truly wrong is mt. davis and the sun. if you are going to go there RIDE BART!

 Submitted By: D. Twomlby Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The Coliseum has a great field for a multipurpose park that is free of clutter like the newer "retro" parks. The concourses are large and fairly clean. The food and beer selection is great and it is all good food for the price (They have $1 hotdogs). The tickets are very cheap and there is alot of parking. The park also has a very open feel too it because of it being a very wide open park as opposed to tall, and they keep the lights on 6 big standards instead of all around the rim.
Cons of the ballpark: The Mt. Davis addition in center field doesn't mesh with the rest of the park. The old bleacher were better.
Additional Comments: Probably the nicest multipurpose park in Baseball.

 Submitted By: Tubbs Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: the fans are the very best there!  the drummers add a lot to the crowd, but with or without them, they have very, VERY loyal fans, ranging in ages from 0-100...literally!  and it's always interesting to read the hundreds of signs that are brought to the park!  the food there is awesome (especially the big dog!).  Oakland has a great atmosphere to it!  (unlike it's pompous boring fans across the bay).
Cons of the ballpark: The restrooms could've been a bit cleaner.
Additional Comments: Great stadium, great fans, great food, and great team!  what more can you ask for?

 Submitted By: Brian Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The bleachers are rockin', with the drummers, other involved fans, and I like how they're elevated well above the field (you feel closer to home plate than at other parks). No seat is too high (not counting Mt. Davis seats that are seldom sold) and hardly any obstructed views, unlike most of the newfangled parks. Plus seat prices are super cheap, and you can usually sit wherever you want (except the first level) because there aren't many people there.
Cons of the ballpark: You can't see parts of the outfield from the bleachers, there is a walkway in front of the 3rd deck seats that block your view if you're in the first few rows, Mt. Davis is ugly. Plus there's a lot of foul territory down the lines.
Additional Comments: Not the prettiest ballpark, but great fans at a low price can't be beat. Better than any other multipurpose stadium.

 Submitted By: Brooke M. Maas Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The ballpark is fantastic!! I love going to the network associates coliseum. The environment is incredible, but the fans, man are the fans great! I have NEVER seen such devoted fans (Giants fans should take advice from the Oakland fans)! The prices for everything are also great (food, tickets, and souvenirs)! The Athletics may not be the best team in baseball (there on their way) but at least they have one of the best coliseums!
Cons of the ballpark: The only bad thing about the park is its location. I know Oakland can be an ok place, during the day, but at night its a little scary!
Additional Comments: I would like to commend the season ticket holders, you are what makes the Oakland Athletics such a great team.

 Submitted By: Pat McAtee Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: 1. Prices 2. Seating (1st & 2nd deck only) 3. Westside Club 4. The staff. Especially the way they take care of disabled fans. 5. BART
Cons of the ballpark: 1. Seating (3rd deck & bleachers) 2. Mount Davis 3. Not much do after the ballgame in the neighborhood
Additional Comments: There are a number of other problems NOT associated directly with the park. 1. Bud Selig & his hit list. 2. The City Council, Board of Supervisors & JPA (I used to think the owners were a problem but, they have eased up a bit. Could it be the hope of a downtown stadium?). Oakland needs a baseball only park. It would help revitalize the downtown area, have neighborhood feel (Ala Wrigleyville) to it and, help ensure the survival of baseball in Oakland. I've been to Pac Bell and, it's nice but, Oakland can do better.

Submitted By: Mike Boogie Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The atmosphere is unbelievable, especially when the Yankees, Red Sox, or Mariners come to town (the big rivals). The drummers are always playing no matter what the score is, even if the A's are down 10 runs. There are chants that everyone in the Stadium knows, accompanied by special drum beats by the outfield drummers. The food selection is very good, they have Vegetarian options and low fat meals as well as traditional ballpark grub. The tickets are also really cheap. On Wednesdays you can buy a good seat ticket, 5 hotdogs and 4 beers for just $10. Parking is also very good and the restrooms are fine. Most of all though, the people of Oakland and the East Bay love their team. Constant tailgating parties and crazily dressed fans are the norm. The fans are very loyal and very educated, and are obviously proud of the success of their team despite having one of the lowest payrolls in Baseball.
Cons of the ballpark: Mt. Davis does add that closed and ugly look to the Stadium, and the whole thing really isn't glamorous at all, but the team really makes up for the lack of eye candy.
Additional Comments: Good Ballpark.


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