Submitted By: Will Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark:Simply a magnificent ballpark all the way around. Some reasons why:
-First and foremost, the best retractable roof in sports. Chances are, if you live in Seattle or visit there, you love the outdoors and don't mind some cool temperatures and the threat of rain. Safeco's roof covers the playing field, but doesn't enclose the park, which allows the elements outside to still play a factor. The result is a ballpark that covers you from the constant threat of rain in Seattle without ever making you feel like you're inside a dome. If you've ever visited the likes of Miller Park in Milwaukee and other retractable dome stadiums, you can never escape just how different the park feels with roof open vs. being closed. At Safeco, you barely even notice there is a roof over your head when it's closed. When the roof is open, the roof is tucked away behind right field and it feels just like a stadium without a roof. Brilliant!
-The aesthetics: it's just a beautiful ballpark that never tries to get too gimmicky or detract from the focus being the game itself. The exterior is your typical retro ballpark brick, but it's elegant and feels almost like you're about to step into a cathedral(a baseball palace, if you will). The interior architecture lends itself well towards the general feel of Seattle, rich in many lush hues of green.
-Concessions: There are so many tasty choices that it may be easy to overlook the ballpark staple: a plain old hot dog with mustard. The Bullpen Market beyond left field is an inspired nod to Pike Place Market and features a rich assortment of food options like sushi, egg rolls, teriyaki, barbecue, Ivar dogs, garlic fries, etc. Prices are high, but everything I tried was excellent with large portions.
-What is particularly appealing about Safeco is how it really caters to hardcore purists while also appealing to the casual fan. There are many neat little touches like being able to watch relievers warm up a few feet away in the Bullpen Market, the gathering area beyond center field that allows you to stand and watch the game from a different perspective, the bar beyond left field that allows you to watch the game from over the left fielder's shoulder, the pavilion areas behind home plate and in the upper deck that give breathtaking and peaceful views of Puget Sound, and the typical new ballpark amenities of a full service restaurant and club seating. While these little "extras" help those who like to wander around the ballpark, those who want to sit in their seat and take in the action are treated to generally excellent seating with no bad sightlines that I noticed and those in the cheapest seats(down the 1st base line upper deck) have commanding views of downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, and the Space Needle. There are places to explore around the park, but the focus remains squarely on the game.
-Extra kudos to the nice little Mariners and Seattle area baseball Hall of Fame in the park and the hand-operated scoreboard above the left field wall.

Cons of the ballpark: About the only negative I can find is that Safeco lacks a definitive feature that sets it apart. Wrigley has the ivy, Fenway the Green Monster, PNC the bridge, San Francisco has the bay. While Safeco doesn't look like any other ballpark, it also lacks that 1 thing that also sets it apart. Even the views of the surrounding beauty of the Seattle area can only be appreciated from a few sections.
The constant train whistle blowing from the tracks right outside the park can also become tiresome, though that's a minor quibble and does add its own distinct charm.

Additional Comments: Safeco Field is one of the crown jewels of baseball, deserving of all the praise that is generally heaped on it. It's a fashionable place to visit with an atmosphere that is often buzzing, but it's the roof, excellent views of the game, and thoughtful touches that make it a must-visit for all baseball fans. Definitely one of the top ballparks in baseball today.

 Submitted By: Brandon K. Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Excellent baseball atmosphere. Knowledgeable fans. Very easy access, thanks to a light rail system. A retractable roof, meaning there's never a rainout! Stadium staff was incredibly polite/helpful.
Cons of the ballpark: The only con I can think of is that the fans weren't very enthusiastic. However, I'll give them a pass since the M's were in the midst of a 17-game skid. Not much to be excited about in times like that.
Additional Comments: Excellent park, excellent experience. I greatly enjoyed my trip to Safeco.

