Submitted By: TribeFan Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: The ballpark is an engineering marvel, I was really impressed with the architecture and the location in downtown Toronto. The concourse was great, I like that you can walk around the main concourse and pretty much see the live game from wherever you are. Even with the roof closed it was a fun place to watch a game.
Cons of the ballpark: First thought here is the narrow seats and the little to no leg room, it was very uncomfortable. The team shop was a little disappointing too, I just didn't see a lot of variety and it looked a little run down.
Additional Comments:
All in all the park was ok, as a visiting team's fan I had a good time watching the game with some good natured heckling from the Jay's fans. Still trying to figure out what the 7th inning stretch song was all about before "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Submitted By: Issac Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Best program in the major leagues, bar none!! Check it out from the great vendors, many renovations at the park show the Jays are trying. They have put in some souvenir stands outside the ball park and that adds atmosphere to all the concrete
Cons of the ballpark: I am sorry but just because a game is on Saturday does not make it a premium priced game, games against Seattle and Baltimore in May should not command premium pricing.
Additional Comments:
A good ballpark, do not let the field turf and the multi purpose design throw you. Rogers Centre isn't a bad park its just different because they don't make them anymore.

Submitted By: Mr. Couture Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: 1. Fantastic location: many other MLB parks are located in terrible or random parts of the city, sometimes even the outskirts. 2. Seating: most of the seating has a great vantage point. 3. Roof/dome: unlike most MLB parks, the roof is retractable, so no need to worry about getting rained on, or worse, a canceled game. 4. Jumbotron: many ball parks lack a good and massive video screen like this one. 5. Staff: the employees seem a lot friendlier than most ball parks. 6. Great view: arguably the best view in baseball... CN Tower is unmatched!

Cons of the ballpark: 1. Fans: the energy level can be pretty low at times. 2. Parking: I would advise against it as it's quite expensive. 3. Astroturf: should have real grass.

Additional Comments: It's between an A and a B. It's no Yankee Stadium or even Fenway Park, but it blows a lot of other ball parks out of the water!

 Submitted By: Cman Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Great neighborhood around the park, nothing wrong with that. Upper deck seats are only $14 and if you get tickets up there but behind the plate, then the view isn't bad at all.
Cons of the ballpark: The retractable dome is a piss off because it causes shadows and it looks bad from inside and outside. I would have rather they didn't have a roof at all and maybe then we'd be able to see the downtown core of Toronto.
Additional Comments: The ballpark i guess isn't that bad it just isn't that attractive. But the neighborhood's great and there's many places to get food and drinks before or after the game. Plus the team's fantastic. GO BLUEJAYS GO!

 Submitted By: Mike C. Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The sound system and video boards are top notch quality. Especially, Jays Vision (Jumbotron) and the video boards around the Centre's walls, shows  out of town scores and info on  players.  The music is a mix between traditional, classic and the new; therefore keeping all age groups interested.  The concourse is very big so if there are big crowds, it doesn't really get crowded. They also have virtual games video games to keep fans busy. When the dome his open, the view of the skyline, especially the CN Tower, is a marvel to watch and makes the Rogers Centre like a real ballpark.  However, it is also great that they can close the roof, so they do not have to cancel games because of rain  or can control temperature it is too cold in April.  Public transportation, (TTC and GO) are close walking distances. They have a path called the Skywalk to the Rogers Centre, that shows the skyline of Toronto and the harbor.  There is plenty or restaurants like "Windows Restaurant," "Hard Rock Cafe," or "Open Restaurant" to watch the game and eat at the same time.  Plus, there is a hotel in the stadium, having some windows looking over the field, bringing a unique touch.
Cons of the ballpark: Even though I am an enthusiastic Jays fans, others are not. So, there are many activates between innings that try to encourage the crowd. The atmosphere is very dim unless they are facing the Yankees or Red Sox.  The improved turf looks nice but, natural grass will be better. The seats have very little leg room and the 100 and 500 level seats could be more comfortable.  Seats on the left and right foul lines are not facing homeplate, so it can get uncomfortable and have neck pains.  That is just another disadvantage of a multi-purpose stadium. The food are very expensive in the Rogers Centre.  Also, some parking areas near the stadium are very expensive going to as high as $20, so public transportation is recommended. 
Additional Comments: Even though this was the last of cookie cutter stadium until retro ballparks came into existence Rogers Centre is still a marvel, especially when the roof is open. Renovation on the seats and having natural gas will make the stadium live like the early 90's, and fans have to come the park again.

