Aerial of Colt Stadium, former home of the Houston Astros


When talking about Colt Stadium, Colt .45’s player Rusty Staub described tit as any other player at the time would, “I don’t care what ballpark they ever talk about as being the hottest place on the face of the Earth, Colt Stadium was it.” Both players and fans spent three seasons in the heat at

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Cleveland Municipal Stadium, former home of the Cleveland Indians


Home of the Cleveland Indians for 61 years, fans of the team were ready to move out of the “Mistake by the Lake” in 1993. The idea for a new stadium in Cleveland was first mentioned in 1903. By the 1920s a 25,000 seat stadium was proposed. However, Osborn Engineering designed a much bigger stadium

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View from the Upper deck at Old Busch Stadium


In the 1960s and early 1970s there were a half dozen cookie-cutter multipurpose stadiums built. All were nearly identical, but one stood apart from the others, Busch Stadium. When it closed in 2005 it was a stadium loved by many Cardinal fans and had many unique features. For years there was talk about a midtown

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View of Braves Field, former home of the Boston Braves


Where did the oldest continuously playing team in professional sports originate? If you guessed Boston, you are correct! If you guessed the Boston Red Sox you are wrong! In 1871 the Boston Red Stockings were established as members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Ball Players League and began playing at South End Grounds.

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The Baker Bowl, former home of the Philadelphia Phillies


Home of the Philadelphia Phillies for several decades the original ballpark opened in 1887. The first ballpark built on the site in northern Philadelphia was known as National League Park and Huntingdon Street Grounds. Built mainly of wood, the Phillies christened the ballpark on April 30, 1887. It stood for only eight years as it

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View of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, former home of the Atlanta Braves


In 1966, Atlanta was propelled into professional sports status with the arrival of the Braves from Milwaukee as they moved into Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Although the city lacked a professional sports franchise, a new stadium was first discussed as early as the 1930s. Two decades later, in 1956 the first major proposal for a

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View of the Astrodome, former home of the Houston Astros


Dubbed the “Eight Wonder of the World”, the Astrodome was home to the Houston Astros for over three decades and was the first dome stadium constructed. Prior to Major League Baseball awarding Houston an expansion franchise a dome stadium was already being planned by Judge Roy Hofheinz. He constructed a model of the dome stadium

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View of Arlington Stadium, former home of the Texas Rangers


Throughout its 28 years of existence Arlington Stadium was known by players and fans as one of the hottest place to play or watch a baseball game. Plans for a new stadium to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area began in 1959. Owners of the local franchise hoped to attract a Continental League team. In

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Candlestick Park, former home of the San Francisco Giants


Blustery, cold and foggy are three words that defined the San Francisco Giants tenure at Candlestick Park. For 38 seasons, fans came out to “the Stick” as it was known, to see players such as Barry Bonds, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays play. The history of the Giants franchise began on the East Coast in

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Crosley Field, former home of the Cincinnati Reds


America’s beloved pastime, baseball, traces its professional roots to the City of Cincinnati and the establishment of the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. Although winning 130 straight games in 1869 and 1870, the Red Stockings dissolved after the 1870 season. A new Red Stockings team was found in 1876 as a member of the National

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