 Submitted By: Brian Croft Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Great Park. First one i have ever been to. It did not feel like a park that has a roof. The seats were comfortable and every seat in the park seemed to have a good view of the game being played. It was clean and everyone working was friendly. The outside noise might not be liked by many people but I loved it because it made it feel like a normal game of baseball. This park also allows the noise level from the fans to be heard by the players for sure.
Cons of the ballpark: Exiting after the game was a hassle. The concourse can get packed with people at times and be difficult to get around.
Additional Comments: Loved it. Plan on going back every summer for a couple games. I am from Canada.

 Submitted By: tmac2 Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This place is a really funky lookin' place. The giant retractable roof looks REALLY weird, and the seat colors are interesting. But I love the architecture. The brick fits perfectly with all the glass, it's well kept up, and it's a great experience. The food's good, if not al little pricy, and if 40 people came to a game, their cheers would be heard miles away. It helps to have Qwest Field (Seattle Seahawks home) right next door.
Cons of the ballpark: Let's face it: Seattle is not a baseball town. The Mariners have never had any success, and there hasn't been a sold out game in a while. But there aren't many cons in a place like Safeco Field.
Additional Comments: A great ballpark experience! Sweet architecture, nice sightlines-go visit it.

 Submitted By: Jacob Amdursky Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: There seemed to be no constricted views from the seats.  Awesome view of Seattle's nightline from the ballpark.  Roof on/off is marvelous.  Great architecture involved.  Not your average field dimensions, this of course being a pro, because who likes your drab, average 330 to left and right field dimensions?  Good lighting.  Also having both an airport and railroad close by makes for an interesting experience, at least for the fan who dosen't mind a bit of outside noise.  The pricing for food/beverages are not unreasonable either.
Cons of the ballpark: Some fans may be a bit put off by the train/airplane noises that periodically happen throughout the ballgame.  At times, fans seem more interested in things outside of the game, such as sending "the wave" around the stadium and the speedboat races that they post on the bigscreen in between innings.  Minor inconveniences though, overall, in my mind.
Additional Comments: Fan support, even at the end of a losing season seemed to be rather high.  The fans in Seattle support their stars, and team as a whole, even when they are losing.  My recent trip to Safeco was one to remember.  An above average ballpark overall with all the modern amenities you would hope for in a newer park.

 Submitted By: John Graham Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Safeco has a retractable roof (in Seattle you need a roof sometimes!) but plenty of openings along side of park giving outdoor feel. Friendly fans although we were cheering for the Blue Jays! Loud and enthusiastic Seattle fans who know baseball. Clean and well organized park. Parking attendants stick around until after the game to help with traffic. Lots of different types of food (including sushi!) Fantastic experience!
Cons of the ballpark: A little pricey for beer.
Additional Comments: Recommended!

 Submitted By: Mark Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: Absolutely beautiful! An incredible experience for my family of 7.  It only cost us $63 bucks and it was more than worth it.  The sights and sounds of baseball along with the incredibly well behaved fans made for a great family outing.  I recommend it to anyone looking for great entertainment for the afternoon or evening.  There is not a bad seat in the stadium and the view of the city and out to Puget Sound are breath-taking.  I wish I had season tickets.  The greatest professional experience of my life, can't wait to see the Yankee's and Red Sox in May 05.  Safeco Field, can't say enough about the place.  The outside view is awesome and the retractable roof is incredible to watch close, all in about 20 minutes, very quiet and is not a distraction.  The best part about the whole experience is when trains go by and toot their horns right in the middle of the game. A must see for all!
Cons of the ballpark: None.
Additional Comments: Buy your tickets now and get yourself down to the Ballpark and support the Mariners.  Lets pray that the Mariners are World Series Champions in 2005. 

 Submitted By: Adam Boeckman Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: This ballpark is just breathtaking! Beautiful views of downtown Seattle and Seahawks stadium.  You can hear the trains nearby blowing their horns and the Mariner's fans are just incredible.  They love their Mariners. Every seat has a great view of the game.  The brew and food are great.
Cons of the ballpark: Parking can be a problem and the food and beer is a little pricy.
Additional Comments: If you ever venture to the Northwest, this is a must see.  You will not be disappointed and this is one of the Top 5 ball parks in the Bigs.