 Submitted By: Kurt Smith Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Rogers is surprisingly a neat place to see a game. I particularly like the color mesh of green turf, blue seats and red railings. The huge jumbotron is neat to look at, and this being Canada, they sometimes play Rush music between innings, which works for me. Toronto also has some of the friendliest fans and ushers in baseball. Plus the concessions are reasonably cheap.
Cons of the ballpark: My only problem with the place is how it looks from the outside. You wouldn't think it's anything special to look at it from outside.
Additional Comments:: Don't exclude this one from your list if you're seeing a bunch of them. It's much better than you would think and the Bluejays are a fun team to watch.

 Submitted By: Marc Viquez Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The giant jumbotron screen, retractable roof, downtown location, view of the CN Tower when roof is open, and watching 54,000 fans sit in silence for 9 innings (when crowds were that large)
Cons of the ballpark: The astroturf and the nosebleed seats that have you perched up so high in the sky. This was the last of the multi-purpose stadiums and looking back get the feeling that this stadium was little bit too late for its time. Camden Yards in 1992 and Jacobs Field in 1994 ushered in new ways of stadiums. Rogers Centre is still a great stadium, but there should be some changes to make the baseball experience as grand as the newer facilities.
Additional Comments:: Put in grass already!

 Submitted By: Matthew Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: An architectural marvel, if you are very lucky and get to see the stadium dome open, its an amazing site. The view is quite good when the dome is open, cause you get to see the CN Tower (which I still think is the tallest building in the world). Like some past poster said, the sound effects and fireworks add to the baseball game experience, as well as the announcer.
Cons of the ballpark: If you drive to the ballpark, like any other major city, you are screwed, and you will pay alot of $$. Some of the seats at the top 500 level don't get filled.
Additional Comments: It's best if you take the underground transit system to get to the Rogers Centre, because it is alot cheaper than parking, and its very cool walking along the "skywalk" (a transparent walkway on stilts) between the subway system and the Rogers Centre, because you get some good glimpses of the skyline and the CN Tower.

 Submitted By: Stephen Baron Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great gift shop, excellent seating, very good food plus the vendors come down the aisles with more than just beer. Reasonable prices since it's Canada and the stadium is very easy to get to with public transportation. Reserved alcohol seating, and friendly people.
Cons of the ballpark:Not the best team in the AL East, no autograph signing by players. Not a very vocal crowd.
Additional Comments:: I'd go back because it was a very nice experience, even if they lost to the Orioles when I saw them.

 Submitted By: Chris R. Grade: D
Pros of the ballpark: The concourse areas are very large and the ushers are very quiet and don't care about what you do.
Cons of the ballpark: The concessions are very expensive and do not even taste good. They to install real grass because is always open. The seats are not wide with not much leg room.
Additional Comments:: The name 'Rogers Centre' is wrong because you don't call fields centres, you call arenas centres. It should be renovated since the Argos are leaving.

 Submitted By: Noah Rothfeder Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: It is a sight to see. This tourist area of Toronto is pleasing for visitors.
Cons of the ballpark:I do not understand artificial grass, especially when the roof retracts. People go to a baseball game to watch baseball, not to play arcade games. The announcer emphasizes the home team more than the visiting team
Additional Comments:: This place gets crazy with the Yankees in town. A definite mix of Toronto and Yankees fans spices things up. This stadium is much less noisy than other stadiums I have been to.

 Submitted By: Ryan McNeil Grade: B+
Pros of the ballpark: I'm trying to be unbiased since it's my home field. It's perfectly located with lots to do within walking distance. All the windows in the outfield from the restaurants and the hotel are a great touch on an indoor stadium. The new scoreboards have really improved the place, providing lots of stats and some fun graphics. The JaysVision scoreboard in dead center is MUCH sharper than the original Jumbotron with far better color too. The fieldturf has made a great aesthetic improvement too- doesn't quite look like real grass, but it's far better than the day-glo astroturf.
Cons of the ballpark: Our fans can be far too quiet sometimes, but what can you ask from 19 000 people for a Saturday game? I also find that the ballpark experience seems to be lacking when a game is played with the roof shut. Those new scoreboards can make the in-game advertising a bit much sometimes, ditto the dancers and mascot that try to get the crowd going.
Additional Comments:: The improvements since The Jays bought the building back, after being tenants for 10 seasons can't be ignored, and word is that there are more to come. While many may argue to the merits of playing baseball inside, trust me when I say that this makes Canadian baseball a bit more enjoyable as a fan (you won't freeze your you-know-what's off watching a game in early April. Not the greatest stadium out there, but certainly far from the worst.

