Braves’ new world is an experiment in baseball and business

The last time I saw so many people slow-walking on bridges over an Atlanta highway it was on “The Walking Dead.” They spilled in from everywhere Friday, on concrete bridges slung over highways they had successfully traversed to get to SunTrust Park. They crowded in a wide line, on concrete suspensions, above a morass of multilaned freeways

The Five Most Bizarre MLB Ballpark Foods of 2017

There was a time when going to an MLB game meant eating peanuts, hot dogs, and Cracker Jacks, which you could wash down with a soda or a beer, depending on your age and preference. Over time, the typical ballpark hot dog was accompanied by sausages and brats, and popcorn became a fan favorite.

Why Dodger Stadium should be the model for all sports venue deals

Right now, somewhere in the United States, a city is trying to attract or retain a major league sports team with the promise of a state-of-the-art stadium. At the same time, municipal officials are busy crunching numbers for bond issues and tax increases, trying to raise public money to sweeten the deal for the team owners who are their quarry. How many public dollars will be enough?

The Camden Yards effect: A close look at 25 years of new ballparks

The past 25 years have been a boom period for new baseball venues. Starting with Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1992, major league teams have opened 21 new ballparks, with another joining the list this season, when the Atlanta Braves start playing at SunTrust Park.

Rockies deal to keep Coors Field

The Rockies on struck an “11th hour” deal with Colorado after four years of difficult negotiation designed to keep the team at Coors Field for 30 more years. The Rockies agreed to a $200 million, 30-year lease with the Metropolitan Baseball Stadium District, the state division that owns Coors Field. In trade, the Rockies will be allowed to lease and develop a valuable plot of land directly south of the stadium for 99 years.