 Submitted By: Kirby Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The Safe has great seating, not a bad seat in the house. Very wide variety of food, no matter what your taste is. Friendly and energetic mascot, Mariner Moose and fans alike. MOJO baby. The outdoors feel even when the roof is closed, take a sweater during night games. The "Knot Hole Bar" where you can sit at the bar and watch the at field level, right over the left fielders shoulder, and look into the visitors bullpen through knot holes on the wall. Kids play area is great when they start getting ancy and can't sit still. Can get down to the field easily during BP to try and get autographs and foul balls.
Cons of the ballpark: Beer is pricey. Food is can cost a bit much, but that is pretty common where ever you go. Can get pretty crowded, and people tend to stop and stand right in the middle of the walking area.
Additional Comments: There is free parking if you get there early enough, at the end of Occidental and across 1st ave. by the warehouses and under the via-duct, just got to look and find it. Safeco is definitely a great experience.

 Submitted By: Elmo Fudge Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: 1. Great view of new Seahawks stadium. 2. Great food. 3.Great baseball fans and appreciation by the team and stadium staff. 4. The dancing field men 5. Great team to watch. 6. Every seat is good,
even the $15 ones (possibly THE best seats in the house, especially for Canadians. 7.Great view of city. 8. Friendly mascot.

Cons of the ballpark: Pricy parking. 20 bucks U.S.
Additional Comments: Greatest time of my life. Baseball stadiums have reached a new high with Safeco Field. Better then the Kingdome I hear.
Ultimate experience. Must see!!!!!!!!!!!

 Submitted By: Ryan McNeil Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The fans in Seattle have become some of the best in the game over the last 8 years, hearing that place roar when Ichiro steps to the plate will send chills down your spine. The design of the roof makes it feel like an outdoor game even when the lid is shut. The souvenir shop is HUGE and I loved hearing the trains blow their whistle as they rumble behind the left field wall.
Cons of the ballpark: The snacks aren't on the cheap side, so bring lots of cash. If you're a fan who doesn't like the rock music blaring as batters come to bat then boy will you have a bad day.
Additional Comments: A sign that baseball can be played under a roof without losing its purity. While the place is huge, its baseball-only configuration make it feel cozier than other covered stadiums like Skydome and The Big O.

 Submitted By: Brandon Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: The park has great sightlines from every seat (even the bleachers!). The roof is huge, but closes very quickly & quietly so as to not interfere with game play. Gorgeous views of downtown Seattle, the new football stadium, Mt. Rainier, and Puget Sound.
Cons of the ballpark: Some pricey seats down in front, & $4.50 for a hot dog seems a bit much.
Additional Comments: A far cry from the Kingdome and a much better baseball experience. A ballpark trip definitely now requires a stop in Seattle!!

 Submitted By: Jerry Springer Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Well, you think of Seattle and you probably think of Kurt Cobain dancing around in a flannel shirt and constant rain for 10 months.  However, if you visit this city in the month of August be ready to Rock and Roll.  Safeco Field had probably the best atmosphere for a ballpark in all of MLB.  The fans were so excited and partying all over the place.  Considering this was a Wednesday night game against the Tigers, it's absolutely amazing.  The Mariners lost the game 14-3 but the fans were acting as if the Mariners had just won the NBA Championship.  The ballpark holds about 48,000 and all the sections were packed.  You got to see a game there it's worth it.
Cons of the ballpark: You know even though I gave this park a B, I can't really think of any cons of it.  However, I still can't think of a reason to give it an A.  I guess it's the fact that Seattle has never been noted for much of a baseball city.  The parking might be trouble for some too.
Additional Comments: Safeco Field is an excellent place to bring  your friends, family members, or even Grandparents!  A well behaved crowd ready for some fun.


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