 Submitted By: Mr. Musty Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The Upper Deck had a nice view (you're right on top of the action).  An abundance of informative scoreboards.  When you're sitting behind the plate or on the third base side (Upper Deck), you have a view of the CN Tower/Toronto skyline.
Cons of the ballpark: Expensive Parking($20-$15 Canadian) in vicinity of Rogers Centre.  Too much corporate sponsorship/between inning promotions.  Astroturf.
Additional Comments:: Rogers Centre is an average stadium with a few distinct features that set it apart from the rest, such as the retractable dome, hotel, and large jumbotron.

 Submitted By: A.Lopez Jr Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: The retractable roof cause it prevents rainouts. Watching the roof open& close is a modern marvel. The souvenir shops in the dome have a great selection of team apparel. The seats behind the team dugouts were padded which was nice...Looking up and seeing the CN Tower is a site.
Cons of the ballpark:If you park by the dome getting out of your parking spot and onto a highway is a time consuming job. The seats behind the home plate area were uncomfortable. The artificial turf needs to go (a retractable dome should have grass like the others do).
Additional Comments: A definite modern marvel cause of the size of the dome, it was visible from many miles away. I also recommend going to the CN Tower next door for the full experience.

 Submitted By: R. Cochrane Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There is much eye candy in this park to keep yourself occupied in between innings. Clean facility, great sound system, the Jumbotron is like a drive-in movie. The CN tower is a classy backdrop when the roof is open. Fireworks explode when Jays hit homers or win the game. I liked the roof closed a little more than open. The lighting is better and my eyes studied the framework of the roof, a remarkable piece of engineering.
Cons of the ballpark:There is much eye candy in this park to keep yourself occupied in between innings. Clean facility, great sound system, the Jumbotron is like a drive-in movie. The CN tower is a classy backdrop when the roof is open. Fireworks explode when Jays hit homers or win the game. I liked the roof closed a little more than open. The lighting is better and my eyes studied the framework of the roof, a remarkable piece of engineering.
Additional Comments: For me the pros outdo the cons. But something is obviously missing from Rogers Centre...fans! Toronto go out and support your Jays!

 Submitted By: Ballpark Fanatic Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Bullpen store conveniently located outside right field gate. THE friendliest staff I have ever seen at any sports venue. Venders are hilarious and very very rarely get in the way of the game. If you are looking for good food, the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is the only way to go. It is the best value, but if you don't want to fork over $7.50, Mr.Sub and Pizza Pizza offers a good selection. Spped pitch in concourse is a fun thing to try as they have a contest throughout the year who can throw the fastest. The baseball-hockey card vending machine is cool as you can get just the player you want. Nolan Ryan, Bonds and Griffey only a quarter each. Roof really is something to see. With it open it feels like a real outdoor park even without grass. Jumbotron is HUGE! Announcer is really cool.
Cons of the ballpark: Atmosphere is really lacking. Fans aren't really into it. Red Sox fans outnumbered Jays fans 2:1.Home Plate entrance is not as spectacular as in newer parks, no stairs or fancy welcoming perks, just a dark hallway that spits you out at the concourse. Hot Dog was all right but  plain, even with the toppings they provided, onions, peppers, etc. Cheesesteak is way better! Concourse is dark, not really inviting. During batting practice, roof should always be open. It feels stuffy when closed so I'll put the roof down as a con also, though it is also a pro. Artificial turf is not as bad as I thought it would be, but natural grass would improve it so much more.
Additional Comments: For Canadians like myself, the only team that is ever on are the BlueJays. So when you grow up with them, Rogers Centre feels like home. Its like you already knew where everything was. You didn't want to leave. Don't let the artificial surface scare you from coming. It is still baseball and the game is not played any differently, its actually kind of neat to see it, though I wouldn't want it for every game I see. Overall a great experience and I will defiantly come back.


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