Oakland/San Jose, CA

Since 1968 the Athletics have called Oakland their home, playing over four decades at the Oakland Coliseum. The economics of baseball have changed drastically over the past two decades and the Athletics are the last franchise to share a stadium with a NFL team, the Oakland Raiders. For over a decade the A’s have sought to build a new ballpark in multiple locations including in Fremont, CA and San Jose, CA.

The Athletics announced plans to build a 34,000 ballpark to be known as Cisco Field in November 2006 in Fremont, CA. This plan derailed after several years of opposition from citizens and businesses. The team has also sought to build a ballpark in San Jose, CA. However, due to the San Francisco Giants territorial rights, the A’s are blocked from building a stadium here. In recent years the club has looked at options around Oakland including Howards Terminal and the location of the coliseum. No major developments occurred in 2014,  2015 or 2016.